Madam Secretary: Chains of Command Review

The latest episode of Madam Secretary: Chains of Command, a Bahraini diplomat is caught holding a maid hostage, which forced Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) to push for his prosecution.

When the show opens, two police officers investigate a home, where a disturbance has taken place. They discover a locked closet, with a maid behind it. The owner of the home shows up and declares he is a Bahraini diplomat and demands immunity. At the McCord home, Liz and Henry speak about a bottle of alcohol, which they bought from the grocery store. Apparently, Henry’s dad is coming to visit and he sent a list of required items.

When Liz heads to work, she is met by Nadine (Bebe Neuwirth) and Daisy (Patina Miller), who tell her about the diplomat, Hassani, who had his Indonesian maid barricaded in a closet. Despite Blake mentioning the man wishes immunity, Liz refuses. When Liz returns home, she is greeted by Henry’s dad. It turns out that Henry’s father, Pat, is a union representation.

When Liz returns to work, she insists Matt (Geoffrey Arend) send an immunity waiver request, in order to prosecute Hassani. The Hassani family attempt to leave, but are arrested, after pulling out of the embassy. When the show returns, it is revealed that the diplomat was strip searched, which will be frowned upon by the Bahrain government. After Nadine and Jay argue over their duties, Nadine accuses everyone of stealing her pen, which went missing from her desk.

Next, Admiral Hill pays Liz a visit and request to have Hassani released, but Liz refuses to waiver. Hill threatens to go to the President, if Liz doesn’t stop, but he doesn’t back down. Meanwhile, Stevie (Wallis Currie-Wood) and Pat discuss Stevie’s relationship with her mom. Pat and Stevie discuss the possibility of Stevie working for the union. Next, Nadine’s old friend, the Prince, shows up. After a little arguing back and forth, Prince Yousif agrees to try and help Liz get the immunity waiver signed.

Liz heads to the hospital and speaks with the maid, Kemela, who wants to return back to work. Liz tells her about her plans to prosecute Hassani, before leaving. Next, Prince Yousif pays Liz a visit at home. Liz expresses her anger for having to let Hassani to go. Liz begs the Prince to make the Hassani couple to face trial in Bahrain, but he doesn’t seem interested. The Prince has dinner with the family and Pat instantly begins to argue with him. Eventually, the whole dinner turns into a mess, until Henry sorts it out.

Before the Prince leaves, Liz again tries to persuade his opinion. Next, Stevie heads to the Union office and attempts to get a job, by mentioning her grandfather’s name. Of course, they’ve never heard of him and he isn’t even listed on the board. Next, Liz meets with the children, who won the essay contest. While signing certificates for the kids, Liz runs out of ink and pulls out Nadine’s NASA pen and gives it to one of the children. Of course, Nadine watches the exchange. Meanwhile, Henry and Pat argue about Liz, before Stevie enters and belittles Pat for being a fake. Pat gets upset and makes his exit.

Next, Liz visits Kemela again and attempts to offer her asylum. On television, Jay and Liz watch the Prince’s speech, in which he confirms they’re going to prosecute the Hassani couple. Before he can finish his speech, the Prince is shot down and killed. Despite wanting to go to the funeral, Liz has no choice, but to stay away. When the show returns, Pat confirms to Henry that he was kicked out of the union several years ago. Pat decides to leave on his on will. When Liz returns home, she is comforted by the children, before telling Henry that she wants to go to the funeral.

Eventually, Liz goes to Bahrain alone and speaks with King Naheen. Liz and the King speak about Liz growing up alongside the Prince. The pair grieve together. Next, Glenn pays a visit to Nadine and she breaks the news about the pen. However, he doesn’t seem to care and says he’ll bring her another that night. She finally reveals why she wouldn’t date him, because she was previously in a long relationship with a married man. Glenn has no problems with this, since he too has baggage.

After Liz returns, she is confronted by Admiral Hill, who reveals that Liz’s actions proved worthwhile, since the Bahrainis have begun allowing the shipments through again. Next, Liz returns home, where Henry and Stevie admit to watching her on television. Stevie admits she needs to start showing a little more respect.


All in all, this was a pretty good episode of Madam Secretary, which brought a little bit of emotion. It was revealing to finally see Nadine accept Glenn’s advances. Of course, the episode was a success thanks to Prince Yousif, his past relationship with Liz and his untimely death, which was definitely sad. Despite the fact that the episode was definitely worth a watch, it was still lacking like the last episode, since neither built on the overlapping plot following the death of Vincent Marsh. Even a little speck of an investigation into his death would have been a major improvement. Overall, the episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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