iZombie Episode 11 Recap

iZombie Episode Recap

The episode begins with Major hanging out at the asylum. He attempts to find Scott E (Bryce Hodgson). He discovers him in his room in the bathroom nearly dead. It appear he’s slit his own wrist. Liv, Clive and Dr. Ravi investigate the scene and discover that it is a murder. Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive interview Major, who speaks about Scott’s friend, Brie (Leah Gibson).

The pair speak with Dr. Maddy Larson (Melina Page Hamilton), who insists Scott E was a genius. They learn that Scott was enlisted after the attack, in which Liv was turned. Liv returns to Major and is questioned about the boat party. Major questions about zombies and Liv blows it off. According to Major, Scott captured the zombies on his phone and sent the video to a friend. At the morgue, Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) tells Liv that Scott was very high, when he kicked the bucket.

iZombie Dr Larson

Dr. Ravi insists Liv needs to be careful, after eating Scott’s brains. Afterwards, they return home and Ravi hangs out with Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka). Major visits and is invited in for food. They eat, as they prepare to watch Vertigo, but change their mind. Liv begins hearing voices and seeing hallucinations. Ravi and Peyton go off on their own, while Liv speaks with Major. Despite her offer, Major heads home. A few minutes after he leads, he returns.

Ravi Peyton iZombie

Meanwhile, Blaine and Julien prepare food for Lieutenant Suzuki (Hiro Kanagawa). Suzuki tells Blaine about Lowell and Liv’s relationship. At home, Liv watches a news report on Johnny Frost (Daran Norris) regarding the astronaut’s disappearance. Liv returns to the hospital and attempts to get ahold of Scott’s phone. Instead, she discovers that Blaine has been visiting Scott. Clive arrives and they speak to Brie. Brie admits that the pair had an affair. Clive catches Liv speaking to some potato chips.

iZombie Brie

When she returns to the morgue, she encounters Blaine. Liv contemplates poisoning Blaine. They both drink the drink, but nothing happens. Liv questions Blaine about Scott. She questions him about the boat party video. Major speaks to Clive once again and attempts to help with the investigation. At the morgue, Liv gets a visit from Johnny Frost, who wants to identify Scott’s body. Johnny admits Scott was his pot dealer. Liv questions him about the Lake Washington Massacre, but Johnny knows nothing about the video. However, he does help her find Scott’s stash pad.

Once they enter, Johnny suggests the place has been burglarized. Liv finds Scott’s laptop and scours it for videos. She only discovers chess videos, but Johnny insists they can find the phone with the laptop. Meanwhile, Major is shown looking through Scott’s belongings. He looks out the window and notices Blaine and Julien approaching. The pair enter and begin tossing gasoline all over the place. Major emerges from the apartment and gets in the trunk of Blaine’s vehicle. When he gets out, he notices the pair inside of the Meat Cute.

iZombie Julien Blaine

Liv and Johnny watch one of the hospital orderlies exit the building and Liv heads inside. Inside, they discover Scott’s cell phone. Liv calls Clive and tells him about the orderly stealing the patient’s belongings. She plants the drugs and calls the police, so they can get the orderly arrested and questioned. When Liv returns home, she discovers Major in her bad. Clive calls and questions Liv about the orderly and his arrest.

The orderly admits to pawning the patient’s belongings and insists Dr. Larson wrote him the prescription for the pills. He also reveals he caught Scott and Larson having sex. They pay the doctor a visit and question her about her pregnancy. They blame Larson for Scott’s fear of the devil, but she denies everything. Clive arrests Dr. Larson. Liv returns home and complains to Major about the Doctor, before he kisses her. He questions why they can’t be together, before she admits seeing zombies at the boat party. She tells Major that she is now a zombie.

She confirms that Jerome and Eddie’s killers were zombies. Meanwhile, Blaine and Julien prepare the astronaut brains. They discover that they’ve been robbed. At the morgue, Dr. Ravi continues his rat experiment. He manages to reverse the effects of the zombie rat. Liv hangs out with Johnny and attempts to crack into Scott’s phone, while watching another report about the missing astronaut. She notices Johnny on television and discovers that he has been imaginary the whole time.

Afterwards, she successfully gets into Scott’s phone. She discovers the zombie attack video and watches herself eating brains. Major interrupts and shows Liv all of the brains from Blaine’s restaurant. Major insists he is going to kill all of the zombies, before the episode ends.


A solid episode, which moved the story forward a lot. Sadly, Liv’s crazy brains forced her to believe she told Major the truth. Although it was fairly obvious that Johnny was imaginary, the Major scene felt real. A good twist to end a good episode. Can’t wait for the next. This one deserves a 7 out of 10.

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