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Indian Summers Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

When the second episode of Indian Summers’ 2nd season begins, we see Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) rush into the room, where Naresh (Arjun Mathur) is recovering from his gunshot wound. Aafrin and Kaira (Sugandha Garg) argue back and forth regarding the possibility of seeking medical assistance for Naresh. Despite Kaira’s concerns and contempt for Naresh, Aafrin remains adamant that they must help their comrade. Next, Aafrin and Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) team up with the authorities to hunt for their suspect. During their search, they stumble across Leena (Amber Rose Revah), who seems to have been sleeping in the woods. Back in town, Lord Hawthorne (James Fleet) arrives and meets with Lord Willingdon (Patrick Malahide) and Ralph.

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Ralph learns about Hawthorne’s true intentions and immediately discusses them with Madeleine (Olivia Grant). They discuss Hawthorne’s desire to become the next Viceroy and neither is happy with the arrangement. Next, Kaiser (India Nadarajah) and Cynthia (Julie Walters) chat about Alice (Jemima West) and Aafrin’s relationship. Kaiser remains adamant that he saw what he saw and refuses to say otherwise. Back at the mansion, Bhupinder (Ash Nair) alerts Alice that someone is waiting for her outside. Alice hurries along outside and reunites with her old friend Leena. Alice escorts her inside, where she immediately spots and hugs Adam (Dillon Mitra). Madeleine notices this and is quickly growing suspicious of the relationship between Ralph and Adam.

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Afterwards, Aafrin has a run in with Naresh, who threatens him with a knife and demands he get evidence regarding whoever turned him in. Back at the mansion, Adam, Ralph and Alice share a drink. Madeleine once again notices the interactions between Ralph and Adam. Her suspicions begin to compound. Aafrin meets up with Kaira attempts asks her about the informant. She refuses to provide him with any information and insists he should follow Naresh’s commands and steal the evidence. Ralph pays a visit to Cynthia and attempts to gain reassurance that he’ll be able to become the Viceroy. Cynthia gives him a pep talk and tells him to man up. Charlie pays one of the mansion’s maids to track Alice’s movements. He learns that she has traveled to the school with Leena.

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We jump to the school and witness the confrontation between Leena, Sarah (Fiona Glascott) and Douglas (Craig Parkinson). Alice reveals that Leena will be teaching Percy (Caleb Allen) for the time being, while Sarah admits the family wants to leave and return home. It is clearly obvious Doug still has feelings for Leena. Aafrin provides Ralph with information regarding Naresh. Ralph simply jokes about the terrorist and instructs Aafrin to put the paperwork in his office. Aafrin tries to do so, but it stopped by the new head clerk. Back outside, the Viceroy and Hawthorne discuss the new Indian act. Hawthorne admits Churchill was apoplectic. Ralph details his plan for reforming the country and providing something that can resemble real change. Hawthorne tells Ralph that delivering that type of message would most certainly get the messenger shot.

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Next, Aafrin manages to slip into Ralph’s office and steal evidence regarding the informant. He immediately returns to Kaira and confronts her with the paperwork. She admits she has been working with Ralph for many years and reveals she has done so to protect her son. Despite Kaira’s pleas, Aafrin insists he has to give Naresh something. With that, Aafrin comes up with a plan to help Kaira escape the area. Back at the mansion, Ralph bums money from Charlie (Blake Ritson). They next run into Alice. Charlie immediately belittles his wife, before cutting off a strand of her hair and revealing he’ll put in a locket. Alice and Charlie do not seem impressed with the idea. Next, Cynthia arrives downstairs. Cynthia takes Alice outside and confronts her about Aafrin. Cynthia tells her not to bring down her brother with her affair. She also attempts to pressure Alice into leaving as soon as possible.

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Next, Aafrin helps Kaira cross through the guard check point and leave the leave. At the Dalal household, Daris (Roshan Seth), Roshana (Lillete Dubey), and Sooni (Aysha Kala) have lunch with friends. Sooni is introduced to Boman Harish (Zaqi Ismail). Their friendly lunch quickly turns into an argument, as usual. Meanwhile, Aafrin joins the others at lunch. Ralph encourages everyone to eat up, before Leena walks by and attracts the attention of Hawthorne. Alice tells Ralph about her intention to let Leena teach Percy. Hawthorne makes Leena the butt end of a joke, before chatting with her outside in private. Aafrin receives a note that his father has gotten ill. He is forced to leave the mansion and return home quickly. Cynthia chats with Leena outside and tells her that her reputation has been ruined, due to her relationship with Doug. Cynthia tells Leena not to abuse Ralph’s trust and Leena agrees to keep Adam a secret.

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Aafrin rushes home and finds his father sleeping, before he is caught off guard by a visit from Naresh. Naresh introduces himself and quickly sends Aafrin after the document. Back at the mansion, Alice plays the piano, while Charlie sings. When Alice makes a mistake, Charlie ridicules her in front of the others. This continues, until Ralph stops Charlie and escorts Alice outside. Alice tells her brother that she must return home. Ralph is adamant that he won’t allow it and confirms he spends many days wanting to kill Charlie. After Ralph escorts Alice back inside, his wife stops him and pulls him aside. During their conversation, Ralph explodes and tells Madeleine that Adam is indeed his son. She asks Ralph, if he forgot to mention it over the past 3 years. Their conversation is quickly interrupted by Hawthorne, who wishes to know more about Ralph’s father.

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Naresh takes Aafrin back to the camp and attempts to get him to spill the beans on Kaira. Aafrin doesn’t, but it is too late anyway. Naresh releases Kaira from his prison and holds her at gun point. Back at the mansion, Ralph and Hawthorne chat about the British government’s plan for India. Hawthorne admits he is there for Ralph. Ralph admits he wants the job to fulfill his dying father’s wish. When asked if he supports the bill, Ralph agrees he does, but he wonders if there was more he could do. He admits he would like to place India on the same level as Canada and Australia. Despite Hawthorne’s concerns, Ralph agrees he’d rather try and go down in history as a clown than to not try at all. Naresh takes Aafrin and Kaira to a riverbank, where he interrogates the pair.

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Aafrin attempts to convince Naresh that he fabricated the documents and that there is no Black Kite. Naresh seems to believe it, but quickly turns the gun on Kaira and fires. He tells Aafrin that Black Kite was the codename he used for her too, as the episode ends.


Indian Summers S2 E2 Review

Again, Indian Summers seems to be holding nothing back this season. Aafrin has undoubtedly gotten himself in over his head, by working with Naresh and the Independence Party. Kaira is now dead and Aafrin’s family could be at risk. Of course, he is not the only one, who is facing troubles. Ralph has found himself in hot water with his wife. And Alice’s dilemma is far worse. Charlie is a relentless a-hole and he isn’t going anywhere soon.

All in all, the episode was great and very intense. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Indian Summers right now!

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