kings in grass castles mini series

Kings In Grass Castles Review

Kings In Grass Castles is a 1998 Australian television mini-series, which spans over 200 minutes. The mini-series is based on the 1967 novel of the same name. During the beginning of the series, we’re introduced to the Durack family. The Irish family has found themselves in deep debt and are forced to scrap together, in order to pay their rent. Those families, who fail to do so, have their homes burned to the ground, by the British army. One of the family’s sons, Patsy (Stephen Dillane), shows his desire to obtain money, by any means necessary, despite the concerns of his family.

kings in grass castles mini series

Despite causing his family much stress and fighting with his father, Patsy manages to obtain enough money to transport his family to Australia. Of course, they have no intention of leaving their current life behind. After a little convincing and a bit of devious behavior, Patsy and his family make their way to Australia. Unfortunately, not everything is as good, as Patsy has hoped. Much to the surprise of Patsy and his sister, Sarah (Susan Lynch), the family is entitled to work, as indentured servants for many years, before they’ll be allowed to obtain their freedom.

Pumpkin Kings In Grass Castles

Patsy is having none of it. He manages to scheme his way out of his dilemma and makes friends with a local aboriginal man, Burrakin (David Ngoombujarra). Together, the pair head on a wide adventure, which will transform Patsy into a rich man. Unfortunately, his troubles remain far from over and they only compound. Still Patsy remains determined to achieve his destiny and obtain more wealth and more land. The series may be an oldie, but it is undoubtedly a classic.

Kings in Grass Castles Essie David

Whether you’re from Britain, America or Australia, Kings in Grass Castles will hit close to home. The mini-series is definitely cheesy, at times, but it builds wonderful characters. Some you will cheer for, but others are tremendous villains. Patsy remains the center figure and is definitely the icing on the cake. Despite gaining massive wealth and plenty of land, Patsy never builds an oversized ego.


Although the majority of the series is upbeat and uplifting, it really pulls on the heartstrings near the end. Thanks to dynamic performances and relatable characters, the conclusion is very climatic and fulfilling, although bleak. The series is currently available on Amazon Prime and it truly a must for everyone. It delivers a little bit of everything and pays off dividends in the end. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to check it out today!

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