Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Finale Recap

Strange and Norrell finale

The finale episode begins right where the previous episode left off. Drawlight (Vincent Franklin) goes about trying to fulfill his three duties to Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel). In hope of getting in touch with Mr Norrell (Eddie Marsan), he makes contact with Henry Lascelles (John Heffernan). Unfortunately for Drawlight, Lascelles wants Strange’s message no where near Norrell. He takes the note and Lady Pole (Alice Englert) finger, before killing Drawlight.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Lascelles

Henry Lascelles returns to Mr. Norrell and lies about his encounter with Drawlight. Of course, Childermass (Enzo Cilenti) recognizes his betrayal immediately. The pair argue and Childermass distracts Lascelles, before discovering Lady Pole’s finger. Once he has it, he confronts Lascelles, before making his exit and leaving both men behind. Lascelles rushes off into Norrell’s maze and winds up trapped. Minutes later, Norrell returns to his library and encounters Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel).

Eddie Marsan Norrell

After a little arguing back and forth, Strange and Norrell agree that they’re going to have to work together, in order to bring back Arabella. Childermass takes Lady Pole’s fingers to Segundus (Edward Hogg) and Honeyfoot (Brian Pettifer). At the same time, Sir Walter Pole (Samuel West) is also visiting his wife. Lady Pole is seemingly trapping with the Gentleman (Marc Warren), but everyone believes she is dead.

Bertie Carvel

During this time, Strange and Morrell contemplate how they’re going to kill the Fairy. With Strange’s madness and braveness, he convinces Norrell to help him summon The Raven King (Niall Grieg Fulton). They try and fail, while Segundus and Childermass contemplate reattaching Lady Pole’s finger. Sir Walter Pole agrees, even if it will kill his wife. After they learn about Stephen Black’s (Ariyon Bakare) cooperation with the Gentleman, he is locked in a cell.

Sir Walter Pole

While Segundus begins casting the spell to reattach the finger, Childermass speaks with Stephen Black and discovers that it isn’t yet time, as Lady Pole has chosen to stay in Lost Hope, in order to protect Arabella (Charlotte Riley) and spy on the Gentleman. Of course, it is too late and Lady Pole returns to life! Childermass speaks to Stephen and learns about Vinculus (Paul Kaye). He begins riding towards his location, while Strange and Norrell continue working to call upon The Raven King.


They manage to return the Raven King, but he escapes their grasp and exits Hurtfew. When Childermass makes it to Vinculus, he brings his body down from the noose and places him on some rocks, before John Uskglass or The Raven King arrives and freezes Childermass in time. He controls Vinculus and changes the words on his body, before waking both men and disappearing. Childermass rushes back to Hurtfew with Vinculus, while Strange and Norrell prepare to give up all of their books to summon The Raven King.

The Gentleman grows angry, since he has lost Lady Pole. He attempts to make Stephen kill everyone at the mad house. Instead, the Gentleman curses them each differently. As Strange and Norrell cast their spell, they lose all of their books and Stephen becomes the King, before he is transported to Hurtfew. Lascelles arrives and shoots Stephen, before The Gentleman shows up and angrily kills Lascelles. The Gentleman flees with Stephen to Lost Host.

John Uskglass Strange and Norrell


With Strange weak and near death, Norrell is forced to help him to his feet and give him strength. Together, the pair use their magic to make it Lost Hope. While there, Norrell attempts to find Stephen, while Strange searches for Arabella. Arabella is escorted out, before Stephen awakens himself and destroys The Gentleman, with the help of Strange and Norrell. Arabella exits the mirror and joins Flora Greysteel (Lucina Dryzek) and Dr. Greysteel. The pair make their escape and return to Hurtfew.

Their pair say their farewells, before attempting to leave Hurtfew. Unfortunately, they’re unable to depart. Childermass shows up with Vinculus too late. Strange and Norrell becomes trapped in The Black Tower. A month later, Flora takes Arabella to Strange’s residence in Venice. Flora speaks to Strange through the well, before he disappears. Afterwards, the magic society is show meeting once again. Childermass arrives and tells them about Strange and Norrell, before he introduces them to Vinculus and his book. They set about to decipher the book.



The Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell finale was a thrill ride! It was fun to finally get to see tons of magic. The finale wrapped up everything, but left the door open for a second seasons. But will there be a Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Season 2? With no second book, it is depressingly doubtful. We can only hope one is written immediately, so we can see Bertie Carvel and Eddie Marsan work their magic again! Overall, the finale was great and deserves a 9.5 out of 10!

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