Last Train to Freo Review

Last Train To Freo is a comedy thriller film, with a hint of a musical. We are instantly introduced to two strange men when they hop aboard a train, The Tall Thug (Steve Le Marquand, Small Time Gangster) and Trev (Tom Budge). Everything is going good for a short bit, until the lovely Lisa (Gigi Edgley) join the two men on the train. 

The Tall Thug suddenly becomes interested in the blonde beauty. He has made up his mind that he is going to use every bit of his charisma to dazzle her. Lisa is taken aback just by his presence alone, because he is an intimidating male figure. The Tall Thug is just like a bloodhound on the hunt, he instantly picks up on her fear. 

While The Tall Thug is heckling the young woman, an older lady, Maureen (Gillian Jones, The Rover), boards the train, along with her heavy suitcase. She sits quietly for awhile and begins to realize that Lisa is under duress. She looks over at the other lone, male passenger, Simon (Glenn Hazeldine), trying to draw his attention. Simon appears to be jotting something down in his tablet and has the least bit of interest in getting involved. She is certain that she is going to receive no help from him, so she decides to intervene. 

The Tall Thug and Trev’s attention is suddenly diverted to Maureen, as well as is everyone else’s on the train. Maureen reveals a little part of her past and why she is running away from it. She is obviously depressed by the way she is hanging onto her bottle of bourbon. The train comes to a stop and Maureen takes her exit.

Trev and The Tall Thug recede to the rear of the train and sit for a short bit, but they are bound to keep the passengers entertained by singing loudly. An argument between the two, turns into a fight and Lisa feels the need to nervously break it up. Now, the attention is back on her, but not for long. The Tall Thug gets a quick glimpse at Simon’s tablet and sees that he has been taking notes about Trev and he.

Everyone is suddenly shocked to learn that no one is who they thought they were. The Tall Thug is not so tough after all and his secret past is finally revealed.


Last Train To Freo is definitely a film that everyone should watch. The writer is trying to warn us of prejudging others before we know anything about them. While I have always been fond of Steve Le Marquand he has truly outdone himself with this role. He grabs your attention so strongly that you seem to forget about the world outside. The Tall Thug brings a lot of different emotions out of the viewer; sadness, happiness, fear, and loneliness. In the end, I felt a lot of empathy for him. If you have ever hopped aboard any type of public transportation, you have probably encountered some strange people, but not quiet like these two hoodlums. This is was a heck of a train ride and I give it 8 out of 10.

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