laura liar episode 2 recap

Liar Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode begins, Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) is questioned by a colleague. Andrew promises it is nothing, before rushing off. Seconds later, Andrew gets a call from Luke (Kamie Flatters). Luke tells his father about Laura’s (Joanne Froggatt) online post. He promises that it is all a misunderstanding. Andrew reads the comment himself and rushes him. Katy (Zoe Tapper) speaks with Liam (Richie Campbell) about Laura wanting to tell the world. Katy explains that they just need to be there for her. Katy gets a call from Andrew. She tells him that he isn’t allowed to call her. Laura accuses Andrew of switching the wine glasses. He tells her that she took his by mistake and he never said nothing about it. Laura suggests that Andrew will answer for what he has done. Laura rushes back to her sisters. Then, she has a flashback.

liar episode 2 andrewLaura remembers Andrew speaking about his wife. He also tells her about hiding a key outside of his house. Katy calls Tom (Warren Brown). She asks him if he has looked into Laura’s case. Tom doesn’t answer. Then, Laura heads downstairs and kisses Liam. Tom receives Katy’s message and tells her that he did find something. He requests to meet her. Katy implies that posting the message online was a bad idea. Meanwhile, Andrew tries to sort things out with Luke. He insists that the truth will come out in the end. Laura gets a text message from a stranger. The mysterious individual calls her a liar. Laura heads out into the kayak again. Then, she meets with Vanessa (Shelley Conn) and Rory (Danny Webb). They reveal that the glasses were found, but they were already washed.

jamie flatters liar episode 2Laura is told that the investigation will take time. She explains that he will use the time to strengthen his story. Laura is offered a counsellor, but she refuses. Andrew reads the comments on Laura’s message. The comments are mixed. Andrew returns to work, but feels awkwardly doing so. Meanwhile, Laura scans through the comments as well. Tom meets with the detectives. He tells them about calling the coroner. He explains that there was a possible domestic disturbance before the woman’s overdose. He is told to stay out of it for his own sake. Andrew’s work colleagues begin to turn against him. He struggles through a surgery. Laura returns to school. She gets a lot of glances. She speaks with Birav (Akbar Kurtha) about the incident. She is told that there are plenty of women out there supporting her. He tries to convince her to return home, but she refuses.

liar detectives episode 2 recapShe finds one of her students look at the rape message. She takes the phone and becomes upset. She leaves the school right away. Laura speaks with her sister about Andrew. During this time, Andrew speaks with his boss. He tells her that he did nothing wrong. Then, he leaves the hospital. The detectives chat about the case. They admit it is going to take longer than expected. Laura breaks into Andrew’s house. She finds a medicine bag under his bed. Inside, she finds a vial with a clear liquid. Andrew returns home and Laura is nowhere to be found. Laura meets with Tom and pleads with him to get Andrew’s house searched. Katy buys Liam some concert tickets. Tom meets up with a colleague and tries to convince him to search Andrew’s house. Moments later, the police arrive outside and search Andrew’s home.

laura liar episode 2 recapLater, the detectives visit Laura. They ask her whether she was responsible for the anonymous tip that led to the search. She denies it. Then, she learns that the police found nothing. The vial contained insulin. Now, Laura’s attitude changes. She tells Katy that she is ashamed that everyone knows what Andrew did to her. She admits everything she does turns against her. Andrew gets a call from a stranger, Denis Walters (Peter Davison). He explains that Laura has done this before and he cannot let her hurt someone else. Andrew agrees to meet with the man at a later time. Laura finds out that her earring is missing. Andrew finds it in his home.


Liar Review

Liar isn’t terrible, but it isn’t spectacular either. The series is really just hit and miss all the way through. I enjoy the concept, but the mystery is really falling short for me. It might be a little too extravagant. There is simply too much going on and the side stories are major distractions. I really couldn’t care less about Katy and her affair with Tom. I also have little interest in Andrew’s wife or her suicide. It has been so long ago it should be a moot point.

I am sure they’ll interlink these in some way, but it is a little too much. I just want to know what really happened. Was Laura really raped? Sadly, my interest in that is beginning to wane. The episode scores a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Liar right now!

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