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ITV Victoria Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the 7th episode, Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and her husband Albert (Tom Hughes) enjoy some classic music. In the middle of the set, Victoria becomes ill and is forced to retreat to privacy. She returns moments later and insists she is fine. The couple discuss the situation afterwards, as well as their feelings for Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay). Although Albert has developed a fondness for the man, Victoria still despises him. Albert also expresses his excitement for the railway, but is quickly hushed by the Queen. Lohlein (Basil Eidenbenz) tells the other servants about Victoria’s illness. Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley) gives Skerrett (Nell Hudson) a little hot chocolate, while insisting it is a cure for everything. Skerrett contemplates dipping in some wafers and Francatelli agrees. Skerrett then heads off to deliver the treat to the Queen.

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Mrs. Jenkins (Eve Myles) insists the Queen’s ailment cannot be fixed with hot chocolate. During this time, Albert becomes worried when the Queen calls for a doctor. He finds her in the bedroom crying and quickly learns that she is pregnant. Albert is thrilled, but Victoria admits she is afraid. The pair soon break the news. The Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming) gives her daughter a little Brandy with cream. This action startles and seems to enrage Albert. The Duchess quickly begins dishing out orders, while telling the Queen to allow Albert to do her bidding. The Queen ignores her advice and returns to work. In the kitchen, Francatelli is angered when Baroness Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) changes his orders at the last minute. Meanwhile, Albert and Victoria discuss the Duchess and her concerns. Albert implies the woman is afraid of the world leaving her behind. Victoria becomes concerned Albert will be repulsed by her body, but he promises her otherwise.

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Lord Chamberlain interrupts the pair. The Lord admits he is worried about the hazards of childbirth. He implores the Queen to setup a Regent, who will be able to care for the country, if she is to die. Afterwards, the Duke of Wellington (Peter Bowles) and Robert Peel discuss the situation with the rest of the Tories. They’re angered by the thought of being ruled by a German. They agree it is best to stop Parliament from approving Albert’s placement as Regent. Once again, the Queen’s mother hounds here. Once she departs, the Queen discusses the ideal of traveling north. Albert is fascinated by the idea of seeing the railroad and pleads with the Queen to send him. She eventually relents and agrees that they’ll both travel north. Before they depart, the Queen orders her mother to stay home and also tells Harriet (Margaret Clunie) to watch after her. Albert admits he only needs Lohlein. With that, they set off. Unfortunately, they do not get far, before the Queen is forced to stop due to her sickness.

itv victoria episode 7 recap

Eventually, the group arrives at their destination. Albert is unable to contain his excitement for the railways, despite the Queen’s orders. The couple is greeted by Sir Piers Gifford (James Wilby). It is painfully obvious that Piers is not a fan of either. At dinner that night, Albert agrees to go shooting with the men. They also discuss the railway and the nearby manufacturing plants. During this time, Lohlein receives advice from the local butler, who agrees to help Albert gets a suitable kit for shooting. Thankfully, Mrs. Jenkins prevents this from happening and gives Lohlein the proper hunting attire. The Queen watches from a distance as Albert proves his worth. He outmaneuvers the others, before Peel arrives and speaks with the Queen. The group eats once more. This time, Piers discusses his disdain for the railway, while Peel agrees to provide Albert with a personal tour, since it is on his property. Albert quickly agrees, but is shut down by the Queen.

prince albert shooting Victoria

The Queen rushes off with the Baroness and complains about her husband’s bluntness. While they’re away, Piers tells Peel that the future belongs to the Tories and he will play a major role in it. He angers Peel, by insists he needs to become fit for the position. He also pleads with Peel not to support the Prince’s Regency. Back at the palace, Harriet misses Ernest. Francatelli makes Skerrett a treat. She insists it would be better with hot chocolate. Meanwhile, the Queen apologizes to Albert for cancelling his trip to the locomotive. Nonetheless, Albert leaves her in the morning to check it out for himself. He also leaves behind Lohlein. The queen is angered when she awakes alone. Albert is mesmerized by the locomotive and quickly hops on board. He instantly proves he is knowledgeable, as he and Peel take it for a ride. Back at the palace, Jenkins tells Lohlein that the locals are trying to humiliate Albert. With her help, he manages to prevent that from happening.

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While Albert is away, the Queen asks Sir Piers about the Regency. He admits he will vote with his conscience. She calls him a weasel, as she walks away. Back at the train, Peel and Albert both concur they do not consort with one another for political gain. However, Albert admits Peel’s support would help his Regency. Harriet spends time with the Duchess, while thinking about Ernest. Albert finally arrives back and is belittled by the Queen. He insists he only wishes to better the country and Victoria in the process. Nonetheless, she is not happy. Meanwhile, Francatelli prepares a romantic dinner for himself and Skerrett. The men at the train congratulate not killing the Prince, while Albert is unable to find his wife. The locomotive men are shocked when the Queen arrives and demands a ride. At first, she is afraid, but begins to enjoy the experience seconds later. Albert runs along the train and asks her how it feels. She admits he loves it.

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Meanwhile, Skerrett enjoys the treat Francatelli had made for her. They wind up feasting on it together. Sir Piers attempts to convince Peel that assisting Albert would come with no benefits, but he disagrees. The Queen speaks with Piers before they depart. Victoria tells him to experience the railway for himself, before slamming the idea. She also encourages him to catch up with the times, before shutting the window in his face. Victoria and Albert embrace and Albert encourages his wife that she will have no problem with childbirth. They arrive back home and Victoria tells her mother she no longer wants the medication. Instead, Penge (Adrian Schiller) orders the kitchen staff to prepare bacon and peas. They do so without hesitation. Peel meets with his Tory comrades and tells them about his decision to support Albert. At first they scoff at the idea, but Peel remains adamant and they eventually agree. Robert Peel then pays a visit to Victoria and tells him about the decision. She admits it won’t matter, since she is simply too busy to die anytime soon.

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After Peel makes his departure, Albert enters. This time, Victoria sits him down and allows him to help her with the work. He proves once again he is more knowledgeable than he initially let on.


Victoria Episode 7 Review

The 7th episode of ITV’s Victoria was excellent. Prince Albert has proven himself to be worthy. His excitement for the train was contagious. Meanwhile, Francatelli seems to have finally won some points with Skerrett, as the couple’s relationship strengthens. Harriet longs for Ernest, despite the relationship being forbidden. And Robert Peel and joined with Victoria and Albert. Does he has some type of ulterior motive?

A great episode and by far the best one yet. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Check out our previous Victoria recaps immediately!

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