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Little Boy Blue Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, James Yates (James Nelson-Joyce) watches news footage of Rhys. Eventually, his mother, Marie (Lizzie Hopley), forces him to turn it off. Then, she burns his phone’s sim card thinking it will stop the police from listening in. Dave (Stephen Graham) admits to DC Danny Jones (Robbie O’Neill) that they need to get the gun. Kevin Moody (Michael Moran) tours Disneyland with his family. While his family seems happy, Kevin is withdrawn and emotionless. Mel (Sinead Keenan) and Steve Jones (Brian F. O’Byrne) prepare for the upcoming funeral. Steve writes a poem, which he admits he cannot read. Instead, he plans to give his brother the honor of doing so.

kevin moody little boy blueBefore the funeral, Dave speaks with his colleague about Mercer’s statement. According to Mercer, he was at Dean’s place at the time of the shooting. Kelly confirmed as much. Mercer and Yates have both gotten alibis from their family members. Claire Olssen (Faye McKeever) speaks to her friend and looks at a newspaper article focusing on the murder. Jordan Olssen (Nathan Clark Smith) opens the door to Sean Mercer (Paddy Rowan). He argues with her mother briefly. Jordan curses his mother, before rushing upstairs. Then, Claire heads to bed after a long day at work. The crowd cheers as Rhys’ casket is led into the chapel. Steve’s brother reads his poem. Back at the amusement park, Kevin remains withdrawn. James Yates is caught on audio talking about the gun.

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Someone going by the name Latch is mentioned. Dave and DC Matt Perry (Derek Barr) immediately work to uncover the identity of Latch. Seconds later, detectives arrive at the Olssen house with a search warrant. Jordan is taken to the station. He admits he hasn’t been outside of the house in a long time. He was also beaten after being called a snitch. Jordan tries to lie about the day of the murder and his visitors. Claire admits Jordan is forgetful when he doesn’t take his ADHD medication. That night, Jordan yells at his mother and explains that he couldn’t mention Sean, Yates or Nathan to the police. More anonymous tips flood into the police. The locals complain about Mercer walking free like a big guy. Meanwhile, the detectives scour over the evidence. They admit they have no casings or clear CCTV images.

claire and jordan olssenDave is reminded that he has access to unlimited resources. He admits they know a lot, but just need evidence to back it up. Back at home, Mel admits she is starting to question everything, including her love for her husband. Steve tells her that he simply takes each hour at a time and moves on from there. That night, Mercer and a friend visit Claire. They ask her what she said to the police and whether or not she mentioned Nathan. The couple argue back and forth, before Jordan comes outside and promises that they said nothing. Claire doesn’t back down and admits she doesn’t what she will tell the detectives yet. In the morning, the detectives visit the taxi service. They speak with the man in charge and then the driver. The driver gives them an address. Seconds later, the police storm Kevin’s house. DC Jackie Carter (Jodie McNee) and another detective find the gun in the attic.

actress jodie mcnee little boy blueBack in Florida, Kevin’s sister receives a call about the search. Kevin admits it is bad, but also confesses he cannot tell anyone. At the lab, the gun is processed for evidence. The detectives call Kevin’s sister and agree to meet them at the airport when they return. Seconds later, Sandra Oxley (Kerrie Hayes) and Kevin arrive at the station. Kevin is interviewed right away. He doesn’t put up much resistance. However, he does refuse to positively identify Mercer as the one who handed him the gun. It is also revealed that a bag full of ammunition was also found in the attic. Kevin knows nothing about that bag. The detectives receive more tips about Mercer. Meanwhile, Mercer finds taunting graffiti about him in the neighborhood. It refers to him as a baby killer. Back at home, Steve and Mel get into an argument. That night, Dave speaks with his wife about the case. He admits Kevin’s 80 percent isn’t good enough.

actor stephen graham little boy blueHe is reminded that the boy is close to their own son’s age. Kevin’s mother ridicules his decision. He admits he couldn’t help it, since he was afraid of saying no to Mercer. At the station, Dave speaks with his boss and Helen Morris (Clare Calbraith) about Kevin. Dave admits he would like to give the boy immunity for his cooperation. The boss doesn’t seem eager to do that. Kevin speaks with a friend. He expresses anger that he is going to go down for 5 years, while Mercer goes free. Meanwhile, Jordan pleads with his mother to lie to the police. When Kevin returns home, he gets a call from Mercer. Kevin is asked whether or not he squealed. Mercer makes it clear Kevin is being watched closely. That night, Jackie visits the Olssen house. She sits down with Claire. Claire doesn’t hold back.

kevin little boy blueClaire mentions all of the boys. However, she never saw Kevin. She admits she is probably committing suicide by speaking with the police. Back at the station, the name Melvyn is mentioned again. Dave and his colleague admit they need to look at the individual closer. Then, the evidence for the gun comes in from the lab. DCI Mark Guinness (Stephen Walters) reveals that the investigator doesn’t believe the gun found in the attic was used to kill Rhys. Dave suffers a stunning setback.


Little Boy Blue Review

The episode wasn’t action packed, but it was gripping nevertheless. Watching the investigation unfold and the suspects crumble was fascinating. There were some real edge of your seat moments. Each character has their own dynamic personality. Kevin and Jordan seemingly come from good families, yet they’ve found themselves neck deep in a murder investigation. Jordan didn’t squeal, but his mother did. Kevin gave up evidence immediately and seems to be willing to tell even more.

However, the detectives have hit a roadblock. Ballistics evidence suggests the gun in the attic isn’t the murder weapon. Why hide it so well and why did Dean also stash ammunition in the attic? Meanwhile, Mel and Steve continue to grieve. Their relationship is slowly deteriorating and it may never recover. Bringing a suspect to justice may not save their marriage. The episode was fantastic. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Little Boy Blue right now!

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