The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Recap Ep3

Girls Lizzie Borden Chronicles

At the beginning of the episode, Lizzie and Emma attend William Borden’s funeral. At the same time, William Almy is also buried. After an impromptu speech by Emma (Clea DuVall), the girls go on their merry way. In town, Skipjack and Mr. Flowers plan the disposal of Spencer’s corpse. Skipjack hassles Flowers about his relationship with Lizzie, before he is paid handsomely. At the motel, Isabel and Charlie speak about the fair and Spencer’s disappearance. The pair discuss Charlie’s line of work and his ability to end lives, before their conversation shifts to Lizzie. Isabel discusses Lizzie’s cruel acts, as a child.

Mr Flowers Lizzie Borden

She insists the circumstances are going to end in blood, but Charlie suggests he can prevent that from happening. Next, we meet a photographer, Chester Phibbs (Rhys Corio), who likes to take naughty pictures. Skipjack interrupts and asks for Chester’s assistance. Meanwhile, at the Borden house, Nance pays a visit. Lizzie invites her to their party and learns that Nance is looking for her brother, Spencer. Adele is shown inside of her coffin. Emma joins the girls and learns about Nance’s relationship with Spencer and his disappearance. Adele’s name is mentioned and Lizzie insists Spencer might’ve taken Adele to Boston. Nance eventually agrees to leave and head to Boston to search for her brother.

Adele Coffin Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Liz checks on Adele and gives her some water. Adele agrees to be a good girl and returns back to the Borden house. She has been coached very well it seems. Emma breaks the news that nobody wants to come to their party. Flowers pays a visit and wishes to discuss his agreement with Lizzie. Adele freaks out, but Lizzie manages to get her out of the house, before Lizzie and Flowers speak in private. Flowers insists on taking 15% of the family’s business, as a retainer. He threatens Adele and Lizzie eventually agrees to his arrangement.

Nance Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Charlie speaks to Adele at the florist. He questions about Spencer, but she gives the same tale, before storming out. Skipjack gets into an argument at a bar, while complaining about Flowers. Lizzie and Emma speak to the florist and learn about Charlie’s behavior. The Borden sisters get harassed by two young boys on the street, before Officer Leslie Trotwood (Dylan Taylor) scares them off, but he gets his coat torn. Emma offers to repair it, before the girls depart.

Leslie Trotwood Lizzie Borden

Meanwhile, Charlie goes snooping around and discovers blood on the grass, where Spencer was stabbed to death. He enters the barn and finds a small amount of blood. When he returns to the motel, he receives a message and a meeting point. When he shows up behind the flower shop, he encounters Emma, who insists she is counting on Charlie to do his job. It is confirmed Emma hired Charlie. She reveals Charlie is supposed to be proving Lizzie’s innocence. After a brief disagreement, Charlie is fired and told to leave Fall River.

Chester Phibbs

At the motel, Nance approaches Charlie and insists he investigate her brother’s disappearance. As Lizzie prepares for the party, she invites her neighbor, Mrs. Kenney (Martha Irving), but receives a cold response. Nance describes her brother’s actions to Charlie, before disclosing that he had a morphine addiction. She instantly believes Lizzie might know something. Charlie tells her to stay away and fear Lizzie.

Lizzie Borden Recap

Lizzie asks Adele what she told Charlie. Adele insists she said nothing and left, before he could say anything else. Charlie watches from afar, as the guests begin to show up at the Borden house and Lizzie and Adele depart. Trotwood gets his jacket back from Emma, before the pair share a nice conversation. Romance is a brewing. Meanwhile, Adele and Lizzie continue into town. At the motel, Nance questions Isabel about Lizzie, but she refuses to say anything.

Lizzie Borden Kills Adele

Charlie is attacked, by a group of men working for Flowers. Lizzie tells Flowers there is still one more inconvenience to remove. Charlie is dumped on the railroad tracks, with a train approaching. Lizzie and Flowers return to Adele. Lizzie insists she won’t leave without Adele. She shoots and kills Flowers, before slicing Adele’s neck. She places the evidence and makes her escape. Mrs. Kenney grows angry, due to Lizzie’s party. Nance joins Lizzie at the party. Nance insists she wants answers. Lizzie attempts to comfort her, before they join the party.


The third episode of the Lizzie Borden Chronicles was definitely interesting and flowed pretty well. Of course, it seems like everyone was killed this one swoop. Although I doubt Charlie is really dead, what is going to happen now? Who is Lizzie going to rebel against? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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