ian liar season 1 episode 4 recap

Liar Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) calls Katy (Zoe Tapper) and tells her about the earring. Katy tries to encourage Laura to go to the police, but Laura refuses. She doesn’t know what to tell them. Next, Laura pays a visit to Mrs. Cassidy (Clare Higgins). Felicity is the mother of Andrew’s former wife. Felicity tells Laura that Mary’s relationship with Andrew was just fine. She explains that the police never found a shred of evidence that Andrew did anything wrong. Andrew (Ioan Gruffud) speaks with Luke (Jamie Flatters) at home. Luke suggests that Andrew should go out and celebrate the charges being dropped. When Luke steps away, we see that Andrew has been researching Vanessa (Shelley Conn) online. At work, Vanessa tells Rory (Danny Webb) about a new crime training opportunity. She tells Rory about her encounter with Andrew and admits she doesn’t want to let it go now.

felicity liar series 1 episode 4 recapLaura tracks down Mary’s old friend, Catherine (Dawn Steele). Catherine tells Laura about Mary’s depression. Catherine clams up and refuses to tell Laura anything helpful. That night, Laura hits up a club and runs into a man, Ian (Kieran Bew). They hit it off fairly well right away. Vanessa chats with her friend back in Iraq. Ian offers to buy Laura another drink. She freaks out and rushes out of the pub. then, she gets a call from Catherine, who agrees to talk. They meet up and Catherine admits to sleeping with Andrew. She suggests that their affair might have caused Mary to kill herself. She admits to be drunk at the time and believes that Andrew might have drugged her. Tim (Warren Brown) gets suspended for his actions. Andrew visits the hospital and explains that he is ready to return. Laura finds flowers in her room. She immediately returns them to Ian. Their conversation becomes pretty awkward.

liar season 1 episode 4 recap lukeLaura explains that the problem is her, before departing. Tom visits Katy and tells her about the suspension. They kiss, before Liam (Richie Campbell) returns with the kids. Tom seems ready to spill the beans about their affair, but he remains quiet. Laura visits Catherine again. This time, Catherine changes her tune and refuses to cooperate. Laura finds out that Felicity has been around and has changed Catherine’s mind. Rory tries to talk Vanessa out of leaving her job. That night, Vanessa watches television, drinks a super juice and falls asleep on the couch. Then, Andrew sneaks in and cleans out the bottle. He sits down beside of Vanessa seconds later. In the morning, Ian runs into Laura once again. Laura apologizes. Ian gives Laura advice and then leaves for his plane. Laura returns home and learns that she is going to be sued by Andrew.

ian liar season 1 episode 4 recapLaura visits Andrew and complains. He tells her to recant her statement and he will not sue her. Then, Andrew makes a comment that Laura shouldn’t be out on the streets alone at night. Vanessa wakes up and uses the bathroom. She pees blood. Laura visits Katy and Liam. Liam doesn’t believe that Andrew can sue. Katy tells Laura that she always needs to win and that is her problem. She tries to convince her to just let it go. In the morning, Laura meets with Tom at the kayak place. He wants to know what they’re doing, since he bought GHB. Laura suggests it might be best for Tom to not know. He still wants to know.


Liar Review

Sadly, Liar has crossed the line into absurdity. The series might still have potential, as long as you’re willing to throw away any common sense and your grip on reality. At this point, I am not sure what to believe any more. Is Andrew really a deviant predator? Or, are the writers just trying to shock and create interest? I am not at all interested in Rory or Vanessa. They’re side characters and should have been treated as such. The fact that Vanessa has now become such an integral figure is lame.

I also care very little about Katy and Liam’s relationship, but sadly, Liam seems to be the only sane person left in the whole town. At the end of the episode, we see a glimpse of the future and it doesn’t look good. Laura and Tom are on the verge of doing something insane and unrealistic. At this point, Liar just feels cliché, unrealistic and lame. This episode scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Liar now.

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