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Jamestown Episode 6 Recap

As the 6th episode begins, Silas (Stuart Martin) leaves Alice (Sophie Rundle) in hopes of finding his brother. Verity (Niamh Walsh) makes it clear that she is angry over Nathan Bailey’s murder. Meredith (Dean Lennox Kelly) tells her to leave it alone, since his murderers are in charge. As she reenters the town, Verity is approached by Nicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman). Nicholas throws his cane to the ground and forces Verity to pick it up. She does so with an attitude. Nicholas promises to ignore her rude behavior this time. Once Nicholas leaves town, Verity sneaks into his house and steals some of his belongings. Henry (Max Beesley) and Davie make it to the river. Back in town, Alice argues with James Read (Matt Stokoe).

james read jamestownJames insists he only wants Alice to admit the he is a respectable man. Alice is reminded that Silas has chosen his brother over her. Alice becomes distraught and rushes off. Silas is watched by Indians as he paddles the boat onward. Temperance (Claire Cox) stops Verity outside and admits she witnessed her encounter with Farlow. Temperance mentions the upcoming St. John’s Eve celebration. Verity agrees to help with the preparations. Mercy (Patsy Ferran) returns the news to Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick). Verity returns to the pub and gives Meredith the ruff she stole from Farlow. Verity is ridiculed and told never to steal again. Davie and Henry continue their search. Both men begin breaking rocks in hopes of finding precious metals. Alice visits Verity. She begins to ponder what will happen if Henry returns and Silas does not. Verity makes it clear that Alice should arm herself.

mercy jamestown episode 6Silas begins to tire out. He falls into the water and is saved by the Indians. Jocelyn visits Temperance and offers her assistance. Temperance suggests they start first thing in the morning with a Bible reading. Silas is marched into the Indian village. Henry cracks open one of the rocks and discovers silver inside. Alice visits James and pleads with him to make her the sharpest dagger he possibly can. James refuses, since he is worried that Alice will use it for the wrong reason. Meredith returns home and discovers that Verity has now stolen Redwick’s (Steven Waddington) items. In the morning, Jocelyn complains all the way to Temperance’s place. During the Bible reading, Temperance encourages Jocelyn to serve her husband diligently.

actress sophie rundle episode 6 jamestownMeredith marches Verity outside of the gates. They pass by Redwich and Farlow. The two men chat about their missing items. Meredith shows Verity the gallows and explains that will be her future if she continues to steal. Davie (Paul Rattray) and Henry fill up their bags full of silver. James explains himself to Alice. He suggests killing a man is a horror that you will never forget. Then, he encourages her to speak with the Marshall or the governor about the problem. He also offers to confront Henry himself. Silas enjoys a meal with the Indians. Samuel (Gwilym Lee) and Jocelyn makes plans to have children one day. Meanwhile, Meredith takes Verity to the Doctor’s (Ben Starr) office. He tries to find something that will cure her thievery.

silas jamestown episode 6George Yeardley (Jason Flemyng) visits James and asks him about his search for Henry. James tell the governor about a rock that Meredith and Henry spoke about frequently. Once Meredith escorts Verity home, she reveals she has stolen more from the doctor. Meredith locks the door and refuses to let Verity leave, until she stops stealing. Davie and Henry discuss their future plans. Davie admits he plans to remain with his wife in the Indian village. Henry plans to return to Jamestown. Meanwhile, Silas explains the situation to Chacrow (Kalani Queypo). The chief stops by and asks Silas about the current state of Jamestown. He reveals that he gave the land to Yeardley and the Company. Chacrow confirms an Englishman was taken in by the Appomattuck. Chacrow is ordered to transport Silas to the Appomattuck’s village.

actor kalani queypo jamestownThe chief encourages Silas to be their friend in the settlement. The governor confronts Meredith. Meredith is asked whether or not Henry had information about gold. He denies everything. Davie and Henry agree to keep the silver’s location a secret from everyone else. Alice finds a hornworm among their crops. Pepper (Luke Roskell) rushes into town to get help. Temperance stops Samuel and Jocelyn in town. She urges Jocelyn to have Samuel’s first born child. Mercy discovers Verity in Samuel’s house trying to steal items. Verity manages to keep the girl quiet. Once Verity steps outside, she is stopped by Meredith. Pepper rounds everyone up and takes them to the farm. With their help, Alice and Pepper save their crops. Pepper and Mercy rekindle their relationship.

alice sophie rundle jamestownAfter the work ends, Alice thanks James for his help. In return, he agrees to make her the dagger. He admits no woman should live in fear of any man. Redwick asks Meredith about the map. Meredith insists it is nothing more than a fable. During another Bible reading, Temperance tells Jocelyn about the ship coming from England with a letter from her cousin. She admits she intends to use the letter as a way to influence Jocelyn. Alice visits James and retrieves the dagger. Verity sets her sights on the Governor’s black box. Redwick reveals to the governor that he has put together a search party for Henry. George isn’t happy with the idea. Temperance catches Verity with the box. George returns home seconds later and complains about Redwick’s decision.

black box jamestown episode 6Jocelyn and Mercy join the celebrations. Temperance discovers the box missing and immediately begins hunting for Verity. When she finds Verity, Jocelyn steps in. She uses the box and its contents to put pressure on Temperance. They agree to hand over the box, as long as Temperance gives up the letter. Temperance gives the box to George and admits she hid it for safety reasons. Davie returns to the Indian village just as Chacrow arrives with Silas. Davie tells Silas that an Englishman headed high up into the mountains. Chacrow agrees to accompany Silas there. The entire village of Jamestown is surprised by the return of Henry. They stare at him in disbelief as the episode comes to an end.


Jamestown Review

The 6th episode of Jamestown wasn’t bad. It did a good job of pushing the story forward. Henry and Davie managed to find silver. Silas went on a search for his brother. James has finally managed to convince Alice that he is a decent guy. And of course, Alice now has a weapon to defend herself from Henry. She may need it in the upcoming episode. Unfortunately, the episode felt like it was going in circles with Verity and her thievery.

It eventually served a purpose, but it drug on for far too long. The series has definitely had better episodes. The 6th scores a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Jamestown now.

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