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Little Boy Blue Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we’re introduced to Mel Jones (Sinead Keenan). Her son, Rhys (Sonny Beyga), knocks on the door and reminds her that he needs to pay his footie sign up fee. Mel reminds her son that they have plenty of time to make the payment. Nevertheless, Rhys wins the argument, forcing Mel to get it paid right away. When Steven Jones (Brian F. O’Byrne) enters the room, he notices several swabs of paint on the wall. Mel and Rhys arrive at the soccer field. The coach, Steve Geoghagen (Kent Riley), admits the payment could’ve been made next week. Steve promises to bring the boy home, before Mel heads back home. Once Mel returns, Steven complains about the dents Rhys’s soccer ball has caused to the garage door.

rhys jones little boy blue episode 1

After the two head inside, their other son, Owen (Matthew Roberts), joins them downstairs. Mel pleads with her husband to take a look at the paint colors, as she rushes off to work. After Steve has left, Mel asks Owen about his color preference. Seconds later, a young man knocks at the door. He explains that Rhys has been shot. A distraught Mel gets into his car and makes contact with her husband. Steve is under the impression that Rhys was shot by an air rifle. Once Mel arrives at the scene, she finds out that the situation is far worse. The 11-year-old boy is rushed to the hospital, where the doctors begin working on him immediately. Steve arrives moments later and is given the bad news. Meanwhile, Detective Superintendent Dave Kelly (Stephen Graham) returns home.

mel jones little boy blue episode 1

Kelly prepares to celebrate with his family. A phone call prevents that from happening. He learns about the shooting and rushes to the scene of the crime. Back at the hospital, Steve and Mel are encouraged to speak with their son in hopes of restarting his circulation. Nevertheless, the doctors are forced to give up. The doctors apologize to the Jones couple. Mel meets with Owen and his friend outside. The girl explains to her Aunt that the doctors know what they’re talking about. Mel breaks down in Steve’s arms. Kelly arrives at the scene of the crime. Kelly speaks with his superior. Both admit they have very little evidence at this point. Kelly receives a phone call from Pauline. When told about potential suspects, Kelly informs Pauline that they should be arrested and held.

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Then, Kelly consults with WDC Jackie Carter (Jodie McNee). She explains that a shooter arrived on a silver mountain bike and fired approximately three or four shots. Kelly seems stunned to discover the boy had just attended footie practice. Then, he asks about CCTV footage from the pub. She admits they’re checking it out. Kelly inspects a vehicle, which was also shot. Kevin Moody (Michael Moran) arrives outside of a home and heads inside. He meets with Sean Mercer (Paddy Rowan). Sean hands the boy a bag and tells him not to look inside. Sean also gives the boy money for the cab, before sending him on his way. Claire Olssen (Faye McKeever) heads up stairs and checks on Jordan (Nathan Clark Smith) and his friends.

little boy blue mel jones

Kevin returns home and looks into the bag. He finds a gun. He hides it and heads inside. Back at the station, Kelly is appointed SIO for the case. Simultaneously, the case is classified as a Cat-A+ murder. Seconds later, Kelly learns from a colleague that the two potential suspects are being questioned now. Kelly watches one of the boys speak with investigators. He claims he was at a barbeque with twenty or thirty others. Kelly immediately makes the decision to set the boy free. Kelly also remains suspicious that Owen could be involved in a gang. The Jones family returns home that night. The trio heads to Rhys’s bedroom. Mel begins to freak out when she notices she has his blood on her clothing. Owen is escorted outside, while Steve helps his wife undress. Then, she lays down on Rhys’s bed.

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In the morning, police scour through the crime scene. They also receive numerous tips placing the blame on Sean Mercer. Kelly is ridiculed by his boss for releasing the boys without permission. The Jones family heads to the hospital, where they’re allowed to see Rhys’s body. The nurse reveals that Tony set the boy up with footie themed bed sheets. Mel pleads with the detective to be allowed inside with her son. They’re reminded that they need to preserve the evidence. Steve is forced to prevent his wife from touching the boy’s body. Back at home, Kevin worries about the gun. He gets into a spat with his mother, while they discuss their upcoming trip to Florida. Kelly and a colleague visit the boy’s body. They learn more about the gunshot wound.

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Afterwards, Kelly visits the Jones family. He introduces himself and promises to do everything he can to bring the killer to justice. Back at the station, Kelly begins assembling his team and setting up the workstation. Kevin gets a visit from Dean Kelly (Jack McMullen). Dean retrieves the gun and hides it in Kevin’s attic. He promises to get it once everything calms down. Meanwhile, Kelly and the other detectives look at CCTV footage. The video is blurry and very unhelpful. It gives Kelly the impression that the shooter was aiming for two other boys nearby. The detectives discuss the possibility of gangs being involved. Then, they mention Sean Mercer, Nathan Quinn and Marvis Perry as being potential suspects. James Yates is mentioned as a possible supplier of the gun.

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That night, Detective Kelly speaks with his boss. She admits he was picked as SIO, because they thought he would close the case quickly. Kelly makes it clear that he doesn’t intend to rush anything. He admits he wants concrete evidence. In the morning, detectives take the top suspects into custody. All of the boys respond to all questions with no comment. Sean submits a prepared statement at his attorney’s request. He answers a question about his bike, before giving a no comment. Next, the Jones family heads to a footie game. Kevin and his family leave town. Dean waves them goodbye. The entire stadium claps in honor of Rhys. The suspects are allowed to leave the police station.

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That night, the detectives listen to James Yates (James Nelson-Joyce) speak with his parents through a wiretap. He is told to say nothing and he’ll remain in the clear. It is also confirmed that nobody will speak, since they will not want to put themselves in harm’s way.


Little Boy Blue Review

I am not familiar with the real life story, so everything is new to me. Nevertheless, Little Boy Blue is shaping up to be something spectacular. Thus far, the acting has been excellent. The episode was so well acted and well written that it was very easy to sympathize with the Jones family. The series feels authentic and that makes it even more heartbreaking. Simultaneously, the bizarre attitudes of the suspects are perplexing.

It is clear the Kevin is the weak link. However, the nature and motive of the shooting are still unknown. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. The first episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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