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Liar Series 1 Episode 6 Recap

As the episode begins, Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) returns home and begins freaking out. He turns to alcohol. Moments later, Luke (Jamie Flatters) enters. Andrew tells Luke that Vanessa (Shelley Conn) is coming after him and will stop at nothing. Andrew asks Luke for an alibi. Then, he changes his mind and apologizes for asking. Luke agrees to help. Meanwhile, Laura (Joanne Froggatt) speaks with Vanessa. The detective promises that they’ll bring Andrew down. She tells her that she will get in touch with Andrew is arrested. Andrew is arrested at the hospital. Next, we jump forward three months. Laura meets with Ian (Kieran Bew) at the pub. They speak briefly, before Laura spots Andrew outside. Katy (Zoe Tapper) returns the children to Liam (Richie Campbell). She tries to wiggle her way back inside, but Liam refuses to let her in.

luke liar finale series 1While Andrew was arrested, the detectives were never able to get enough evidence to bring him down. Laura has plans to move away from the area, but has never been able to pull the trigger. Andrew hangs out with Charlotte (Laura Aikman). He invites her over to his place and he promises to cook. She agrees to visit his place next time. Laura finds a picture of the couple together online. Laura meets with Charlotte. Charlotte tells Laura that she knows about all of the trouble she caused. Laura gives Charlotte phone numbers for other women that Andrew supposedly assaulted. Vanessa hangs out with Jennifer (Jill Halfpenny). Jennifer explains that she wants one more tour of duty. Jennifer pleads with Vanessa to tell her what is going on. Andrew tries to speak with Luke. His son remains standoffish. Seconds later, Andrew gets a call from Charlotte. He learns about her meeting with Laura.

charlotte liar series 1 episode 6 recapAndrew calls Laura. She looks out of her window and sees him standing in the street. Andrew tells Laura that he could have her, if he wanted her. Then, he mentions a few key details about her bedroom. In the morning, Laura calls Vanessa. She tells her that she believes Andrew might’ve filmed the assaults. Vanessa agrees to speak with her colleagues about it. Vanessa speaks with Charlotte. She criticizes her tactics. At work, Katy breaks into Andrew’s locker and steals his phone. She meets with Laura outside and hands over the phone. Laura tells Katy that she doesn’t hate her, but cannot trust her. Later that night, Andrew prepares to meet with Charlotte. He pulls out a vial of clear liquid. Charlotte arrives seconds later. Andrew gets her a drink. Charlotte manages to step to the side. When Andrew isn’t looking, she uses a syringe to collect the wine. Andrew spots her.

liar finale katyAndrew confronts Charlotte. Andrew tells her that she can take the liquid to the lab, but they’ll find nothing. Then, he allows her to leave. Laura meets with Tom (Warren Brown). Together, they inspect Andrew’s phone. They find the contact information in Andrew’s phone. This allows Laura to get in touch with Andrew’s mother. Mia (Ivana Basic) allows Laura inside. She is directed to the shed outside and allowed inside. Laura finds the SD cards. She leaves and immediately puts one in her computer. We do not see what it is on the files, but it sounds like intercourse. Laura takes the files to Rory. He promises that Andrew will go down this time.

jamie flatters liar finaleThe police arrive at Andrew’s house. Luke answers the door and claims that he isn’t home. Tom watches a news report about Andrew. He still hasn’t been found. Vanessa watches it as well. Laura goes kayaking. Andrew’s lifeless body is shown in the marshes where Laura kayaks.


Liar Review

The finale of Liar highlighted everything that was wrong with the entire series. The finale was a bit of a mess. Katy just decided to steal Andrew’s phone. That was barely plausible. Things only got worse from there. Andrew just happened to store the contact details of his own mom in his cell phone. Who does that? Was he afraid he was going to forget where his own mommy lived? Plus, it was barely believable that Laura would’ve put two and two together to figure out that Andrew filmed the assaults.

The series has been lackluster and too focused on political correctness. It could have been good, but it ultimately flopped. I am really shocked it has been renewed for a second season. The finale scores a 4.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Liar right now.

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