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ITV Victoria Recap Episode 6

At the beginning of the 6th episode, Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) and Victoria (Jenna Coleman) finish, before Baroness Louise Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) enters and disturbs them. Victoria explains that the Baroness sleeps just next door, so she can help her in the middle of the night. Albert doesn’t like the idea and insists it is no longer necessary now that he has arrived. In the basement, Mrs. Jenkins (Eve Myles) tells Skerrett (Nell Hudson) and the others that a fever has spread in Seven Dials. This gives Skerrett concern, since her friend and the baby resides in the area. Meanwhile, the Queen and Albert speaks about the upcoming dinner and Albert’s desire to remain by his wife’s side. The Duke of Wellington (Peter Bowles) and Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) chat about the Queen and her dislike for them, due to the fight over the Prince’s allowance. Peel admits she blames the Tories for everything. However, they agree that she will have to get used to them, because Melbourne won’t be around forever.

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The Queen and Prince return back to the palace. The Queen is escorted away by Lehzen to work, while the Prince is forced to keep himself occupied. He passes by Prince Ernest (David Oakes), who is seen drawing a portrait of Harriet (Margaret Clunie). Eventually, the Prince is allowed to help Victoria, by stamping her papers. That night, the pair prepare for dinner. They are confronted by the Duke of Wellington and the Duke of Sussex. Albert is treated like an outside and becomes angered when the Queen is greeted by a dog wearing jewels. Albert’s confidence is deflated further, when the Duke of Sussex follows the tradition of walking the Queen down the aisle. That night, Victoria tells Albert that she won’t give him up and won’t stop, until he is by her side. The next day, Albert violently plays piano. He is stopped by Ernest, who insists he has always been too sensitive. Albert is told to have a baby, so the others won’t be able to stand in his way.

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Skerrett speaks with Jenkins about the fever, which Jenkins believes is most likely Indian cholera. Jenkins makes matters worse, by insists the fever is swarming in the air around Seven Dials and other slums. Albert and Victoria are ushered to the Throne room where they meet with Allen and Buxton (Terence Beesley) from the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. Allen and Buxton tell the pair about their attempt to get America to abolish slavery. The Queen admits she has been a supporter of their movement for a long time, but must remain neutral in the matter. That night, Skerrett attempts to gain access to her friend in Seven Dials. She is turned away by a guard. The next day, Victoria speaks with Lehzen and asks her how to avoid getting pregnant. Victoria is told to do something ten times. Afterwards, Victoria runs into Albert in the hallway and learns that he has decided to speak on behalf of the Anti-Slavery Society. He tells the Queen that she is confined by law, but that he is not.

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Next, Charles Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley) speaks with Skerrett and offers to visit Seven Dials for her. She agrees and promises a reward for his efforts. Albert writes a speech for the upcoming event and gets his servant to transcribe it to English for him. The Queen catches him practicing. She admits he doesn’t need to make a speech, but the Prince remains adamant that he wants to earn his place. That night, Victoria and Albert have sex one more. The Queen sneaks away and jumps up and down on her couch to try and prevent a pregnancy. The next day, Victoria receives a visit from the Duke of Sussex. The Queen offers to make his wife the Duchess of Inverness (Daisy Goodwin). The Duke loves the ideal and immediately accepts. Meanwhile, Ernest gets flirty with Harriet, while attempting to help her perfect her aim. Albert and Victoria notice their conversation. Harriet tells Ernest he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has a tender heart. Albert practice his speech more.

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Albert learns that approximately 3,000 people will be there, as well as Robert Peel. Anson tells Albert the Queen will need to get over her dislike for Peel, since he may eventually become Prime Minister. Francatelli manages to sneak into Seven Dials and speak with Skerrett’s friend. During this time, Albert speaks with his brother and tells him he should return home. Albert insists Ernest’s relationship with the Duchess of Sutherland could end badly. Francatelli offers to help the woman and her child, while also admitting he likes Skerrett a great deal. Albert and Victoria attend another event. Thanks to the Queen’s decision to make the Duke of Sussex’s wife a Duchess, Albert is allowed to walk the Queen down the aisle. That night, Albert admits the Queen has won, but he remains adamant that he wants his own victory. That night, Ernest speaks with Harriet and tells her he will be forced to return home. He confirms their relationship would be bad, as they’re forced to go their own ways.

victoria and albert ITV Victoria

Ernest makes his departure in the morning. Harriet covertly gives him a souvenir, as he makes his exit. Albert tells Victoria he will be fine now that he has her. Skerrett tells Francatelli she got a letter from Mrs. Ashdown. Skerrett admits she is happy in her new dwelling, but still has a cough. Francatelli admits he helped for Skerrett, before asking her first name. She reveals her first name is Nancy. Albert prepares for his speech. Before he departs, he tells the Queen he will be looking for her in the audience. A runaway slave, Jonas Barrett (Cornell John), arrives for the speech. He is instructed how to communicate with the royals. Albert arrives moments later and introduces himself to the man. Jonas tells about his hardship escaping slavery, but admits it was worth it. The Queen arrives outside, but leaves so she doesn’t steal the Prince’s spotlight. The Prince takes his place and prepares to give his speech. At first, he hesitates, but eventually knocks it out of the park.

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Albert receives a round of applause and praise from Peel. He returns home and tells the Queen his speech was well received. She admits he finally got his victory. The queen confirms she is no longer tired, before the pair go one more round. Skerrett finds a gift from Francatelli. Albert catches the Queen jumping up and down on the couch. He learns why and tells her the only way to avoid a pregnancy is through abstinence. That is something she doesn’t seem to want.


Victoria Review

The 6th episode of Victoria was by far the best. Prince Albert has turned out to be quite the character and hasn’t become a cliché. The Skerrett and Francatelli storyline is good and certainly helps to fill in the gaps in between. Also, Ernest and his near tryst with Harriet become a close call, but will it eventually develop into something more? A great episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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