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Little Boy Blue Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, Dave Kelly (Stephen Graham) and his colleagues listen to the ballistic expert’s evidence. Dave refuses to accept it and encourages the man to return to his lab and retest the gun. Steve Jones (Brian F. O’Byrne) drives Owen (Matthew Roberts) to school. Owen pleads with his dad to let him out a good distance away from the building. They agree to keep the arrangement a secret from Mel. Kevin Moody (Michael Moran) has refused to return to school. He tells his mother that he cannot go back, since he needs to chat with the police again. Back at the station, DI Mark Guinness (Stephen Walters) discusses the forensic evidence with Dave. In a stunning twist, DNA from Kevin’s brother was found on one of the bullets.

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Neil Moody (Sonny Townsend) is confronted by Sean Mercer (Paddy Rowan) and James Yates (James Nelson-Joyce). Neil is asked why Kevin hasn’t returned to school. He is sent away with a message for Kevin. Kevin and his brother are interviewed by the detectives. Sam Moody (Michael Baker) is told about his DNA ended up on one of the bullets. When Steve returns home, he finds Mel (Sinead Keenan) grieving in Rhys’ room. They share coffee together, while Steve discusses his plans to return to Tesco. Sandra Oxley (Kerrie Hayes) tells Kevin’s mother about the incident. Now, Kevin is blamed for getting his brother wrapped up in the mess. Both boys blame it on Dean Kelly. Kevin is asked if he is holding anything back. He admits he hasn’t positively identified Mercer yet.

James Yates and Sean Mercer Little Boy BlueNext, Claire Olssen (Faye McKeever) is confronted when she leaves for work. She is pressured to change her testimony. Dave returns to the scene and briefly chats with Tom. The team continues investigating Melvyn with no solid leads. That night, Dave visits Mel and Steve. During their conversation, Mel accuses Steve of bottling everything inside. They also discuss rumors circulating on the Internet. Mel and Steve haven’t looked at the rumors, but Owen has. Again, Dave makes it clear he intends to get enough evidence to make his case stick. Both admit they have total confidence in the detective. In the morning, Kevin goes for a stroll. Kevin winds up at the police station with his sister. This time, he tells the detectives he is 100% positive that Sean Mercer gave him the gun.

actress sinead keenan little boy blueDC Matt Parry (Derek Barr) confirms that he is still a suspect and should continue answering their questions truthfully. The ballistics expert, Richard Townsmead (Tim Steed), seems to make a breakthrough. Dave speaks with Pat Gallan (Sara Powell) and Helen Morris (Clare Calbraith). He again insists Kevin needs immunity. Helen confirms the briefing document is now in the hands of the Attorney General. Gallan isn’t convinced immunity is the right choice. They agree to wait for the Attorney General’s word. That night, Dave checks his blood pressure and speaks with his wife, Donna (Laura Dos Santos). Dave admits he doesn’t want to get the boot and let the Jones family down. He also expresses hatred for the suspects. Donna reminds him that hate isn’t good.

sandra and kevin moody little boy blueThe next day, Yates and the others harass Claire on the street. Once she makes it home, she is visibly distraught. Meanwhile, Mark confirms the detectives have made a breakthrough. They’ve traced phone calls and finally have a name for Melvyn. Mark explains they traced calls from Gary Kays to his best friend, Melvyn Coy. They arrive at Melvyn’s place and search the building. Mark believes Mercer was brought to the building on the day of the murder to get rid of his evidence. In the middle of the search, Dave gets a call from Gallan pressuring him to arrest Dean Kelly. Dave makes it clear that doing so would be a major mistake. Back at home, Mel speaks with Owen. He admits the teachers didn’t ask about her. Steve enters and tells his family goodbye, as he prepares to return to work. Mel doesn’t respond.

steve jones little boy blueAt the station, Dave reveals the batteries are dying in their wiretaps. Nevertheless, he encourages his team to continue pressuring their main suspects. Richard arrives and speaks with Dave in private. He admits he believes they got the entry and exit wounds mixed up. With the new revelation, Richard now believes the gun is indeed the murder weapon. That night, Kevin tosses and turns, while Steve uses work to keep his mind occupied. Mel sleeps alone in Rhys’s bedroom. Meanwhile, Dave confirms to Mark that CPS has agreed to give immunity to Kevin. However, Mark has more bad news. Mark reveals that gang paraphernalia has been found on Kevin’s computer. In an online conversation, someone using the computer speaks about making something disappear.

mel jones little boy blueNext, Kevin is brought into the station and asked about the pictures. He confirms downloading one of the images. However, he denies writing the message or getting the other pictures. He reveals that everyone uses his computer when they visit his home. Claire meets with DC Jackie Carter (Jodie McNee) and changes her statement. Jackie tries to get to the source of the problem, but Claire clams up and refuses to speak. Back at home, Mel confronts Steve about the school situation. Mel insists Owen needs to be protected. Jackie delivers the bad news to Dave. Then, Dave discusses the situation with Helen Morris. Both seem to agree that giving Kevin immunity is their best option. Seconds later, Kevin signs the paperwork. He is immediately put into Witness Protection and escorted to a safe location. Mercer and Yates are arrested and taken to the police station.

clare calbraith little boy blueThe boys remain cocky. In the morning, Dave delivers the news to Steve, Mel and Owen. They all agree that they’ve never heard of Sean Mercer. Dave reveals the boy is 16 and the shooting was likely gang related. Yates is harassed by an older man at the jail. Seconds later, Yates sits with an officer and asks for protection in return for the truth. He admits he doesn’t like that fact that Mercer will go to a safe prison, while he’ll be forced to live with the big dogs. That night, Mark visits Dave at home and tells him about the possible deal. Much to Mark’s dismay, Dave isn’t interested. Dave admits he wants to get Yates and his parents too.


Little Boy Blue Review

The 3rd episode of Little Boy Blue was excellent just like the previous 2. While the series is definitely a slow burner, it unravels in the most intriguing fashion. Just when it seems like Dave has solved the case, a big revelation is made and he is forced to start over from the beginning. At this point, I am expecting another big twist in the finale. Again, I am unfamiliar with the real case, so everything is new to me. I would assume this makes the series more mysterious.

Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that Mercer and his young punk friends have terrorized the community for far too long. This is not uncommon in the United States either. In fact, such cases undoubtedly happen too frequently. This makes Little Boy Blue a perfect representation of modern society. The series is well balanced and brings a little of everything. It is dramatically grueling watching the Jones family deal with their grief. The stupidity and cocky attitudes of the suspects bring a little humor to the series.

All in all, the episode was great. An 8.5 is awarded to episode 3. Catch up with past recaps of Little Boy Blue now!

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