Klowd TV – Everything You Need To Know

In the past few years, various content streaming services have been released to the public. The newest is Klowd TV, which is attempting to replicate the service provided by Sling TV. KlowdTV hopes to be able to provide consumers with live television for a low fee. Although it is fairly new, at this point in time, it has promise. The features of this service will be explored in more depth below.


What is KlowdTV?

KlowdTV is live streaming television. It offers HD streams, low prices, no contracts and the ability to cancel, at any time. The service is very similar to others currently available, since it can be streamed on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or television. Apps are currently available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, Roku and Chromecast.


The service recommends that you have a fast Internet connection of at least 3.0 Megabits per second for SD content. To steam high-definition content, you should have a 5.0 Megabits per second connection.


Klowd TV Channels

At this point in time, the service is somewhat lacking in terms of channels. However, according to their website, they’re actively negotiating with various networks in hopes of adding more options to their service. They also promise that they’ll continue adding more channels, as often as possible. They recommend that you contact them, if you desire a specific channel that is unavailable.

With this in mind, a small number of channels are currently available. These will be listed below for your consideration.

  • RT America, Bloomberg Television, Sky International
  • Newsmax TV, One America News Network, France 24
  • beIN Sports English, beIN Sports Spanish, GolTV English
  • GolTV Spanish, Fight Network, FNTSY Sports, FightBox
  • FastnFunBox, Outdoor Sport Channel, AWE
  • RT Documentary, YouToo America, Vibrant TV Network
  • TuffTV, Rev’n, DuckTV, RIDE TV, ChukkerTV
  • Pursuit Channel, HRTV, DocuBox, eScapes
  • Hunt Channel, Outdoor Cooking


Klowd TV Packages

The biggest difference between KlowdTV and the alternatives is their programming packages. At the time of this writing, they offer 4 different programming packages, Sports Package, News Package, Entertainment Package and Outdoor Lifestyle Package. All of these are incredibly cheap!

Of course, it is also possible to purchase individual channels for as little as .99 cents a month.This gives you more options and allows you to pick and choose your own channels.

Although this is great, the company does charge a $3.99 cost for delivery, taxes and fees. This helps to guarantee that individual channel and package prices remain low.

klowd tv

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Overall – KlowdTV Review

Although KlowdTV doesn’t have a lot to offer, at this point, they’re looking to expand. If they are able to bring in a bunch of new channels, the service could very well be a cord cutter’s wet dream! The company is currently offering a free 7 day trial. If you’re interested in trying out the company’s service, be sure to click on the banner above right now!


In the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with KlowdTV and it is fairly decent. Again, the channel options are slim, but the customer service is impressive, when compared to SlingTV. The prices are also affordable. Thus far, I have yet to experience any terrible lag or performance issues, which were overly frustrating. If you’re a fan of soccer/football, KlowdTV could very well be a must!

  1. Gene Oddo says:

    I am interested in getting One American News, KLOWD TV seems to be my only option. How can I reach customer service to see packages (website has “coming soon”) can not find a phone #, reviews are very bad citing the email contact is never answered from customer service. I find it hard to believe they can not be contacted by phone.
    OAN is by far the only real news broadcast (Kicked FOX to the curb be cause of their very liberal anchors (Megan Kelly, Chris Wallace, etc.), and have not watched the “mainstream propaganda” networks for many years. Reputable businesses have PHONE #’s !!! Seems you should get your act together so the public can watch your broadcasts and get informed.

  2. thebitchinapt23b says:

    Has anyone taken the time to ask, “Who OWNS Klowd TV?” Seriously? I just went over there, and reading the lower left showing the data transfer, and guess who’s name popped up?


    Should make you wonder where else and what else is Jeff “Amazon” Bezos lifting his leg up against, and how long before people recognize that it’s his ‘footprint’ – planted firmly on the neck of the American people?

    • ReelMockery says:

      Hey there. While you might be correct, it could be that their website is hosted on Amazon’s cloud services, Amazon Web Services. A lot of companies use them nowadays, including Netflix, Discovery, Dunkin Donut, and more. They’ve got their hand in the business one way or another. :p

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