Madam Secretary: Tamerlane Review

Madam Secretary TV Show Review

At the beginning of the episode, Andrew Munsey’s (Patrick Breen) house is searched, as he fitted with an ankle bracelet. Andrew is put under extreme surveillance, in hopes of finding more evidence. They also cut off his communications to prevent him from notifying his coconspirators. The President and Elizabeth discuss the situation. President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine) insists this could put them on the path to war. Liz insists there must be a leader and agrees to work to uncover his or her identity.

Munsey suicide

Afterwards, she meets with Nadine (Bebe Neuwirth) and updates her about the situation. She tells Nadine it is time to bring in the rest of the team. The pair pay a visit to Daisy Grant (Patina Miller) and discover Matt Mahoney (Geoffrey Arend) has been sleeping over. Liz apologizes and admits she would’ve skipped the last press conference too. Next, she rendezvous with her entire team and informs them of the situation, before declaring she has discovered 7 potential coup leader. The group works together in hopes of trying to figure out the leader.

Elizabeth McCord

Nadine helps the group figure out that Marsh was in Jamaica with Munsey and Alinejad. At home, Henry has purchase a big box of Laffy String for Alison’s (Katherine Herzen) birthday party. Next, Liz meets with Russell Jackson (Zeljko Ivanek) and the President, in order to inform them of the coup leader. The President considers sending Liz to meet with Alinejad. Russell questions the man about his intentions on changing the leadership role in his country. Alinejad outlines his potential for creating a couple, which is similar to America. He insists he had nothing to do with Marsh’s death

Henry and Liz

On the way back, Russell suggests the president go along with the coup. Liz suggests Iran’s great savior may be dying. Afterwards, the crew has drinks and insists the entire administration is coming crumbling down. Nadine reveals that Marsh was planning on dumping her, before his presidential run. After Conrad, Liz and Russell contemplate their options. Liz encourages speaking to Munsey one more time.

McCord Family

When she speaks to Munsey, he insists he enjoyed working with Elizabeth and remains defiant. She questions Munsey about Juliet. Afterward, Henry insists it is a terrible ideal for Liz to go to Iran. In the morning, Ali is overly excited for her birthday, but Liz breaks the news that she is going away. She refuses to tell the kids where she’s going. Liz tells Henry that Munsey said Juliet was righteous, before leaving.

Zahed Javani

Meanwhile, Munsey heads out for food. He attempts to use the bathroom, but his handler bugs it, before he enters. Munsey enters and creates a phone to call Munsey. He calls Juliet and insists Tamerlane is a go. Juliet gives the news to some unseen individuals. Next, Liz lands in Iran and speaks to Zahed (Usman Ally) and his wife, Marajel Javani (Anna George). Liz insists she has been an admirer of Marajel because of her architecture. The Javani kids enters and the conversation continues, before Zahed and Liz break away and speak alone.

Madam Secretary Coup

Liz tells him about the coup. Zahed questions, if President Conrad is in on it and and whether or not Liz is there as a smokescreen. Liz hands over coordinates for the man, who could potentially be involved. Afterwards, Henry cooks and prepares for Ali’s birthday. Ali questions whether or not Henry is worried about Liz, before she calls. After they express their love, Liz does the same with Henry, before she hangs up. Zahed passed the information along to President Nijad Shiraz (Houshang Touzie), who is going to put the special military on it.

Zahed suggests this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, before the building is attacked. Zahed is shot. Afterwards, President Conrad learns the Iranian Army and the Revolutionary Guard are fighting elements in their own ranks. They also learn that Javani is dead. The group connect to Liz’s security feed and find out that Fred Cole is dead. The president suggests sending in a special operation team, before BBC runs a story of the coup.

Back at home, Jason discovers the news story. Nadine makes contact with Henry and requests him to come in. He arrives and speaks to Russell. Conrad enters and insists he wants to find her, as bad as Henry. Henry threatens Conrad and pleads with him to find her and bring her back. When Henry returns home, Stevie and Ali question him and reveal they know about their mother’s predicament. Of course, some Laffy String gets their minds out of it.

Madam Secretary Juliet

Back in Iran, Liz attempts to make contact with Henry, but is unable to do so. She also discovers that she is bleeding. Henry, Stevie and Ali watch the news regarding the coup at home. Next, Liz speaks to the President. He insists the coup has failed. The pair discuss and give their condolences for Zahed’s death. Afterwards, Russell informs the President that Liz is alive. Conrad insists they shouldn’t attempt to cover up the event.

Henry finally learns that Liz is fine. Nadine informs the team that Elizabeth is coming home. As Liz heads back home, the President speaks to the media and tells them the truth regarding the situation. Meanwhile, Munsey is shown drinking wine, before Liz makes it home and is greeted by her family. Munsey kills himself. Liz discovers an email from Juliet, which insists she wants to turn herself in.


Tamerlane is packed with some pretty good moments and plenty of excitement. It would be easy to say that this was likely the best episode of the season. The events involving the coup were exciting and the aftermath was very emotional. The moments when Henry was forced to wait to find out about Liz’s condition was extremely emotional, which helped to make this episode great. An 8.5 out 10 is definitely deserved.

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