iZombie: Patriot Brains Recap

iZombie Season 2

The episode begins with Liv Moore (Rose McIver) walking past Blaine, who is bringing brains to Lowell Tracey (Bradley James). She spots Julien outside and has a flashback of Jerome being killed by Blaine. At the morgue, Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) checks his own vital signs, which haven’t changed. Liv rushes in and tells him about Blaine’s business and his murder of Jerome. She is now convinced that Major was right, before Major is shown attempting to learn to shoot a gun, with YouTube videos. Ravi enters and convinces him to play video games.

Ravi iZombie

Liv returns to Lowell. Meanwhile, a group of paintball players find a dead competitor. Liv attempts to convince Lowell that Blaine is killing people. He confirms Blaine made him a zombie and he had no choice, but to accept his offer. He insists he is in love with Liv, but she tells him that is going to be a problem. At the butcher shop, Blaine confirms his love for Nirvana and an upcoming business meeting, before Liv meets up with Ravi to investigate the paintballer’s murder. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) confirms the man’s identity as Everett Adams and reveals he used to be a sniper.

iZombie Everett

It appears the sniper was sniped from a distance. Liv and Clive speak to the victim’s friend, Harris Jenkins (Jake Guy). Instantly, the boy insists the wife had something to do with it. After Liv eats the soldier brains, she meets with Penny and her new husband, Shawn. Penny insists Everett had PTSD and changed after the war. Shawn confirms Everett was angry about them attempting to take away his daughter, Anna. Next, they speak with Anna, who comments about Liv’s whiteness. Liv has a flashback of Shawn fighting with Everett.

Harris Jenkins iZombie

That night, Liv suffers from PTSD, before she goes for a jog. In the morning, she goes paint balling and discovers a shell casing. She also wins the contest and is awarded a nice little trophy. At the morgue, Ravi questions her how she knew she was a zombie. She receives and ignores a call from Lowell. Ravi insists Lowell didn’t know about the murdered kids, before Clive enters and tells Liv about Everett’s shrink, who forced him to keep a journal. Meanwhile, Major hits the gym.

iZombie Episode 9

He meets with the trainer and confirms he wants some cutting edge stuff. The trainer thinks he is insane, when he speaks about the brains. Clive finds the journal, with a single phrase, “one is less than many”. Liv discovers Everett’s gun and has a flashback of Harris playing with it. Harris is brought in an questioned about his grimy drawings. Liv insists Harris had nothing to do with it, since the drawings were completed, before he became Everett’s little brother. The pair speak to Penny’s neighbor. He insists Penny chased Everett out of the house, with a butcher knife.

Liv Moore Paint Ball

Lowells pays a visit to Liv and supplies her with some brains of an English teacher he dug up. He insists he is sorry repeatedly, before they make out. At the gym, the trainer speaks about the brains and Julien overhears it. He asks about the guy’s info, before Lowell and Liv are shown in bed together. Lowell shows her Blaine’s menu. She insists Blaine has to die and she is going to kill him. Lowell sets up a meeting with Blaine for the following night and insists he’ll help.

Liv and Lowell Bed iZombie

Meanwhile, Blaine continues going on and on about Nirvana, while chatting with Julien. He tells Julien to take care of the gym rat, while he meets with Lowell. He is confronted by Kaiser, who insists he is sick of the brains of runaways. Blaine is tasked with taking an astronaut’s brains and is paid handsomely. Meanwhile, Dr. Ravi smells of the brains and nearly pukes. Liv sneaks up on him and he confirms he isn’t a zombie. Clive enters and shows them some YouTube videos about Shawn’s company. The company is supplying drones to UFrieghtEze, which is using them for same day delivery.

UFreightEze Amazon Drones

He suggests the drone is responsible for killing Everett. when he returns home, Shawn is confronted by the police and Clive, who questions him about a 3D printed gun, which was attached to a drone. Penny questions Shawn about his actions, before he makes a run for it. Liv captures him in the hallway and Clive drags him away. Afterwards, she sneaks into Everett’s room and steals his sniper rifle. Major returns home and discovers that his lights are out. He finds a small sledge hammer on the counter and is attacked by Julien, who threatens to smash his fingers. He stabs Julien with his keys and runs upstairs for the gun.

Liv Moore iZombie

He shoots Julien twice and drops him, but it takes one more to finish him. Meanwhile, Lowell and Blaine share drinks, while Liv attempts to get a clear shot. Liv is unable to take the shot. Lowell sends her a message and learns that she cannot do it. Clive arrives at Major’s place. When they head upstairs, Julien is already gone. Clive questions Major about his medication usage. Lowell returns to Blaine and has a flashback, when Julien calls. Liv watches as Lowell attacks Blaine and is shot.


An excellent episode of iZombie, which focused more on the main story and less on side stories. Things seem to be getting closer and closer to a conclusion. One must wonder, whether or not Lowell is seriously dead considering Julien was seemingly invincible to bullets. A good episode, which deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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