Jig Review

Jig is a documentary that invites into the world of Irish dancing. The children range from the young age of eleven to the adult age of twenty-one. They are in training for the upcoming Irish Dance Championships. 

We are introduced to several children, along with their parents and coaches. Each contestant explains their passion about the dance, when they began dancing, and their personal struggles surrounding their personal lives and their dancing.

While each contestant is their own individual, they all have one goal in mind and that is to win the World Championship. 

There are many visible positive and negative facets of dancing in such a large and important competition. Some children suffered minor injuries during the training process but that did not slow their attempts to win the championship.

Will the children fail to take home the championship trophy and decide to change their goal interests or will they continue to practice and try again next year? 


These are by far the best well behaved children I have ever seen in a competition video. They remained calm even after they were not handed the winning championship trophy, unlike the traditional American beauty contestants. 


This is a must see film that allows us to view the inside of a world championship. This is by far the best competition documentary that I have ever seen because you get to see the children on the stage in action, their expressions when they win and loose, and how the parents deal with the final scores. This film deserves an 8 out of 10.

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