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Indian Summers Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

As the episode begins, we see Alice (Jemima West) sneaking into a room and taking the Maharajah’s necklace. Next, we jump to the waterside and see Bhupinder (Ash Nair) having a flashback of murdering Jaya. He freaks out, before Ian (Alexander Cobb) jumps in and pulls him to safety. Bhupinder makes mention of Jaya and Ian quickly recalls the name. Bhupinder throws Ian to the ground and makes his escape. We see Alice dispose of the necklace. She meets up with Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) moments later and tells him she is planning to flee the area in the coming days. Aafrin remains cautious and admits they need a plan. They’re interrupted by Ralph seconds later. When Aafrin speaks with Ralph, he learns someone has hoisted the Indian flag on the pole outside of Cynthia’s club. The flag is promptly taken down, as the onlookers cheer. On the club’s balcony, Matthew continues questioning his mother how his father died. He is unable to get definite answers and only learns that his father saved a young boy from an untimely death.

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Back inside, Ralph confronts Aafrin and asks if he is willing to try and change his ways. Aafrin admits he wants to try and cites his friendship as the reason for doing so. Next, Ian prepares to sit down with Sooni. Unfortunately, he doesn’t receive the answer he desires. He is left broken hearted. Back at the club, Kaiser raises the British flag, while the crowd sings in harmony. Aafrin and Alice manage to sneak to a private location. Immediately, Aafrin asks when it is time to leave. They return to their private room and quickly conclude that Australia will be their best destination. Alice shows Aafrin all of her money, before we jump to the following morning. Alice, Madeleine and Charlie share coffee and chat about Percy’s upcoming birthday. Ralph joins moments later and is pulled aside by Charlie, who tells Ralph it is time to settle his account, which has risen to 400,000. When Ralph admits he doesn’t have that kind of money, Charlie attempts to encourage him to sell the house. Meanwhile, Ian pays a visit to Khan and immediately learns about Khan and Sooni’s relationship.

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Ian belittles and ridicules his former friends, before rushing off angrily. Cynthia confronts Alice and tells her she had to cancel the tickets, since Alice tried to buy them in her own name. She agrees to get the tickets for her in a much more discreet manner. Meanwhile, Ralph learns that the Maharajah failed to support the bill, as originally agreed. Khan tries some of Sooni’s Parsi food and he doesn’t seem to like it every much. During their chat, Sooni agrees to marry Khan. He proclaims himself to be the happiest man in the world. Ian heads to a local club and begins drowning his sorrows in alcohol. At the mansion, it is discovered that the necklace has gone missing. Ralph forces all of the staff to drink castor oil in hopes of reclaiming the precious jewelry. During this time, Ralph also breaks the news to his wife. They begin to argue and blaming one another, before Ralph is slapped across the face. Madeleine returns to the dining room and confronts Alice about the necklace. She learns about Alice’s intention to flee the area. Madeleine agrees to keep the secret. Bhupinder enters the club where Ian is drinking and a fight ensues.

ian crying indian summers

Ian manages to pin Bhupinder to the ground. He asks him directly who he works for and Bhupinder replies, “Ralph Whelan”.  Bhupinder manages to escape, before we switch to Sarah. She confronts Matthew at the school and is questioned about the truth. She tells her son about Douglas and his relationship with Leena, but admits they still loved one another. At the Dalal home, Sooni is ridiculed for her new love interest. Aafrin enters and overhears the situation. The family is worried by the fact that Khan is a Muslim. Sooni’s father tell her that she cannot marry Khan or it’ll break all of their hearts. Sarah returns to the club and confesses to Cynthia that she plans on staying for a few more days. Aafrin speaks with Sooni outside and tells her that she should follow her heart and do whatever she feels is right. That night, Charlie attempts to rekindle his relationship with Alice. They dance for a brief period, while recalling past events. During their dance, a servant brings Alice a note, which tells her the rickshaw has been booked and to meet Aafrin at the room at 8pm. She manages to keep it hidden from Charlie.

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In the morning, the group celebrates Percy’s birthday and watches the boy open his presents. Charlie surprises his son with a wooden tricycle. Alice confronts Sumitra in private and tells her about her escape plan. She pleads with her friend to keep everything a secret, until she is able to flee the area. Meanwhile, Aafrin shaves his father’s face and listens to his father’s complaints. Darius admits he wants his children to be happy, but confesses he doesn’t know how they could be happy, if they’re all broken apart. Next, Bhupinder pays a visit to Ralph and tells him he has done something bad. Meanwhile, Alice continues to wait for 8pm. Aafrin confronts his sister in private and tells her about his plans to flee to Australia. He admits they’re very similar like two peas in a pod. He also encourages Sooni to do the same. After Alice speaks with Ralph, she returns to her room and prepares to make her escape. She grabs Percy and obtains her belongings from Sumitra, before leaving. Aafrin leaves a note and heads to the private room.

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Back at the mansion, Charlie confronts Sumitra and attempts to acquire information from her. He tortures her by breaking her fingers, while interrogating her every step of the way. Alice meets with Aafrin at the room and they prepare to make their exit. We see Sumitra return to Bhupinder with her fingers broken. Charlie arrives at the private room and stops Alice. He whisks her off and locks Aafrin inside. Charlie escapes with Alice, as the episode comes to an end.


Indian Summers Review

Wow. The 8th episode of Indian Summers was the best yet. I was enamored throughout the episode and totally lost track of the time. Everyone was pushed to their limits in the episode. Ralph was forced to admit his failures. Aafrin and Alice made a desperate attempt to leave the area and start anew. Matthew finally learned about his father and Leena. Sooni made a decision, but whether or not she will stick with it remains to be seen. And, Ian was able to connect Bhupinder and Ralph to the murder of Jaya.

Is the season going to end happily for any of our characters? A great episode and a 9 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Indian Summers right now.

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