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Rose McIver iZombie

When the episode opens, we’re introduced to Liv Moore (Rose McIver), who works in the emergency room of a hospital. After the workday, Liv is invited out to a party, but she refuses and hangs out with her fiancee instead. We see that Liv went to the party, which was attacked by zombies. Of course, she was attacked and wound up turning into a zombie. To change her appearance, she heads to the store and buys a bunch of bronzer.

iZombie Rose McIver

Once she makes it home, her life decisions are ridiculed by her mother. It is suggested that Liv is suffering from PTSD, but she blows them off. She heads to the morgue, where she now works. Liv and her partner, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), are forced to discover the truth of a Jane Doe’s death. Liv cooks up her brains and eats it, with a little pasta. Ravi reveals he knows about Liv’s condition. It is revealed that a designer drug was used at the party, which transformed people into zombies. She reveals she becomes meaner, if she doesn’t feed.

zombie outbreak iZombie

The deceptive enters and shows the pair some handcuffs. Liv reminisces of a man, who arrested the victim with the handcuffs. They discover the victim’s identity thanks to Liv’s visions. After the detective leaves, Liv’s reveals she is able to view the visions of the victim, when she eats their brains. At the Halloween party, Liv is ridiculed by Peyton. Liv refuses to get near her old boyfriend, since he doesn’t want to turn him into a zombie. After a vision, she tells Ravi that the weatherman is responsible for the murder.

ravi chakrabarti izombie

Liv meets with Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin), who reveals Liv gave her the real name of Lady Gaga, which has gotten him belittled by the other officers. She tells Clive the killer’s name, Johnny Frost. this time, Clive forces Liv to go along with him to speak with Johnny (Daran Norris). The pair wait for Johnny to finish his weather report, before they speak to him. Johnny behaves awkwardly, when he sees the picture of the victim, Tatiana. She shows them a website, which shows Tatiana worked as a call girl.

Malcolm Goodwin iZombie

Back at the morgue, Liv and Ravi discuss the possibility of more zombies. Clive enters and speaks about killing zombies, before asking Liv for help and telling her about Tatiana’s friend, Tess (Elysia Rotaru). The pair head to Tess’s place. The pair question Tess and tells her about her friend’s death, before she retreats back inside. She reveals Tatiana’s full name, before Liv and Clive check out her place, which has been ransacked. They discover Tatiana’s phone, which reveals she was working with two other girls. Liv relives Tatiana’s last moments, when she was pushed out of the window.

iZombie Elysia Rotaru

When the pair return to Tess’s place, she has disappeared, but Truman provides them with information about the other girl, Monica. Liv returns to Ravi, who gives her permission to help Clive. Ravi reveals he believes he can help cure Liv. Afterwards, Liv blows off Clive and heads off on her own. She contemplated her future with Major. Of course, when she heads to Major’s she finds him playing Dead Island with a girl and leaves, without knocking.

Pratt iZombie

At the police station, Clive is taken off of the case. Pratt is assigned the case. Still, Pratt insists Clive follow up and keep interviewing his witnesses and suspects. Peyton pays a visit to Liv and attempts to give her a little encouragement. Liv returns all of the items she stole throughout the episode and tries to make contact with Clive. When she returns to the morgue, she encounters Clive and instantly agrees to help him. After a little contemplation, they discover that the killer must be a cop.

Major iZombie

Pratt has captured the girls and attempts to convince them to return his ring, while Clive and Liv try to track him down. Monica finally admits to taking the ring and pawning it. A shootout ensues between Pratt and Clive. Liv watches Pratt escape from the window. She prevents his escape with the police car, before Pratt shoots her and pulls her out of it and drives away. When Clive returns to her, Liv is gone. She winds up on top of the police car and forces Pratt to crash. She nearly eats Pratt, before Clive arrives and stops her.

Peyton iZombie

After Pratt is arrested, Liv explains her actions to Ravi, while he removes the bullet from her. Afterwards, Liv enjoys the party dressed as a zombie. At the end of the episode, Liv narrates and insists she finally has a purpose.


Well, if there is one thing true about iZombie, it is that the show is totally predictable. Dr. Ravi is also incredibly annoying. Strangely enough, none of that matters too much. Rose McIver does a good job of being an adorable, fun zombie. iZombie isn’t as depressing as In the Flesh or as try hard as The Walking Dead. Instead, it is exactly as it should be, comic bookie and a little cheesy. This makes it enjoyable, as long as you don’t take it too seriously. The pilot deserves a 7 out of 10.

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