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Jamestown Series 1 Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, Henry Sharrow (Max Beesley) returns to his brother, Pepper (Luke Roskell). Henry is clearly impressed by the work the brothers have put into the farm. At this time, Henry learns about Silas marrying his wife. He doesn’t seem surprised. Seconds later, Henry speaks with the Governor and his closest men. Redwick (Steven Waddington) tries to pressure Henry into giving up the silver to the colony. Henry doesn’t fall for it. Henry insists he wants to retrieve the silver and bring it back to everyone in Jamestown. Meredith Rutter (Dean Lennox Kelly) quickly aligns himself with Henry. Verity (Niamh Walsh) confronts Henry in the street and spits in his face. Seconds later, a distraught Alice (Sophie Rundle) rushes off.

jamestown episode 7 henry and pepperMeredith apologizes for his wife. Meanwhile, Silas (Stuart Martin) scours through the woods with Chacrow (Kalani Queypo). The Indian asks Silas about his relationship with his brother. He quickly realizes that Silas fears his brother. Silas doesn’t say whether or not he loves his brother. Meredith and Henry decide to get James Read (Matt Stokoe) involved in their scheme. They believe the blacksmith can help them smelt the silver. Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) tries to wiggle her way into Henry’s business. However, he brushes her off. Alice speaks with Redwick and Nicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman). She tells them about the rape. They refuse to do anything and accuse Alice of trying to acquire Henry’s fortune.

verity and henry jamestownMercy (Patsy Ferran) spots Henry in town. She seems to believe he is the devil. Henry and Meredith confront Read. At first, James is hesitant to help. However, he eventually agrees to do so, as long as Henry leaves Alice alone. Henry reminds James that Alice is now a Sharrow. This makes it seem like he has no intention of obeying the agreement. Verity tries to comfort Alice that night. Meanwhile, Chacrow continues speaking with Silas about his brother. Silas eventually admits he didn’t help his brother, because of a woman. He also confirms he was afraid. The Indian tells Silas that his brother has already returned to Jamestown. Silas wastes no time running back to his boat. Henry receives a visit from Farlow.

mercy jamestown episode 7Farlow tells Henry about the rape complaint. He also insists Henry will need someone to guide him through the politics of being wealthy at some point. He tries to persuade Henry to accept his assistance. Farlow is sent away empty handed. Jocelyn visits Temperance (Claire Cox). She opens the box and shows the woman the map. Jocelyn tells Temperance to hand over the letter unopened once it arrives. The following day, Alice pulls the knife on Henry. He tells her that he has already been punished for his past mistake and uses his face as evidence. She slashes his chest and rushes off. Henry takes the blade to James. He admits he is a man of his word and promises to pay for the dagger. George (Jason Flemyng) tries to talk Henry out of returning and mining for more silver, since it would be too big of a task for a single individual.

sophie rundle jamestown episode 7Henry points out that the men of the village are more than willing to help. Meredith interrupts. Verity notices and the two get into an argument. Redwick tries his luck with Henry. He uses a more forceful tone. Henry doesn’t flinch. Silas makes it back to the village. He tries to make things right with Henry right away. Henry brushes past his brother without a response. When Silas returns home, he is scolded by Alice for leaving her. She forces him to sleep outside for the night. Meanwhile, the governor seems to be duplicating the map. Temperance asks him how he obtained it. George refuses to give her a straight answer. The governor tries to force Henry to tell the men that he had a map. He agrees to do so in return for one of Massinger’s (Tony Pitts) farms. Massinger refuses. Silas speaks with Read.

jason flemyng jamestownJames tries to give Silas a life lesson in blacksmithing terms. Next, Read manages to transform Henry’s metal into a silver coin. The entire town celebrates, but the governor does not. He follows Henry back to the pub and asks him if the doctor could test it. Meanwhile, Silas is harassed by other local men. Alice saves him from a possible beating. The Governor speaks with Redwick in private about setting up a search party for the silver. Redwick asks about the map, but the Governor denies having one. Later that night, Farlow ridicules Redwick for teaming up with the Governor. He insists they need to play all sides for the time being. In the morning, Meredith discovers that Verity has left him. Meanwhile, Christopher (Ben Starr) has put together a plan to test the metal.

matt stokoe jamestown episode 7Mercy accidently starts a fire and gets trapped inside of a house. Henry comes to her rescue. He gets her out, but winds up stuck inside as well. Silas rescues Henry. Mercy kisses Henry on the cheek and the whole town cheers him. The doctor tests Henry’s metal. It is discovered that the metal is worthless. Silas tries to comfort his brother. However, Henry unleashes all of his anger on Silas, until Read pulls him off. The Governor pulls out the map and tosses it to the ground. He makes a comment about it being worthless now.

actress patsy ferran jamestownGeorge tells Redwick to put a halt to the expedition. Jocelyn realizes she is in trouble now that the map has been destroyed. Henry enters the fields and curls up on the ground.


Jamestown Review

The 7th episode of Jamestown wasn’t too bad. There were a few cheesy moments here and there. Mercy’s fear of Henry was slightly childish, but simultaneously funny. The way George managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes so easily was a little unbelievable. Nevertheless, the episode did a great job of setting up the finale. Now, Henry is in complete disarray. He has fallen into the governor’s web. What will snap him out of it?

Will Temperance now learn the truth about Jocelyn? How will Farlow and Redwick retaliate? I am not convinced the series will get a second season. Nevertheless, I have grown to like it and look forward to the finale. This episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Jamestown right now.

  1. Beth Renaldi says:

    A second season was ordered before the premiere even aired. They’re filming it now, according to the Instagrams of some of the cast members.

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