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Little Women Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, Marmee (Emily Watson) cares for an ill Mr. March (Dylan Baker). Amy (Kathryn Newton) pesters her sisters about the curling paper. After the intro, Meg (Willa Fitzgerald) tells Amy that she will be staying at Annie Moffat’s for a party. Meg also makes a comment about scarlet fever sweeping through the town. Meg gives Amy a quarter, so she can purchase pickled limes. Meanwhile, John Brooke (Julian Morris) encourages Marmee to eat something. Meg gets pampered with the girls. They dress her in a corset and a fancy dress. Laurie (Jonah Hauer-King) drives Jo (Maya Thurman-Hawke) back home. They eventually begin to argue. Their ride continues in angry silence. At school, Amy is scolded by her teacher for creating a disturbance. The teacher forces her to throw away her limes.

amy march little women recapThat night, Amy tells Jo that she is never going back to school. Jo doesn’t argue. Meg dances with a man at the party. Laurie enters and motions towards her. The man explains that everyone believes Marmee has plans for her daughters. Meg becomes upset and heads outside. Laurie joins her soon with ice cream. Beth (Annes Elwy) and Jo visit the school. Beth waits outside, while Jo enters and scolds the teacher. He admits it is shame that Amy will not be returning, since she was one of his favorite students. Next, Amy tries to make a cast of her leg, while Meg reads about the war. Beth decides to take bread to the poor family once again. She finds the baby seriously ill. She rushes it to the doctor only to discover that it has passed away. The doctor is also worried about Beth and her health.

beth little women episode 2Beth becomes ill. She is transported home right away. Laurie encourages Meg and Jo to contact Marmee immediately. They refuse and insist she needs to stay with their father. Then, Laurie tries to convince Amy to go and stay with Aunt March (Angela Lansbury). He is forced to negotiate with her to seal the deal. Beth is put to bed and cared for. Amy relents and moves in with Aunt March. Aunt March’s parrot immediately takes a liking to Amy. Mr. Laurence (Michael Gambon) tries to visit Beth, but he is turned away. Beth’s condition worsens very quickly. Laurie visits Amy as promised. He finds her parading around in Aunt March’s old clothing. She tells Laurie that she wants him to witness her will. Mr. Laurence returns home and looks at his piano.

laurie little womenJo keeps Beth company throughout the night. Then, the doctor returns and examines Beth once again. He believes that her condition is getting even worse. He encourages the girls to contact Marmee right away. Laurie tells Jo that he already contacted her. He admits that he wants the best for Jo. Then, Laurie spends the night with Jo. He keeps her company and tries to keep her calm. He promises to help her endure it, before giving her a kiss. Jo stops him. She switches places with Meg. Meg grabs a flower outside and takes it to Beth’s room. She wants it to be the first thing Beth sees when she wakes up. Marmee finally arrives home. Beth has gotten better. She asks about her father. Marmee promises that he has gotten better, but not enough to return home just yet. Jo thanks Laurie. The family begins celebrating the good news.

aunt march little womenLater, Jo tells Marmee about Mr. Brooke stealing Meg’s glove and keeping it. Marmee admits she and Mr. March have grown close to John over the past few months. She also reveals that Mr. Brooke spoke highly of Meg. Marmee reveals that the parents have encouraged a three-year courtship before marriage. Jo isn’t happy. She goes to work on her book. She takes it to the publisher and gets it published the following day. Laurie meets her outside. He rushes her back home, where she finds that her father has returned. Mr. March promises that he is truly well again. John Brooke arrives to speak with Meg. He tells her that he wants to marry her. At first, Meg is hesitant to say yes. However, Aunt March arrives and ridicules John. This encourages Meg to say yes. However, John has first decided to join the war.

julian morris little womenJohn heads off to war and Laurie returns to school. John gets injured in the war. However, he survives. Jo speaks to her father about her next book. They wish to offer her 300 dollars for it. However, they want to make significant amendments. Mr. March tells her that her story might be more important than the money. Jo isn’t so sure. Later, Marmee tells Mr. March that it’ll be a trial for Jo. The family begins preparing for Meg’s wedding to John. Aunt March arrives and gives Meg her pearls, since she promised to give them to the first one engaged. During the celebrations, Jo tells Laurie that Beth is fading. He insists she will be fine. He tries to express his feelings for her, but Jo doesn’t want to hear it.


Little Women Recap

Little Women has been excellent. Even if you’ve watched the previous ones, you will still most likely find this rendition worth your time as well. The actresses have been great and the story still holds up exceptionally well. This episode was far more emotional than the previous. Things are coming together nicely and I am eager to see how it finishes up. I’ve enjoyed both episodes equally. The second scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Little Women now!

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