Callum McGowan Jamestown Episode 5

Jamestown Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode begins, Alice (Sophie Rundle) and Silas (Stuart Martin) confront Massinger (Tony Pitts). The man is busy whipping one of his servants. Alice stops the abuse, as Silas accuses Massinger of slaughtering his cow. Massinger denies everything. In town, Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) tries to speak with Governor Yeardly (Jason Flemyng). Temperance (Claire Cox) rushes her husband home. A conversation with Mercy (Patsy Ferran) convinces Jocelyn that something is wrong with the Governor. Jocelyn follows the Governor home and finds him grunting in agony. George confirms he is sick, but insists he cannot let he townsfolk find out. Jocelyn agrees to have biscuits with the couple. James Read (Matt Stokoe) stops Alice. He apologizes for his behavior and this convinces her that he is talking about the cow.

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Read seems frustrated by the accusation. He insists he will set out to prove Alice that he is not the villain. At the tavern, Verity (Niamh Walsh) sings and plays around with Nathan Bailey (Callum McGowan). Bailey admits it was a song that convinced him to sign up for the militia. Fletcher (Connor Swindells) seems unhappy with the couple’s relationship. Davie (Paul Rattray) and Henry (Max Beesley) finally make landfall. They continue their journey on foot, while discussing Silas and the governor. Henry admits the governor has a map and that is why he must act with haste. Silas takes his accusation about Massinger to the Governor and his panel. Due to the lack of evidence, Redwick (Steven Waddington) lets Massinger go free. At this time, the governor crashes to the ground. Nicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman) sees and opportunity, as Yeardley is carried back to his home.

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Dr. Christopher Priestley (Ben Starr) examines the governor. Back in town, Farlow makes it clear that he will take over the governor’s role for the time being. Christopher diagnoses Yeardley with a kidney stone. He confirms the Governor will need an operation and it could be fatal. However, doing nothing could also be fatal. George promises to make a decision the following day. Meanwhile, Silas and Alice sit by the water and discuss their future children and grandchildren. James passes by in a boat. He explains that he is going to hunt for Henry, since no one else will. Back at the tavern, Fletcher gets a little too feisty with Verity. She gives him a good smack, before once again getting flirty with Bailey. Fletcher confronts Bailey outside. Bailey’s gun goes off and Fletcher collapses to the ground. He is transported inside, but the doctor is unable to save his life.

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Verity promises to speak on Bailey’s behalf. She explains the situation to the Marshall, but he doesn’t care. Bailey is locked away in a cell. When everyone is gone, Redwick strikes up a deal with Bailey in exchange for his freedom. Alice tries to calm Silas, but he remains worried about Read’s investigation. Davie gets under Henry’s skin by asking him about his wife and brother. Back in town, Bailey speaks in front of the town. He blames everything on Verity and her flirtatious ways. That gives Redwick an excuse to set him free. Rutter (Dean Lennox Kelly) and Verity seem stunned by the accusations. Jocelyn speaks with the Governor. She tells him about Farlow’s intentions. She tries to encourage him to nominate Samuel as his voice. At this time, Temperance makes it clear she has spoken with her cousin, Elizabeth Margham, back home. She admits Elizabeth will know Jocelyn. She is just waiting for a letter to find out the truth about Jocelyn.

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This causes Jocelyn great concern. Meanwhile, James Read finds remnants of Henry’s boat. At the tavern, Christopher speaks with Samuel (Gwilym Lee) about his worries. He admits he has never saved a life. Bailey and other military men storm the tavern and ransack it. Meanwhile, Davie has an accident. Henry watches as he falls and stumbles off of a cliff. The governor tells his wife to take the black box on his desk and give it to Samuel should he die. He tells her not to open it, since it could put her life at risk. Henry wraps Davie’s ankle and helps him back to his feet. Farlow argues with Redwick. He explains that his authority needs to be respected, so he can prove he can be governor. Jocelyn visits Christopher and tells him about the burning in her fingertips. Christopher admits he loves Jocelyn, while simultaneously forcing her to tell him the truth behind her worries.

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She tells him about poisoning a man back home. She explains he used her as a wager with his friends and left her humiliated. Farlow enters and catches the two on the verge of kissing. After Jocelyn leaves, Farlow makes it clear that Christopher would not be blamed should the governor die during the operation. That night, a distraught Jocelyn smacks Mercy across the face. Jocelyn apologizes and embraces Mercy, as the girl sobs. The Governor’s surgery begins. With help from Temperance and Samuel, Christopher pulls it off. Bailey visits the pub and apologizes to Verity. He also explains that there will soon be a mutiny. In the morning, Farlow speaks with Christopher at the church. He explains that his mother got in trouble for adultery and was forsaken by the entire town. James Read returns to town with Henry’s boat.

Callum McGowan Jamestown Episode 5

James takes his evidence to the court. Silas remains adamant that his brother is dead. However, the others suggest Silas should go and look for Henry. Alice forbids it. She explains that the townsfolk never cared about the Sharrow family before. Alice follows Silas outside and tries to convince him to let it be. He tells her he just wants to be left alone and walks away. Alice visits Jocelyn and learns about Temperance’s letter. Jocelyn admits she needs to make a move to prevent her from getting the letter from the incoming ship. Verity delivers news of the mutiny to the Governor. She admits she believes the soldiers intend to turn against Yeardley himself. Then, Verity confronts Bailey outside. She tries to talk him out of it, but he refuses. He admits he is a soldier now and it is too late to turn back. The governor forces himself out of bed and into the streets.

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George addresses the soldiers. He speaks about his own time on the frontline, before speaking directly to Bailey. He offers to make Bailey his personal guard. Bailey seems to like the idea. He approaches the governor. A shot rings out from a nearby building. Redwick emerges and explains that Bailey wanted to get close to kill the governor. The governor seems hesitant to believe it, but he thanks the Marshall anyway. That night, Jocelyn apologizes to Samuel and promises to be a good wife. Davie and Henry make it to the top of the mountain. They look forward and see green lands in front of them.


Jamestown Review

The 5th episode of Jamestown pushed the main storylines forward very quickly. Henry and Davie have moved so much closer to their fortune or their demise. James Read finally confirmed his suspicion that Henry isn’t dead after all. Silas is now in a bind. Christopher proved himself to be a worthy doctor and ended up saving the Governor’s life in the process. Redwick and Farlow nearly had the opportunity to gain control of Jamestown, but the opportunity¬†almost destroyed their own relationship. Neither man fully trusts the other and that could lead to their ultimate downfall.

As for Jocelyn, she’ll need to act quickly, if he wants to keep her secret. Thus far, all major attempts to change the structure of Jamestown have been thwarted by one thing or another. With so much turmoil and infighting, it may only be a matter of time before the town explodes. The scheming between the main characters made the episode well worth the watch. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Jamestown right away.

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