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Kat And Alfie: Redwater Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode gets started, Adeen (Ebony O’Toole-Acheampong) finds Lance’s (Ian McElhinney) body on the beach. Father Dermott Dolan (Oisin Stack) speaks with himself in the church’s confessional. When he emerges, he finds Kat (Jessie Wallace) sitting in the church. He rushes out and tries to avoid her. Bernie (Susan Ateh) chats with Adeen. She wants to make sure that the girl is fine after finding Lance’s body. In the morning, Alfie (Shane Richie) and Tommy (Henry Proctor) enjoy the beach. Peter (Stanley Townsend) asks Alfie if they’ll be attending the funeral. Alfie doesn’t believe it would be a good idea, since they barely knew him. He is told that they would be welcome. Moments later, Padraig (Stephen Hogan) meets with Eileen Harrington (Angeline Ball). Eileen has traveled to Redwater with her son, Kieran (Ian Toner). Then, Eileen visits Lance’s body, which is positioned in a bed at home.

adeen kat and alfie episode 2She argues briefly with Roisin (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Agnes (Fionnula Flanagan) about leaving the window open. Eileen closes it and Roisin opens it back up. Alfie and Tommy meet up with Kat. She learns about their invitation to the wake. Kat makes it clear she wants to go. Alfie becomes distracted when he spots Annie O’Sullivan Tormey’s gravestone. Eileen and the others catch up on old times. Padraig spots Adeen on the horse. He tries to shut the gate, but she manages to escape. Andrew, Roisin and Bernie are told about her disappearance seconds later. Meanwhile, Eileen and Kieran chat about their odd situation. Dermott visits Lance’s body. Eileen steps outside and gets into Lance’s stash for a cigarette. Andrew joins her. Then, Andrew gets a call from Bernie. They’re still unable to find Adeen. He suggests contacting her friends.

padraig and eileen kat and alfieBernie finds her out in the water with her horse. Dermott chats with Agnes about his situation. It is clear that he is very angry. She explains that he needed a mother and she gave him one. Later, Alfie tells Kat that it would be okay if they go to the wake. Dermott is reunited with Kieran. Kat and the others arrive at the party. Kat has the urge to speak with Eileen, but Alfie doesn’t believe that would be a good idea. Adeen remains out of it. Adeen is asked to see Lance at rest. She doesn’t want to, but Andrew talks her into it. Kat breaks the ice with Eileen. She learns a little more about Andrew the farmer. Eileen reveals that she was the first one to hold Andrew. Adeen looks at Lance. She is weirded out, but she believes he is at peace. Afterwards, she sings a song for the wake. Kat speaks with Agnes. This time, Agnes has a change of heart. She ridicules Lance and suggests he was an idiot. Agnes insists Kat gave up on motherhood, when she gave up the boy. Dermott listens as Kat explains that she didn’t know she had a child. She was out cold during the birth.

andrew and adeen kat and alfieThe child was taken while Kat was out. In the morning, Dermott is shocked by Lance’s grave. Dermott speaks with Peter. They both agree that Lane wasn’t perfect. Eileen and Kieran check out the memorial. Kieran admits that he can barely remember anything from the event. Tommy makes a comment about Kat leaving him like she did the other child. Both agree that they want to find him. When Eileen and Kieran return, the others prepare to read Lance’s will. Lance leaves all of his goods to his children. The land is to be split between them. Then, the funeral takes place. Agnes is not happy. Bernie notices something strange at the beach. Tommy sneaks out of the house. Bernie takes photos to the lab for enhancement. Roisin encourages Eileen to let the farm go to their mother. She doesn’t want a big fuss over it.

ian toner kat and alfieEileen suggests there must be a reason he left it to them. Tommy watches from a distance as everything comes to an end. He joins Dermott in the rain. They chat about death. Dermott takes Tommy into the church. Meanwhile, Alfie and Kat search for their son. Agnes learns that Tommy has fled. She gets help from everyone to find him. Dermott tells Tommy that people will always let you down. Tommy doesn’t believe it about his mother. Agnes learns that Tommy is searching for mother. Agnes, Kat and Alfie head into the church. They find Tommy praying with Dermott. Dermott and Tommy tells the family that they cannot leave. Kat learns that Dermott is her son. Dermott confirms it.


Kat And Alfie Review

I just cannot force myself to like Kat & Alfie. I really want to, but there is nothing here to latch onto. The acting isn’t bad really and the scenery is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t do anything for me. It seems really slow and both episodes have been all over the place. At this point, I don’t care if I watch another episode. I have already given up on this show and do not see how it could get any better. I’d give the episode a low 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Kat and Alfie now!

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