Madam Secretary: Standoff Review

In the latest episode of Madam Secretary, a Mexican cartel member guns down a Texas state trooper, which forces Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) to arrange an extradition deal. Once the deal is sealed, Liz heads to New York City to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary.

The show opens with a shoot out between Texas troopers and Mexican drug cartels, which results in the deal of Texas trooper, Roger Banks (Eric Engleman). Elizabeth meets with his widowed wife, Kelly Banks (Jennifer Mudge) to discuss her husband’s killer, Carlos Ochoa (Herman Chaves) extradition. Since the US has the death penalty, foreign countries do not like to extradite to America. Kelly and her son, Sam (Sawyer Nunes), agree to take death off of the table.

It is revealed that Liz will be leaving on Friday, in order to enjoy her 25th anniversary with Henry (Tim Daly). After Henry is removed from his NSA duties, Governor Caleb Lockwood (Peter Gerety) enjoys dinner with Jay (Sebastian Arcelus) and discusses the extradition. Caleb gets upset, when he learns that Mexico has a say in the process.

Liz and Henry prepare to leave and give orders to Alison (Kathrine Herzer) and Jason (Evan Roe), before leaving. Since Stevie (Wallis Currie-Wood) is away with college friends, Blake (Eric Bergen) is responsible for checking in on the kids. Caleb goes on television to complain about the situation and lack of funding for border security. Meanwhile, Liz and Henry land in New York, where they agree to turn off all of their electronic devices and enjoy their getaway.

Alison and Jason attempt to play football in the house, when Blake enters and Jason crashes to the floor. Meanwhile, Liz and Henry try to get romantic. A citizen’s militia group, Citizens of the Republic of Texas attack the jail and kidnap Ochoa, before bringing him to Texas, in hopes of speeding up the extradition process. This is just another problem in Liz and Henry’s plans, since they learn Jason has hurt his ankle, which forces Blake to take him to the ER. Liz and Henry agree to stay in New York, but begin arguing over Stevie.

Back in DC, the team watches a video showing the Citizens of the Republic of Texas with Ochoa. Liz and Henry go out to dinner, but can’t stop arguing about Stevie. The pair run into an old friend of Henry named Klaus Von Muhlberg (Ronald Guttman), who is invited to join them by Liz, which upsets Henry. Henry seems startled by the man’s presence. Henry escapes the pair and calls Sarah Eckhart (Anna Wood) and questions her about Klaus’ story. She agrees to help.

Back at the McCord home, Daisy Grant (Patina Miller) argues with Blake about Jason’s injury. Luckily, they’re able to get Jason into the hospital, without attracting the press.

Klaus speaks about his young son, and grabs his briefcase, which triggers Henry to knock it to the table. Security guards escort Liz out of the room. In their limo, Liz and Henry argue over Henry’s involvement with the NSA. Meanwhile, Klaus speaks with security, tells them he is a money launderer, but not an assassin. In Texas, the governor and the militia refuse to release Ochoa, which forces Jay to inform Liz. The pair agree to meet in Texas.

Next, Henry meets with Klaus and Klaus informs Henry he is aware of his connection to the NSA. Klaus wants Henry to get him protection from people, who could use his son against him. Henry agrees and puts him in touch with Sarah. Of course, the NSA convince them to work for him, but refuse to offer protection, until he provides them with information.

Since Jay and Lockwood are old pals, he knows Lockwood is trying to run for president. This gives Liz a little play, as she threatens Lockwood with a Mexican arrest warrant in his name. This would force the US to ship Lockwood to Mexico, which could diminish his presidential chances. With a few threats, Lockwood is forced to succumb and released Ochoa to Liz.

When Black encounters Liz, he apologizes for Jason’s injury, but Liz doesn’t seem to care too much. Eventually, she rendezvous with Henry and the pair agree to not plan their romance.


Overall, the episode was decent, but didn’t build much on the investigation of former Secretary of State Vincent Marsh’s death. Instead, we received an episode based on immigration and failed romance. It is fairly clear the Tea Leoni and Tim Daly have a strong connection, which shines when they’re on screen together. They feel like a real couple. Governor Lockwood was absolutely obnoxious. Perhaps Gerety tried a little too hard with the accent and attitude?

All in all, the episode was okay. Since there was really no conclusion with Ochoa, the episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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