Killing Time Review

Killing Time is a 2011 Australian television series, which aired on the Seven Network. The series is based on the true story of criminal lawyer, Andrew Fraser, who is played by David Wenham (Banished). Anyone, who is familiar with the Underbelly franchise, will likely be able to identify some of the characters from the show, including Lewis Moran (Colin Friels).


During the show’s opening, we’re introduced to Andrew Fraser and one of his first big, criminal clients, Dennis Allen (Richard Cawthorne). Dennis is ultimately one of the most intriguing and crazy characters in the show, much like he was in real life. He was an eccentric loose cannon. While serving as Allen’s solicitor, Fraser is introduced to his pal, Victor Peirce (Malcom Kennard), and Kath Pettingill (Kris McQuade). These individuals and their crimes eventually allow Fraser to gain his notoriety for helping the worst of the worst escape conviction.


Fraser also becomes solicitor for some of the Hells Angels bikers. Eventually, a conflict of interest puts Andrew in a difficult situation, as Dennis Allen goes up against the Hells Angels. Of course, Dennis solves the problem on his own, but eventually exits the picture himself. Victor Peirce, who is fresh out of prison, takes over with his wife, Wendy Pierce (Kate Jenkinson, Hiding). Victor winds up being a little more reckless than Allen and declares a war on police, which leads to the Walsh Street murders of 2 police officers.


While the criminals come and go, Andrew continues to grow more and more successful. He hooks up with Denise Fraser (Diana Glenn) and the pair get married. Unfortunately, Andrew’s career comes crashing down thanks to a few dumb moves and a massive cocaine addiction. He is imprisoned with Peter Dupas (John Brumpton), the Australian serial killer. In order to secure his release, Fraser is forced to make a big decision. Will he agree to testify against the serial killer and risk his life?



Overall, Killing Time is a great examination of the downfall of a successful criminal lawyer. If you’re unfamiliar with the stories of each of the characters, you’ll like find it much more mysterious. However, the overall story is great regardless, thanks to excellent performances from David Wenham, Colin Friels, John Brumpton, Malcolm Kennard and Richard Cawthorne. If you loved the Underbelly series, you should definitely check out Killing Time! It is somewhat similar and nearly as good!

If you’re interested in an update to the series, you’ll want to click here. Overall, the series is definitely worth watching! I enjoyed it! An 8 out of 10 is deserved. It is currently on Hulu, so be sure to check it out!

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