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McMafia Finale Recap

As the finale begins, we see that Joseph (Oshri Cohen) is spending time with Lyudmilla (Sofya Lebedeva) and her mother. Joseph is forced to leave to meet up with Alex (James Norton). At the airport, Alex is stopped and pulled aside. Joseph arrives and waits for Alex. Alex is placed in a detention cell. After the intro, Ilya (Kirill Pirogov) meets with Alex. Ilya tells Alex about Natasha’s murder. He also demands to know who Alex came to visit. Alex refuses to tell. Oleg (Alexander Diachenko) gets a visit from Dimitri (Aleksey Serebryakov), who asks for help. At first, Oleg refuses. Dimitri threatens to ruin him and this changes Oleg’s mind. Ilya learns from his boss that the Economic Crime Unit is looking for Alex. Ilya meets with Vadim (Merab Ninidze). He tries to convince Vadim to take the legal route.

alex mcmafia episode 8 recapAlex is removed from his cell. He is transported away, without his cellphone. The officers stop with the intention of handing Alex over to Vadim. Alex manages to distract the officers and run away just as Vadim and his men arrive. A chase ensues. After a little bit, Alex manages to get away from the others. Back at home, Dimitri tells Oksana (Mariya Shukshina) what he did. Alex borrows a cellphone and gets in touch with his father. He is given instructions and soon reunites with Joseph. Vadim contacts Ilya, who promises to put out an alert for Alex. Meanwhile, Alex hides out with Lyudmilla, her mother and Joseph. Joseph tells Alex that his father wants him to go to the Ukrainian border. Alex admits he isn’t ready for that just yet.

vadim and ilya mcmafiaIn the morning, Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) is allowed to leave the hospital. She is greeted by Antonio (Caio Blat), Katya (Faye Marsay) and Femi (Clifford Samuel). Dimitri gets in touch with Oleg again. He tells him to set up a meeting between his contact and Alex. Oleg refuses to give the contact’s name. Vadim meets with Ilya at work. He demands answers. He makes a scene before leaving. Meanwhile, Alex meets with the contact. Alex makes his proposal. He insists the contact will be able to remain out of the drug trade and get money too. He suggests that money could be used for good purposes. Alex is told that he’ll need to make the proposal to the other partners. Katya speaks with Rebecca and asks her if she is seeing Antonio. Rebecca denies it. While Natasha is laid to rest, Alex speaks with the business partners. After everyone agrees with Alex’s proposal, the hits being. Vadim’s men are killed one by one.

natasha funeral mcmafia episode 8Vadim manages to escape death. Ilya is arrested. He is interrogated and told to think about his family. He shows no interest in helping the authorities bring down Vadim. Alex is told that the hitman was arrested and he tried to implicate Dimitri. Alex is encourages to separate himself from his father. Ilya is allowed to return home. Alex returns to Joseph. Ilya gets a call from Vadim. He learns where he is hiding. Soon, Alex arrives. Alex learns that he is going to be responsible for killing Vadim. Ilya doesn’t believe Alex will be able to do it. Alex finds Vadim bleeding on the bed. Again, Vadim tells Alex that he needs to separate himself from the ones he loves, including Rebecca. Eventually, Vadim is shot dead. Rebecca speaks with Oksana. They admit that they still want to be friends and see one another even if the relationship with Alex ends.

alex and ilya mcmafia finaleAlex returns to his childhood home. He is given a brief tour of the apartment. When asked what he does, he explains that he is a banker. He is told that he is lucky and should be able to care for his family. Lyudmilla gives Joseph a gift, before he is forced to leave. She encourages him to make his own decisions. Rebecca moves out, while Alex and his partner meet with Antonio and his boss. Alex quickly removes Antonio from the picture. He negotiates with the boss directly. They manage to come to an agreement. Outside, Antonio tries to shake Alex’s hand. Alex brushes right past him. Alex receives a call from Rebecca. He doesn’t answer it.


McMafia Review

I’ve enjoyed McMafia immensely. The series was a little slow. The ending was a little predictable and too easy for Alex. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable from start to finish. The acting was excellent and the plot was fairly realistic. I thought the finale was well done, despite being too easy on Alex. Of course, it does seem that he might have been forced to give up his girlfriend and his family. Overall, I really enjoyed the entire series. The finale scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of McMafia right now!

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