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Little Boy Blue Finale Recap

At the opening, we see that the trial is just getting underway. Dave (Stephen Graham) and the other detectives escort Mel (Sinead Keenan) and Steve through the journalists. In the courtroom, Dave points out the suspects and their family members. He also confirms he plans to go after the parents, once this trial is settled. Seconds later, the boys are led into the courtroom. They are all cocky, except for Jordan. He mouths the words I am sorry to Mel. The boys laugh and make jokes as the opening statements begin. After the opening statements, the medical examiner tells the jury about Rhys’s body and his injuries. Mel steps outside to recollect herself. She is followed by the police liaison officer (Vanessa Emme). The officer tries to comfort Mel.

little boy blue finale recapNext, Mrs. Kelly takes the stand. She tells about the boys visiting her house on the day of the murder. The defense attorney makes it clear the she is a drunk and should not be trusted. That night, Mel and Steve (Brian F. O’Byrne) chat about the jury. Mel is concerned that some members are young and might be inclined to believe the defendants. The following day, a detective tells the courtroom about the conversations between the Yates family. He admits he cannot positively make out the word gun in one of Yates’s statements. This puts a smile on James Yates’s (James Nelson-Joyce) face. During a break, Jackie Carter (Jodie McNee) speaks with Mel. She relays a message from the judge, telling Mel that she must stop her crying in the courtroom, since it could impact the jury.

Sinead Keenan Little Boy BlueMel seems stunned and furious. Back in the courtroom, the ballistics expert, Richard Townsmead (Tim Steed), takes the stand. He gives his evidence to the jury. When questioned by the defense, he is forced to admit that the gun may not be the murder weapon. Dave consults with Mel and Steve outside the courtroom. He tells them that the judge is doing them a favor by forcing Mel to show restraint, since it will force the jury to focus on the actions of the defendants. That night, Mel and Steve share dinner with Owen (Matthew Roberts). Owen reveals online rumors suggest Sean Mercer (Paddy Rowan) will never go down. The following day, Jordan is kept out of the courtroom, so Claire Olssen (Faye McKeever) can testify. Claire sticks with her original statement, which puts the boys at her house on the day of the crime.

Faye McKeever Little Boy Blue Episode 4The defense attorney does his best to make her look like a liar, but Claire remains strong and consistent. Steve encounters Sean’s father in the bathroom. He asks Steve what they’re doing here, before exiting. When Steve tells Mel later, she insists Steve should’ve bashed him. Next, the courtroom is prepared for Kevin’s testimony. The boy is questioned through a live stream. Again, Kevin (Michael Moran) sticks with his original testimony. The defense attorney asks him about the pictures and chat logs on his computer. This makes Kevin’s credibility questionable. Later, Mel admits there were holes in his testimony, but she mostly believed his story. After Kevin’s testimony ends, the lawyers give their closing statements. That night, Kevin is escorted to his mother’s house. He admits it was horrible and nobody believed it.

little boy blue finale kevin moodyIt takes the jury almost four days to reach a decision. Dave sits with the Jones couple as the jury foreman confirms that all suspects have been found guilty. Dave speaks with the journalists outside of the courtroom. Steve, Owen and Mel sit on Rhys’s bed and reflect on the trial. Despite it being over, Mel is unable to move forward. She receives a visit from Debra (Elizabeth Berrington), who forces her to take a shower. Then, Mel admits she feels like she doesn’t have anything to live for. She also confirms she cannot move, because it would feel like they were abandoning Rhys. Later, Mel and Steve visit the boy’s grave. Steve reveals he spoke with work about letting Mel come back. Mel doesn’t know whether or not she is ready to return just yet. Dave heads to work and has a chat with Pat Gallan (Sara Powell).

steve and mel jones little boy blueDespite all of Dave’s great work, Pat confirms he will not be getting a promotion. Later, Steve speaks with Mel and reveals he plans to move out for a little while. He admits he needs time to clear his head. Mel doesn’t try to stop him. We jump forward 3 months. Dave heads for a jog then visits the crime scene. Seconds later, he visits Mel. There is a stark difference in Mel at this point. She tells Dave about her split with Steve, but admits they’ve been working things out. It is revealed that Dave has retired from the force. Then, Mel breaks down after admitting she misses Rhys so much. Dave comforts her, before heading home. Dave cries in his kitchen before putting on his muscle apron and heading outside with his family. At the end of the episode, we learn about the suspects and their sentences.

  • Sean Mercer sentenced to life in prison with a recommendation of 22 years minimum
  • James Yate sentenced to 7 years, but later increased to 12 on appeal
  • Nathan Quinn, Dean Kelly, Gary Kays and Melvyn Coy also went to prison
  • Sean Mercer’s mother, Jeanette, and Yates’ parents received prison sentences

We also learn that Mel and Steve got back together. They remain close friends with Dave Kelly.


Little Boy Blue Review

The finale of Little Boy Blue didn’t produce too many twists and turns. Nevertheless, the episode was equally gripping and depressing. Dave Kelly’s big gamble paid off in the long run. Thanks to his persistence or perhaps stubbornness, everyone involved was punished. Still, his work was largely ignored by the police department. He didn’t receive the promotion that he rightfully deserved. Ultimately, this led to his early retirement.

Despite some speedbumps along the way, Mel and Steve managed to salvage their relationship. And, they stayed in touch with Dave Kelly. While the series was short, it did a great job delving into the grief parents face when their children are killed so early into life. The finale kept me on the edge of my seat. At times, I was certain Mercer was going to walk free.

However, it seems Mercer has coped well in prison. Shortly after his sentencing, he stabbed another inmate, Jake Fahri, with a shank made from a pair of tweezers. He is now worried that Little Boy Blue could place a target on his back. The finale episode was spectacular just like the three previous. It scores a 9 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Little Boy Blue now!

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