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ITV Victoria Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) sneak off to a private location. Victoria makes it clear that she wishes to get married as soon as possible, but Albert admits he must return to Coburg for several weeks. The Queen wishes she could be an ordinary woman, so she could go with Albert. On the way out, their conversation turns to money and the Prince’s allowance. They spot the Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming) and quickly hide out of view. Victoria tells her soon-to-be husband that she doesn’t want her mother taking credit for their marriage. Albert returns to the palace and is hounded by his brother Ernest (David Oakes) about his first kiss. Leopold (Alex Jennings) enters moments later and tells Albert it should be easy to convince the Queen to see things his way.

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Leopold tells the Prince it will be vital to secure his position and collect a substantial allowance. Meanwhile, the Queen discusses her decision with Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell). Victoria seeks Melbourne’s approval and instead receives his congratulations. Leopold enters moments later and also gives his congrats. Leopold then turns the conversation to his nephew’s allowance. He admits he was awarded 50,000 and wants his nephew to receive the same. Victoria admits she doesn’t see the importance of the inheritance. Next, Albert and Victoria break the news to the Queen’s mother. She seems thrilled with the arrangement. In the basement, Jenkins (Eve Myles), Penge (Adrian Schiller), and Skerrett (Nell Hudson) discuss the situation. Although Jenkins is hopeful for the couple, Penge foresees a tumultuous relationship in the future.

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Penge prepares to depart, but instead turns his attention to Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley). They spar over the amount of time it will take for Francatelli to crate the wedding cake. The next day, Prince Albert is forced to leave and head back to Coburg. The Queen watches the Prince’s carriage roll away, while Jenkins and Penge chat about the flood of visitors, who will arrive for the wedding. Jenkins asks about the Dowager Duchess and her dresser. Penge does not responsible. Meanwhile, the Queen is forced to relay her decision to her people and attempt to get the approval of the Privy Council. She greets Uncle Sussex (David Bamber) and the others, before tell them about her decision. The decision is contested, due to the Prince’s potential religious beliefs. This causes the Queen to hastily depart. She scolds Wellington (Peter Bowles) to Melbourne and defends the prince. Melbourne attempts to calm the Queen. He agrees to take the matter of the Prince’s allowance to Parliament, while the Queen insists he also needs a title.

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Albert, Ernest, and Leopold return to Coburg, where they speak with Albert’s father the Duke of Coburg (Andrew Bicknell). The Duke is happy that his son will be marrying the richest queen in the world and insists she will be able to help fix up Coburg. Albert and Ernest spend time fencing, while the Parliament argues over the marriage arrangement. Sir Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) makes a passionate appeal against the German and insists Germans cannot be allowed to run the country. Melbourne returns to Victoria and admits he could only get the Prince 30,000 with no title. Victoria questions why Leopold was given so much and quickly learns about his affair with an actress. Victoria admits Albert is different and has no secrets. However, she becomes concerned when Melbourne confirms that will be determined later. The Queen writes to her future husband and insists she will care for him. He speaks with his brother and tells him that the people do not want him.

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Albert tells his brother that he does not want to become another Dash. The Queen receives another letter from Albert, who pleads for more of an inheritance. Baroness Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) questions why the Prince would be so eager for a title and money, when he will be married to the Queen. The Baroness insists it would be a bad thing for a young man to have so much money at his disposal and uses Ernest as an example. The Queen expresses her desire to have a white wedding dress, while Ernest escorts Albert to a club. He is introduced to a female, who agrees to teach him how to make love. Although hesitant at first, Albert agrees to learn from the woman. During this time, the Queen speaks with her mother and learns more about Leopold’s mistress. She also discovers that he own father had one as well.

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In the morning, Lord Chamberlain (Simon Paisley Day) speaks with the Queen and Melbourne. He provides the Queen with a list of potential bridesmaids. Melbourne and the Lord agree the number of women should be cut down significantly. Francatelli speaks with Skerrett downstairs and offers to let her work in his establishment in the future. Skerrett refuses and insists she already has her duties. Back in Coburg, Ernest tells Albert about seeing their mother once. He tells Albert he is lucky, since he will have Victoria to care for him now. The group leaves Coburg and prepares to return to Victoria. Albert meets with Victoria in the throne room. He kisses her hand and admits she has changes a great deal. Victoria announces her decision to make Albert a Knight of the Garter. Albert seems unhappy with the decision and would prefer a seat in the House of Lords.

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Brodie (Tommy Knight) and the others prepare for the ceremony downstairs. The Baroness introduces the group to the Coburg servants. Penge sees and old friend. Albert and Victoria speak about their honeymoon. The Queen angers Albert by insisting she will only be allowed to escape for two days. Melbourne enters and introduces Albert to his new private secretary, George Anson. Again, Albert expresses his anger and insists he wanted to choose his own household. The pair wind up arguing loudly and bringing their disagreement to the attention of everyone nearby. In the morning, Albert and Ernest fence once more. Ernest leaves, when he brother becomes overly aggressive. Melbourne speaks with the Queen and tells her that the truth is always good. She expresses her concerns over Albert and is told to find out the truth.

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Victoria rushes outside and speaks with Albert. He manages to reassure her that he has no intention to get a mistress. They eventually embrace and share a kiss. Penge runs into his old friend, Hilde (Gertrude Thoma), in the stairway. He tells her about his attempt to send her countless letters and basically admits he was in love with her. They are forced to separate as the wedding beings. The ceremony is over quickly and makes the marriage official. The bride and groom return, cut the cake, and the party begins. Melbourne is asked what he will do now, before he is paraded away by Brodie. He speaks with the Queen and is reminded about something he once said. He told the queen that she would give her heart away without reservation. She admits he was almost right and that she will never forget. The queen gets a kiss on the cheek, before both give their goodbyes.

ITV Victoria Rufus Sewell Actor

Francatelli catches Skerrett wearing the Queen’s flower crown. He tells her it looks good on her. Skerrett quickly rushes away to put the crown in wax to preserve it. She retreats to the hat room and cries alone. The Queen and Albert ride in a carriage together, while Penge goes through his old letters. Ernest seems to be getting himself into more trouble with the ladies. The episode ends with Albert and Victoria sleeping together for the first time.


Victoria Review

The 5th episode was very good. Queen Victoria was forced to reconsider her decision to marry Albert and the past behaviors of the men in her life nearly put a halt to her plans. Nonetheless, with Lord Melbourne’s help, Victoria got over her jitters and married Albert. At this point, everything seems merry. Will it last?

Skerrett’s storyline is also intriguing. What is she hiding and will she give up her responsibilities to make a life of her own. Meanwhile, Penge has reunited with a former lover. Will he be able to make something of it this time? An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Check up with previous recaps of Victoria right now!

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