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Kat & Alfie: Redwater Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we see a group of men sail out to a boat that has flipped. Young Dermott (Eoin Daly) and the others are saved. However, Mouse goes under and never resurfaces. After the intro, Kathleen (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie (Shane Richie) arrive in town with their son, Tommy (Henry Proctor). Alfie is told about the coming Spring equinox, before the driver leaves the family alone. Seconds later, Alfie and Kathleen chat about Kat’s long-lost son and whether or not he still might be in town. In town, the residents prepare for the upcoming celebration. Lance Byrne (Ian McElhinney) runs into Peter Dolan (Stanley Townsend). Then, he speaks with Father Dermott Dolan (Oisin Stack).

dermott kat and alfieMoments later, Agnes (Fionnula Flanagan) speaks with the taxi driver, Padraig Kelly (Stephen Hogan). Agnes helps Roisin (Maria Doyle Kennedy) sell ice cream to the locals. Seconds later, Kat and Alfie join the locals. They buy some ice cream from Roisin right away. Then, Alfie gets swept away by the locals. They want him to dress up like them. Roisin tells Kat a little about her family and how close they are. They speak about Andrew (Peter Campion) briefly. A dead animal washes on shore. Peter makes sure it is hidden away, so it doesn’t ruin the celebrations. Andrew meets with Bernie Kelly, who is visibly pregnant. Kat and Tom enjoy the games. Alfie joins the locals as they race around town. After the race ends, Kat drops her cell phone on the beach. Andrew picks it up for her and invites her to the pub. Then, she speaks with Alfie and admits she believes Andrew might be her son. Agnes keeps a close eye on Kat.

kat and alfie episode 1 recapAnges tells Andrew and Roisin that she saw something shifty in Kat’s eyes. She suggests that Kat might have secrets. Bernie (Susan Ateh) and Andrew hang out at the bar. Kat enters moments later and speaks with Peter about the cottage. Meanwhile, Alfie goes for a walk. He imagines that he sees a dog. It disappears when it gets close to him. Kat hangs out with Lance and Dermott. Bernie notices that Kat keeps looking at them. After the party dies down, Kat tells Lance about the child she had when she was a child. When Kat returns home, she finds that Alfie is distraught. He tells her that he believes he might be seeing things. In the morning, Dermott heads to the church. He takes care of business, before heading to the nearby memorial. There, he finds Alfie. They speak briefly. Dermott tells Alfie that his mother died in the incident.

kat and alfie churchKat pays a visit to Peter. She speaks with him about Lance and Andrew. They speak about Andrew’s looks and him breaking hearts in school. Adeen Kelly speaks with Agnes and Roision about her dad going riding in the middle of the night. Padraig is shown making a wooden sculpture. Lance tells Agnes about Kat and her search for her son. Agnes suggests that she is just looking for a man who has a life and a man who does not need her. Kat arrives and speaks with Padraig and Roisin. She offers to buy ice cream, but is told that they do not sell it there. Agnes arrives and offers some of hers. Kat leaves. She spots Andrew on the road and stops to speak with him. Kat tries to get Andrew to open up about his past. He insists he has always lived in Redwater. She gets nowhere with him, before Lance arrives and runs her off.

kat and alfie jessie wallaceAdeen (Ebony O’Toole-Acheampong) watches as Lance stops on the horse and approaches an old building. He kicks dirt and complains about some woman. Meanwhile, Tommy tries to climb a cliff. Alfie is forced to rescue him. Then, Dermott is forced to rescue Alfie. When Kat returns home, he finds Alfie with Dermott. She learns about Alfie’s trouble. Dermott leaves seconds later. Alfie scolds Kat for snooping around. He is worried that they’ll get thrown out of town, if they keeping poking around. Kat explains she is afraid to see how disappointed her son will be with her. Dermott finds Lance at the church. Lance begins telling Dermott about the Moon family and why they’re in town. Lance explains that Iris (Orla Hannon) wasn’t his mother. Kat is Dermott’s mother. Lance explains that Kat ran to London to get away from Peter. Dermott seems upset that Kat gave him up and Iris brought him back.

kat and alfie dermott and lanceLance insists that Peter doesn’t know. Lance tells Dermott that he will always support him. Dermott prays. That night, Agnes becomes standoffish with Lance. In the morning, Lance goes swimming and Adeen steals his horse. Dermott is still rattled. Dermott approaches Lance. He is told that they’ll work everything out. Lance is given a wafer. After Lance eats the wafer, Dermott dunks him under the water. He says a prayer as Lance dies in the water. Kat and Alfie snuggle, while the rest of the town goes on about its normal business.


Kat & Alfie Review

I really wanted to like Kat & Alfie. The scenery is great. Each scene is gorgeous in its own right. The architecture is amazing and the beach was beautiful. Unfortunately, the story didn’t hold up. The pacing was incredibly slow and tedious. It was also very difficult to follow. It took me a good twenty minutes to figure out the names of a few of the characters. Having scanned through it again for the recap, I am still just as lost as before.

It was pretty obvious from early on that Dermott was most likely Kat’s son. However, the murder twist at the end was slightly unrealistic and unbelievable. I have little else to watch at this point, so I’ll stick with it for a few more episodes. However, the opener was very disappointing. A 5 out of 10 is deserved.

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