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McMafia Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, Alex (James Norton) is forced to come clean to his family. Dimitri (Aleksey Serebryakov) is very upset with his son. He pulls him aside and tells him that he needs to end his relationship with Semiyon Kleiman (David Strathairn). He also insists that they need to make nice with Vadim (Merab Ninidze). After the intro, Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) is interviewed by a detective. She makes it clear that Alex isn’t involved in anything dirty. Ilya (Kirill Pirogov) is questioned by his boss. Natasha (Anna Levanova) speaks with her father. When Vadim gets a phone call from Ilya, he ignores it. Dimitri and Alex meet with Oleg (Alexander Diachenko).

james norton mcmafia episode 7Alex learns that Vadim is having trouble at home. He is experiencing difficulty from rivals and the local governmental agencies. Oleg agrees to speak with his friends in Moscow. Ilya encourages Vadim to make peace with his enemies. He suggests that Alex is just a boy and cannot hurt him. Dimitri tells Alex that Vadim is dangerous. He urges him to be careful during the meeting in Istanbul. Joseph (Oshri Cohen) and Alex arrive in Istanbul moments later. Alex and Semiyon apologize to one another. Semiyon admits he is going to agree to everything. Ilya arrives and begins discussing the details with the couple. Eventually, Vadim shows up as well. Vadim speaks with Alex outside. Vadim insists it is impossible to have family in this life. Alex admits that is why he wants to stop.

vadim mcmafia episode 7Afterwards, Semiyon says goodbye to his old friends. Alex tells Joseph that he’ll find another way to save Lyudmilla (Sofya Lebedeva). Semiyon meets with Vadim again. He tells him that Alex has other patrons. Antonio (Caio Blat) meets with Rebecca. He gives her flowers and invites her to his property someday. Before Alex leaves, he speaks with Vadim. He is invited to Moscow one day. Vadim tells Alex to tell his father that his old friend Veniamin will be happy to see him. Next, Alex speaks to his father about Veniamin. He learns that the man was killed in Russia. The others use a similar comment to send a threat to their enemies. Alex immediately realizes that Vadim isn’t done with him. The following day, Alex gets in touch with Antonio. Ilya speaks with his boss again. He wants to know who is interested in Vadim. He is asked how much money of Vadim’s he has in his account. Alex meets with Antonio and tells him that he needs another gateway into Europe for his product.

ilya mcmafia episode 7Alex tells Antonio that he wants to speak with his partners. Antonio wants to know why his partners would want to talk to Alex. He replies that he is Russian and they’re not. Oksana (Mariya Shukshina) browses a painting gallery with Jennifer (Eve Parmiter). She admits that he is a fool for loving the same man all of her life. Ilya reports back to Vadim. Vadim admits that they all become unnecessary at some point. Ilya encourages him to rely on his friends and accept their advice. Alex and Joseph meet with Antonio and his partners. Alex is introduced to Guillermo Alegre. Alex gives Guillermo a rundown of his plan. He is warned that he could be killed, if he causes Guillermo to lose money. Nevertheless, Alex seems willing to move forward anyway. Before Alex leaves, Antonio gives him a gift.

alex and antonio mcmafiaOutside, Alex gives the envelope to Joseph. It is a Mexican passport for Lyudmilla. He tells Joseph to go and set her free. When Alex returns home, he finds Katya (Faye Marsay) arguing with Dimitri. They explain that Masha was pregnant and they had to get rid of her. Eventually, Oksana enters and realizes that Dimitri has done something stupid. Joseph gets Lyudmilla. Natasha begins to realize that Vadim is worried about something. Alex meets with Oleg. He agrees to get him in touch with one of his contacts in Russia. Later, Alex gets a visit from his father. He explains that he is headed to Moscow. Dimitri is worried that Alex will be killed. Alex insists that he has no choice and must protect his family. Vadim calls his man and tells him to kill Alex. Meanwhile, Alex meets with Rebecca. He learns about her losing the baby. Alex is followed after leaving the hospital. Meanwhile, Vadim joins a party for Natasha.

mcmafia episode 7 alex rebeccaDimitri calls a friend and encourages him to protect his son. Vadim’s hitman follows Alex to an ATM. Right before he pulls the trigger, he gets a message from Vadim. He is told to stop the hit. Vadim joins Natasha outside. He finds her speaking with a stranger. The man pulls out a flashlight and a gun. He opens fire in Vadim’s direction. Vadim is not hit, but Natasha is shot in the stomach. Dimitri learns about the shooting moments later. He tries to call and warn Alex, who has already boarded a plane to Russia.


McMafia Review

Alex and Dimitri have really gotten themselves into trouble now. As the episode got started, it appeared that there might be peace between Alex and Vadim. After Kleiman visited Vadim, it was clear that Vadim wasn’t going to let that happen. Now, Alex has lost a baby and Vadim has lost his daughter. Things are going to end badly for one or both in Moscow. The next episode should be thrilling.

I can’t wait to see how things play out. This episode was very good. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of McMafia now!

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