vanessa harmon liar episode 3 recap

Liar Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) has a nightmare. She dreams about Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) frightening her in her home. When she wakes up in the morning, she cleans up her sheets and informs Katy (Zoe Tapper) that is going to return to her apartment. Katy tries to talk her out it, but he is unable to do so. Laura returns home a short time later. She has a flashback. She recalls Andrew talking about her white rabbit. She tells him that Tom (Warren Brown) gave it to her. Meanwhile, Dennis Walters (Peter Davison) visits Andrew. Dennis is quickly invited inside. Eventually, Dennis explains that Laura made an accusation against him when they worked at the same school. She eventually dropped it, because of the stress involved.

laura liar episode 3 recapIn the end, Laura was forced to leave the school. Dennis believes he can help clear Andrew’s name. Seconds later, we see Makeda (Tsion Habte) preparing for school. She grabs a mail parcel and rushes out. She heads to the school and takes several pills in the bathroom. Then, Laura arrives at the school and finds Luke (Jamie Flatters) on the ground in the bathroom. The other boys have given him a swirly, because his dad is a rapist. He blames Laura for his troubles. Dennis speaks with Vanessa (Shelley Conn) and Rory (Danny Webb). He tells them about his past experience with Laura. Outside, he tells Andrew that it is finished. Nevertheless, Vanessa and Rory refuse to say what type of impact Dennis will have on the case. Laura finds out that Dennis is after her. She searches her car, but is unable to find the missing earring.

peter davison liar episode 3She calls Tom. He tells her to calm down and not worry about it. Next, Liam (Richie Campbell) takes the kids out for lunch. He overhears a woman talking about the suspicions she has about her boyfriend. This causes him to suspect that Katy might be having an affair. Laura calls Dennis. He explains his reasoning for showing up and speaking with the police. Laura finds Makeda outside of the school. She rushes the girl to the hospital after finding out that she took pills and is now bleeding. The girl tried to have an abortion. Andrew has a drink with Dennis. When he learns that Dennis did inappropriately touch Laura, he gets up and leaves. Laura gets in touch with Luke, while Makeda waits for the doctor. Vanessa notifies Laura that the CPS has refused to prosecute the case.

actor ioan gruffudd liarLaura meets with Luke and tells him about Makeda. She asks to use the bathroom and uses the opportunity to search Andrew’s room. She doesn’t find the earring. Instead, she leaves and takes Luke to the hospital. Vanessa runs into Tom and tells him about the CPS’s decision not to prosecute. Liam becomes suspicious and prepares to check Katy’s emails. Tom confronts Andrew. When he does, Andrew makes it clear that he knows about Tom’s affair with Katy. That seems to shut him up pretty quick. Luke and Makeda try to talk Laura into lying to her father, so she will not be sent back to Ethiopia. Tom tells Katy about Andrew’s revelation. Laura has another flashback. She remembers kissing Andrew in her bedroom. In the present, she meets with him and tries to convince him to lie for Makeda. She calls him a predator, before the conversation ends.

liam liar series 1 episode 3Katy returns home. She is confronted by Liam, who admits he didn’t look at her emails. Katy denies having an affair. Andrew meets with Makeda’s father and pretends the girl was suffering from dehydration. That night, Vanessa meets with Andrew and tells him that the case will not be prosecuted. He immediately asks her out for a drink. She refuses and explains that she doesn’t drink with rapists. In the morning, Laura gets a call from Vanessa. She meets with her seconds later. Vanessa explains that the police believe there might be more to the suicide of Andrew’s wife. She encourages Laura to get far away from him. Andrew tells Luke about the case being dropped. Luke doesn’t seem thrilled. He explains that the damage has already been done.

vanessa harmon liar episode 3 recapLaura meets with Katy. Katy agrees with Vanessa. She tells Laura to get away for a little while. Andrew meets with a lawyer and contemplates suing Laura. In a flashback, we see that Andrew places something into the wine glasses. Laura takes one of the glasses and begins drinking. Andrew doesn’t drink from his. Laura returns home and finds the earring on the stuffed rabbit.


Liar Review

Liar could be spectacular, but it is really becoming tedious and annoying. Again, the side stories aren’t doing the show any favors. It is difficult to care about Katy and Liam or Makeda and Luke. Nevertheless, this episode focused mainly on these distractions. The rape allegations were put on the backburner. Second, things are becoming too unrealistic. The main characters are breaking into one another’s home like it isn’t a big deal.

How is anyone supposed to take this serious? Throw in the suicide of Andrew’s wife and things become even more unbelievable. There is simply too much going on and it seems like the writers have lost themselves in the political correctness of it all. Sadly, Liar doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It was pretty blatant early on that they wanted us to believe that Laura was lying. Now, they’re going to turn things around and make Andrew look like the bad guy.

I want to find out what really happened, but the nonsense is making it difficult to stick around. A 6 out of 10 is awarded to episode 3. Catch up with previous recaps of Liar now.

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