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Little Women Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, we learn that it has been one year since Meg (Willa Fitzgerald) got married. She is now pregnant. Meg tries to prepare food, but it doesn’t go well. Amy (Kathryn Newton) and Jo (Maya Thurman-Hawke) visit Aunt March and a friend, Aunt Carrol (Kathleen Warner Yeates). During the visit, Amy manages to impress her aunt’s friend. Jo doesn’t make a good impression. That night, Jo learns that Beth (Annes Elwy) is still experiencing pain. She doesn’t want to worry Marmee (Emily Watson), so she hasn’t said anything. Next, Marmee receives a letter from Aunt Carrol. She invites Amy to travel with her to Europe. Jo is upset with the news. She complains that Amy always get to have fun, while she is forced to work.

jo and beth little womenJo complains to Laurie (Jonah Hauer-King). Laurie tells Jo about her soft side, which she never wants to show. Meg goes into labor. The following day, John Brooke (Julian Morris) greets Laurie. He soon discovers that Meg had twins. That night, Beth makes a comment about Laurie as he rides his horse down the street. Jo begins to believe that Beth might have a crush on him. Amy leaves for Europe. Laurie visits Jo. He learns that she is taking a break from writing. Jo notices that Laurie is wearing cologne. He explains that he is going to see Eugenia Randall, who is an old flame. Once again, Laurie tries to express his feelings for Jo, but she won’t let him. Jo speaks with Marmee. She explains that she wants to get away from it all. She also tells her about her relationship with Laurie. Jo suggests that Laurie needs a girl like Beth. Before too long, Jo arrives in New York.

jo and laurie little womenShe settles in at Mrs. Kirke’s Boarding House. Jo writes a letter and tells the family about Professor Bhaer (Mark Stanley). The German is currently caring for two nephews after his sister’s passing. Laurie listens intently as Marmee reads the letter. Amy enjoys her trip to Europe, while Jo writes and gets to know the professor better. Jo strikes up a deal with a local publisher and begins selling her stories on a regular basis. The professor invites Jo out to a debate of sorts. She agrees to go along. It seems that they have a great deal in common. Later, Bhaer ridicules the stories in the newspaper. He is stunned when he discovers that Jo publishes her stories there and makes money, so she can take her sister to the sea. He apologizes. Jo finally gets enough money and returns home. She promises Bhaer that she will return.

mark stanley little womenLaurie immediately tracks Jo down. Once again, he tries to express his feelings for her. Jo turns him down. She explains that she does not love him that way. Mr. Laurence (Michael Gambon) gives his grandson advice. He tells him to take it like a man. Jo takes Beth to the beach. During the visit, she learns that Beth doesn’t love Laurie. She is still sick and probably doesn’t have much longer left. They agree to tell Marmee the truth. Marmee doesn’t take the news well. Jo comforts her. Meanwhile, Laurie begins developing a relationship with Amy. Beth passes away. Laurie breaks the news to Amy. He keeps her company and they chat about old times. Mr. March (Dylan Baker) gives Jo encouragement to write a poem for Beth. It is published and Bhaer cuts it out and saves it. Meg tells Jo that the poem is beautiful. She tells her to use it as inspiration to show herself what she can do. Laurie and Amy’s relationship continues to deepen. They believe that they’re on the same journey.

annes elwy little womenMarmee and Jo learn that Amy is set to wed Laurie. Jo admits she is glad that Laurie didn’t ask her again, because she might have said yes for the wrong reasons. Laurie and Amy return home. Jo celebrates with Amy. Laurie speaks with Jo and admits that he will always love her. However, he loves her in a different way now. Next, aunt March (Angela Lansbury) becomes ill. Jo finds Professor Bhaer outside of her home. He admits his heart aches for her. That night, Amy tells Jo that everyone likes Bhaer. We jump forward in time. We see that Aunt March has passed and she gave her property to Jo. Jo and Bhaer have turned it into an academy for children.


Little Women Review

Little Women might not have been perfect, but it was definitely enjoyable. In fact, it is one of the best series I have watched in several months. It is a shame that it only lasted three episodes. Still, it managed to wrap everything up perfectly in the end. The series delivered plenty of emotions. It was humorous at times and depressing at others. The acting was spot on. I enjoyed all three episodes. The finale scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Little Women right now!

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