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London Spy Recap Episode 2

When the episode begins, Danny (Ben Whishaw) inspects the item recovered at Alex’s (Edward Holcroft) home. He is unable to figure out how the puzzle works, so he heads into the city and hides it at some type of chemical plant. The next day, he stands in front of a wall, which is plastered with newspaper reports regarding Alex’s murder. He imagines Alex helping him put on his tie, before he breaks down and sobs. Afterwards, he meets with the Editor (Katie Dickie) of a newspaper and attempts to tell his story. She refuses to believe his tale.

london spy episode 2 recap

Outside of the building, the journalist (Michaela Coel) confronts Danny and asks, if he really knew Alex’s name. She also uses the opportunity to pry more information out of Danny. Afterwards, Danny meets with an angered Scottie (Jim Broadbent). Scottie ridicules Dan for not speaking with him, before meeting with the press. Scottie eventually agrees to tell Danny his secret. He takes him to secluded location and tells him this is where his spy career ended.

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Scottie tells Danny about a sexual encounter with another man, which led to his removal. He admits the experience forced him to stay away from other men for the next 11 years. That night, the pair eat and decide to stay up, until the newspaper is released in the morning. The sun finally arises and the pair get the paper. Unfortunately, it is filled with lies about Danny and Alistair Turner. Danny returns to work and receives awkward glances from his coworkers. He is pulled aside by his boss (Grant Stimpson).

london spy newspaper

In the office, Danny pleads with his boss to drug test him. Afterwards, he returns home and Sara (Zrinka Cvitesic) gives him a letter from Alex’s family. Danny takes them up on their offer and agrees to visit them. After departing the train, he waits nearly all night, before Mr. Turner (David Hayman, The Paradise) and Mrs. Turner (Lorraine Ashbourne) finally arrive. They barely speak, before transporting him back to Alex’s home. After getting cleaned up, Danny prepares to join the couple for dinner.

london spy tv series recap

The Turners admit they’ve already eaten and leave him to eat alone. Danny attempts to try and get them to open up, but they refuse to speak. Once he manages to get Mrs. Turner alone, she speaks about Alex and his insomnia. Danny attempts to convince her to speak with him but she remains mum. That night, Danny scours the house and discovers a box full of Alex’s accomplishments. In the morning, Mr. Turner enters his room and tells him that it is time to talk. The trio gather and begin discussing Alex.

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Mr. Turner insists the couple just want to remain private and don’t want the attention. Danny tells the couple that their son was murderer, before Mr. Turner schedules for the pair to go on a walk. They do and Danny again reiterates that Alex was murderer. Mr. Turner tells him that his son is dead, his wife is sick and that he has said enough. Once they return back home, Danny confronts the couple and tells them that he knows they’re not Alex’s parents. As soon as he complete the sentence, the phone rings and Mr. Turner answers it.

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Mr. Turner confirms it is Alex’s mother and she wishes to meet Danny. The trio head to an old manor and Danny meets Alex’s mother, Frances (Charlotte Rampling, Broadchurch). Frances insists she was afraid Danny might’ve tried to extort her family. She introduces Danny to herself and her husband, Charles (Nicolas Chagrin), before inviting him inside. France takes Danny to Alex’s room. Danny confirms he believes her, since it is the loneliest room he has ever seen.

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Danny insists he cannot sleep in Alex’s room and Frances admits she would’ve never allowed it. She transports him to a much smaller room and Danny confronts her about Alex’s death. She admits she is embarrassed and sad over her son’s death. After she leaves him alone, Danny wanders through the outside maze. He comes across an awkward statue, before heading back for dinner. During the dinner, Frances reveals that Alex completed the maze, without assistance, before his 5th birthday. Danny tells Alex’s real parents that Alex was murdered. Afterwards, Danny and Frances share a drink and a conversation in private.

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Frances attempts to convince Danny that Alex wasn’t gay. She insists he only wanted to play the roles that others desired. She also admits Alex was an experience lover with many partners. Of course, Danny knows better and proves it by pointing to Alex’s obvious lack of experience. Before Danny can head back to his room, Frances tells him “no fuss” is the best advice he will ever receive. That night, he sleeps in Alex’s bed. In the morning, he speaks with Mrs. Turner, who admits Alex hated the name Alistair and preferred Alex.

london spy television series

She tells Danny to get as far away from these people as he can, before Mr. Turner enters and interrupts. After he has eaten, Danny is sent back to the city. He heads to the pier and recalls something Alex once told him. Moments later, he is confronted by an American (Clarke Peters). The American attempts to convince Danny that his health could potentially be in danger. Of course, he does so in a very subtle way. The American also provides him with a business card.

london spy recap series 1 episode 2

The man also leaves behind another gift, before departing. Danny begins to freak out and immediately pays Scottie a visit. Scottie tells Dan to think about what the implications of his accusations could be. He also tells him that his stalkers will know his moves, before they’re even made. Danny attempts to enlist Scottie’s help, but Scottie tells Danny to leave this alone. Danny returns home and uses a knife to cut open the gem left behind by the American. A pill of some sort is found inside. Danny grabs the business card, heads to the roof and tears it to shreds. The wind carries away the remnants, as the episode ends.


London Spy Episode 2 Review

The second episode of London Spy was just as fascinating and bleak as the first. The additions of David Hayman and Charlotte Rampling were definitely well received. The subtle exploration of Alex’s childhood was interesting and allowed us to better understand his demeanor. The series continues to intrigue. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of London Spy right now!

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