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iZombie Recap Emily

The episode begins with a group of kids playing spin the bottle in the woods, before Emily Sparrow (Anja Savcic) emerges and scares them to death. At the police stations, Lieutenant Suzuki (Hiro Kanagawa) is ridiculed for assigning officers to investigate the case, but not that of the skate park. Emily’s parents identify her body, at the morgue. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) tells Liv Moore (Rose McIver) that everyone suspects the boyfriend.

Hiro Kanagawa

Liv and Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) speak about Blaine, before investigation Emily’s injuries. After eating Emily’s brains, Liv begins taking on a maternal state of mind. Liv pays a visit to Emily’s baby and runs into her mother, Eva (Molly Hagan), at the hospital. The pair argue a little, before Liv has a flashback of Emily’s parent’s bashing her actions and attacking her boyfriend. Liv takes her information to Clive, but he insists he cannot move on it yet.

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The Lieutenant and Clive interview Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Dylan Munson (Chad Rook). Clive insists they can help him out, if he is willing to help them with their case. Dylan admits that they used to fight, but insists she was already gone in a black pickup and heard barking. Dylan insists he will be able to dial up sympathy, once he takes the baby. Liv and Clive argue over Dylan taking the baby. Next, Major (Robert Buckley) phones Clive and speaks to him about Jerome. As it turns out, Major is working with Rebecca Hinton (Sunita Prasad), who ridiculed the detectives, at the beginning of the episode.

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After Clive hangs up angrily, Rebecca insists they’ll need to find the Candy Man on their own. At the morgue, Liv and Ravi speak, before Lowell (Bradley James) enters. After a little bonding, Ravi performs some tests on Lowell. Ravi speaks about the experiment, which he is running on rats. Before Lowell leaves, Liv kisses him and plans their next date, but Lowell somewhat blows her off. Clive enters and shows Liv a newspaper report from Hinton and blames Major.

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Liv returns to Emily’s baby and sees Emily’s parents watching over her. She pays a visit to her mom and discovers her brother, Evan Moore (Nick Purcha). With her new maternal mindset, Liv agrees with her mother and insists Evan should get a job. Eva gives him an application for Blaine’s butcher shop. Blaine is ridiculed by another detective and handed tons of paper work. He discovers a deed for Sparrow Song Inc. Clive and Liv pay a visit to the house from Liv’s vision. After discovering a little probable cause, the pair enter and discover a baby crib n the basement.

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Down in the basement, the pair hear barking from outside and Clive locks the door, before pulling out his gun. Liv has a flashback of Emily hiding and watching a man smoke a cigarette. Clive gets a visit from Emily’s dad, Mr. Sparrow (Barclay Hope), who informs him that someone has broken into his basement. With that, Clive is forced to confess and the group ends up in the family’s house. Clive asks Mr. Sparrow about the crib. Mr. Sparrow admits he starting building the crib a few weeks after Emily went missing.

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The parents speak about Emily turning bad, after getting together with Dylan. Outside, Liv insists it could’ve been an animal control truck that took Emily. The pair return to the interrogation room and chat with Officer Margo Shepherd (Enid-Raye Adams). She admits the animal control office was forced to let an officer go, after he was caught peeking into women’s windows. That night, Liv hangs out with Lowell. After a passionless kiss, Lowell admits he is currently gay, due to the brains he’s eaten. After they’ve partied the night away, Liv returns to Emily’s baby.

Liv has another flashback, which appears she is falling out of a window. After she reports the vision to Clive, he shows her a picture of their new suspect, Mark Shepherd (Charles Andre). Meanwhile, Major spies on Julien Dupont (Aleks Paunovic). Major breaks into the man’s car and discovers his name, before he finds the brains and is busted by a cop. Despite the cop finding the brain, Julien plays it off, as a calf brain and winds up going free, while Major heads to jail.

Liv and Clive go on a stakeout and watch the animal control vehicle. After a few minutes, they’re fired at from the house. Clive and the other officers rush into the house, before Liv spots a treehouse, with a broken window. As the cops enter the house, Liv explores the treehouse. The Lieutenant is shot and turns into full zombie mode, before killing Mark. Liv gets shot in the leg and enters full zombie mode, before breaking the lock on the treehouse and entering. The Lieutenant kills Margo, despite her surrender.

The Lieutenant notices Liv’s wound and notes the lack of blood, before the girls are put in the police car. At the police station, Dylan is credited for his help and the Shepherds are ridiculed for their crazy beliefs. Dylan speaks to Clive and insists he has an agent and is working to get a reality show for him and the kid. Liv belittles Dylan, before he questions his decision and departs. She returns to the hospital and watches Dylan hand over the baby to the Sparrows. Meanwhile, Major is locked up with hardened criminals. At the end of the episode, Lowell contacts Liv and tells her that he has eaten some heterosexual brains. It also appears one of the lab rats ate the others.


Another fairly solid episode of iZombie. The maternity angle was interesting and a little funny. The Lieutenant potentially discovering the truth about Liv could potentially set up some story lines in the future. Major continues to get himself into more and more trouble, while attempting to do the right thing. The relationship angle between Liv and Lowell was less blatant this episode, which helped. Overall, a 7 out of 10 is suitable.

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