iZombie Episode 12 Recap

iZombie Teresa

The episode begins with Sebastian Meyer (Matthew MacCaull) emerging from the woods and getting ran over by a group of kids, including Teresa (Bex Taylor-Klaus). Since they’re stoned and driving a stolen car, they decide not to report the incident. Despite burying him, Sebastian’s hand emerges from the dirt. Sebastian sneaks up and snaps Kimber Cooper’s (Stephanie Bennett) neck, while the other kids run for it. A few weeks later, a jogger (Ryan Alexander McDonald) and his dog, Rufus, discover the body.

Liv (Rose McIver) joins Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) for the investigation. Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Liv inspect the body and suggest it was a zombie attack. Liv tells Ravi about Major’s declaration to kill zombies. Liv insists she needs to kill Blaine, before he is shown telling his driver to find the missing brains. Major (Robert Buckley) leaves a message to be watched, after his death. Liv drinks Kimber’s brains, while Ravi reminiscences about his high school crush.

Lexi Ainsworth

They discover that Ravi’s rat has died. Liv begins to channel Kimber’s cheerleader self, before Clive enters and informs them Tate (Lexi Ainsworth) has agreed to be interviewed. With Liv’s new charm and personality, Tate allows the pair to listen to a voicemail from Kimber, which reveals she was with a boy. Liv uses the song in the voicemail to track down a local band, The Asshats. The band insists they were rehearsing all night, when Kimber went missing. Liv witnesses a vision of being in a vehicle with the band.

Asshats iZombie

She tells Clive that Kimber was fooling around with Nate (Levi Meaden). Major pays a visit to the Meat Cute and pretends to be the health inspector. He speaks to Blaine, who shows him around the facility. Liv returns home and cheerfully fixes Peyton’s hair. The pair discuss Ravi, before they decide to go to spin class. At the police station, Clive shows Liv security footage of the stolen vehicle. They return to the kid’s hangout, but discover the place wrecked and Nate dead. Liv prepares to eat the brains, before she finds out that Ravi made a new zombie rat. Clive enters and eats some of the brains, before Liv stops him and finishes it.

Clive shows them a message from Kimber to Nate. With the latest security camera footage, they turn their attention to Cameron (Rhys Ward). Ravi returns him and chats with Major about Peyton. Afterwards, Major continues training himself to kill zombies. Meanwhile, Blaine continues to meltdown, as Julien learns about the health inspector. Major purchases two guns. He also potentially purchases a grenade. At home, Liv gets high and has a vision, before she cancels spin class.

Major health inspector iZombie

Liv tells Clive about the vision and Cameron telling Nate he cannot go to the police. During the conversation, Teresa enters and tells them she believes she is going to be the next victim. Major stakes out the butcher shop, while Teresa works with a sketch artist. She gets a message from Cameron telling her to meet at a motel. She exits on her own, while Liv watches cartoons. Ravi interrupts and tells her about another murder and a victim with no brains. She drinks the cheerleader brains again.

Bex Taylor Klaus

Liv gets a message containing the sketch, which turns out to be Sebastian. She blames herself for turning him. She returns home and finds Sebastian cooking and Peyton out cold. He tells Liv about eating his aunt. The pair begin to fight, before Liv kills Sebastian and Peyton watches. Liv is forced to tell Peyton that she is a zombie. Liv heads to the bathroom for peroxide and discovers Peyton gone, when she returns. Clive makes it to the crime scene and tells Liv she did the right thing.

Matthew MacCaull

Liv tells Ravi about telling Peyton. He insists everything will work out. Teresa heads to the motel and searches for Cameron. The door is slammed shut behind her. Ravi is shown waiting for Peyton, who never arrives. Julien shows Blaine that he has Major tied up and insists Major is the one, who took the brains. Liv’s brother enters and gives Blaine the application, before Blaine asks him about his emergency contact, Liv. Blaine tells him he has a job for him. Teresa is shown bloody and calling 911.


Another good episode of iZombie, which left a lot to look forward to. It is also nice to see The Killing’s Bex Taylor-Klaus, or Bullet, get some more roles. Sebastian’s makeup was a little wacky, but his death resulted in a big revelation for Peyton. Good moments. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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