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ITV Victoria Episode 4 Recap

During the beginning of the 4th episode, Albert (Tom Hughes) interrupts Victoria’s piano playing. Dash becomes upset and barks relentlessly at the boy. Albert apologies and insists the dog must not have recognized him. Albert and Ernest speaks about their recent trip to see the masterpieces of the Old Masters and Albert speaks about his fondness for Leonardo da Vinci. Victoria (Jenna Coleman) blows off a trip with the brothers, by pretending she has a great deal of work ahead with Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell). Melbourne plays along and concurs that the dispatches from Afghanistan will need the Queen’s full attention. That night, Ernest attempts to teach his brother how to seduce the Queen. Leopold enters and tells Albert it is his destiny to marry the Queen. Albert ponders whether or not his manners are suitable for Victoria.

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Also, Victoria speaks with Skerrett (Nell Hudson) about the Prince. Skerrett admits Albert is very handsome. Victoria remains unimpressed and insists the boy never smiles. The Prince’s private butler, Mr. Lohlein, joins the palace staff. Lohlein and Penge express their dislike for one another, while the Baroness (Daniela Holtz) watches on with a smile on her face. Next, the Queen looks at the stamps showing her likeness. Albert enters and the Queen has a giggle due to the fact people throughout the country will be licking her face. Albert doesn’t seem amused and admits the invention is very clever. Victoria heads outside and speaks with Melbourne. She admits she doesn’t like Albert and would rather marry Robert Peel. Skerrett runs into an old friend, Eliza (Samantha Colley). Eliza asks to head inside, but Skerrett insists that would not be a good idea.

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Eliza pleads with Skerrett for more money. She admits she cannot make it on what she has received. Eliza insists Skerrett is resourceful and will think of something. She also tells her she is no Eliza Skerrett, before exiting. Meanwhile, Albert and Ernest (David Oakes) stroll through the town and check out the local wares. Albert donates to a young, who is forced to sell matches in the streets. Meanwhile, everyone sits down for dinner. The Queen begins feeding her dog, before everyone’s plates are taken away. A conversation about Old Masters is initiated and Victoria admits she doesn’t care for Rubens at all. Afterwards, Albert speaks to Melbourne about visiting the House. Melbourne agrees to take him, but insists he should go incognito, because some MPs do not like Germans. Melbourne and the boys join the ladies moments later. Melbourne plays cards with the Queen.

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Albert takes to the piano. Moments later, Victoria is urged to play a duet with her cousin. The pair play the duet, before Albert tells the Queen she should spend more time playing the piano and less with card games. She immediately begins playing piano the next day. King Leopold (Alex Jennings) speaks with the Queen and tells her she is in a position, which will require her to propose to Albert. She admits she has no intention of doing that, since Albert has no manners. Ernest tells Albert about his trip to a nunnery. He tells Albert to hurry up and seal the deal, before the women here get him in trouble. Next, Albert and Victoria take a stroll through the garden. Albert admits he likes forests much better. Victoria suggests heading to Windsor, since it has an abundance of trees. Albert showers the Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming) with praise, as she paints a picture. Victoria watches from a distance.

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Meanwhile, Skerrett snatches a piece of jewelry from the palace. The Queen speaks to Albert about his praises for the Duchess. He insists she needs kindness. He admits he knows what it is like not to have a mother. Baroness Lehzen speaks with the staff and tells them there will be dancing that night. She tells Skerrett the queen will want the white muslin and flowers in her hair. The Queen speaks with Melbourne, while getting prepared for the dance. Skerrett puts back the jewelry, before getting Victoria prepared. Victoria dances with Ernest and the crowd, while Melbourne watches on. She eventually gets her chance to dance with Albert. Albert uses the opportunity to assert himself, while Melbourne watches closely.

Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes

Albert seems to score some points with the queen. In the morning, she seems oddly cheerful. She tells the Baroness she intends to head to Windsor. In the kitchen, Lohlein (Basil Eidenbenz) goes off on the lazy staff and admits he knows nothing about this country. Victoria speaks with Melbourne and tells him about her trip. She urges him to come along and he initially refuses. Skerrett meets with Eliza and gives her the collar around her neck. She insists it should fetch a shilling and provide for them for the time being. Penge (Adrian Schiller) and his workers bring in attire for Albert and his brother. Leopold is surprised to see Melbourne in Windsor. He admits he didn’t want to come, but also confirms you cannot disobey the Queen. The Queen and others join them moments later. Albert and Victoria look at the paintings together. Victoria doesn’t like it, but Albert does and insists truth is better than flattery. The Queen asks Melbourne, if he has read Oliver Twist by Dickens. He admits he has not and has no intention to do so.

Queen Victoria ITV Episode 4

Albert butts in an insists Dickens wrote about the poor people in the country. He insists Melbourne should become more informed about their blight. Albert meets with the Queen in the morning. His brother and butler depart to leave the pair alone. The pair run through the woods. The queen’s hat falls off and Albert uses the opportunity to get flirty. Albert’s butler returns and tell Melbourne about the Queen remaining behind with Albert. Albert tells Victoria about his mother running away when he was just 5. He also reveals she died several years later. Moments later, they find Dash with a broken leg. Albert uses a piece of his shirt to bandage it up. He then ridicules the Queen for listening to Lord Melbourne too much. He insists the man isn’t serious and tells the Queen she should marry Melbourne. Albert tells Victoria about the match girl in the city. They argue, before Albert departs with haste.

ITV Victoria Dash

Back at the palace, the Duchess and Leopold warn the Queen that Albert plans on leaving. They insists she can stop him, by proposing. He admits she would, but she isn’t sure whether or not he would say yes. Meanwhile, Albert tells Ernest that the queen should marry Melbourne. He then sets off to the Parliament. The Queen speaks with Melbourne and tells him about her worries. Next, the Queen gets dressed by Skerrett. She notices the missing collar and offers a handful of hers. Skerrett takes a bunch and gives them to Eliza. Eliza insists she could’ve been in Skerrett’s shoes had it not been for the baby. Albert and Ernest tour the Parliament. That night, Skerrett helps Victoria prepare for her proposal. She meets with Albert and manages to propose. He promises to say yes, if she gives him a kiss. They embrace as the episode ends.


Victoria Review

The 4th episode of Victoria felt familiar to so many other romantic period dramas. The Queen is pushed and pushed, until she falls for Prince Albert, despite still having feelings for Lord Melbourne. Nonetheless, she eventually proposes to Albert. Will the series deviate from the traditional path or will Albert and Victoria’s relationship quickly turn to turmoil? All in all, a decent episode, despite being a little predictable.

A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Victoria right now.

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