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Indian Summers Recap Season 2 Episode 7

When the 7th episode begins, Ralph envisions himself as a young boy. He recalls catching his mother having intercourse with Reggie. Back in the present, Ralph awakes Cynthia (Julie Walters) and tells her he might’ve remembered their relationship. He learns that Hawthorne has been loyal to his word and has been praising him back home. Sooni pays a visit to Ian’s farm. While there, Ian confesses his love for Sooni and admits he would like to get married to her. Sooni rushes off, without giving a response, but agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, Ralph and the Maharajah trudge through the woods in hopes of hunting down a lion. The Maharajah tells Ralph he is in trouble, because he is already free alluding to the fact he doesn’t need Ralph’s assistance. Sooni visits Khan and tells him about Ian’s proposal. She admits Khan is her only choice, since her brother is out of town.

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Sooni tells Khan about her previous engagement to the boy with the enormous eyebrow. Khan insists they need to wait it out and think, but Sooni confesses they cannot, since eyebrow boy is already here. Meanwhile, the Maharajah tells Ralph about an old folktale and nearly convinces him to use Adam as bait for the line. Ralph saves his son, but sacrifices Bhupinder’s child up to the lion. The young boy is tied to the post, as the men take up their positions and prepare to fire at the lion. The lion arrives and we jump forward to Ralph in a bathroom. He tells Bhupinder that his son turned out fine. Still, Bhupinder is not happy and questions why Ralph didn’t use Adam instead, if there was no danger. Next, Ralph tells Alice to leave for the night, while citing the Prince’s unpredictable as a good cause. His sister obeys and departs with Charlie. The pair head to the club, where Alice meets up with Cynthia. Together, they visit in on Sarah and her new son, Ernest. Sarah reveals that her eldest son, Matthew, is on the way. Next, Sooni and her mother pay a visit to the eyebrow boy and his family.

indian summers season 2 eyebrow boy

Roman plays a tune for his audience, while Sooni’s mother attempts to portray Sooni as a great artist, by showing off Aafrin’s drawings. When finally left alone, Boman tells Sooni about his desires for a wife. Sooni doesn’t seem too thrilled with the arrangement and is lucky whisked away by Khan in the knick of time. Khan escorts Sooni to a vehicle and plans on taking her for a little trip. Meanwhile at the mansion, the Maharajah and Ralph discuss the bill. Matthew arrives in town and quickly notices something is wrong, when he discovers his mother’s maid wearing white. Sarah is forced to tell her son the truth about his father. At lunch, Ralph is belittled consistently by the Maharajah. Bhupinder eventually steps in and throws food towards the Prince. He is escorted outside, where he admits he cannot serve the man. Ralph tells him to rush home. Madeleine chats with Ralph and learns that the Prince wants to sleep with her.

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Sooni and Khan head to an Indian gathering, where they listen to a man speak to the crowd. Back at the mansion, the Maharajah gives Madeleine his mother’s necklace. Sirens watches on in disgust, while Ralph follows in suit. When Maharajah leaves, Madeleine agrees to go with him. Despite Ralph’s wishes, she leaves with the Prince. That night, Madeleine has intercourse with the Maharajah, while Ralph does the same with Sirene. After he has finished, he prepares to head up stairs and interrupt, but stops himself. Bhupinder watches it all from a close distance. Alice chats with Cynthia about her relationship with Reggie. Sarah returns and grabs her baby. In the morning, Ralph and Madeleine chat outside. Madeleine asks her husband why he even wants the job and he admits it was his dying father’s last wish. To Madeleine, that seems like a stupid excuse. Next, Ralph and Adam shoot guns together and the episode ends.


Indian Summers Review

The 7th episode of Indian Summers was very strange. Despite Aafrin being absent, the episode was entertaining, thanks to the weirdness of Ralph and Maharajah. The pair is undoubtedly playing a game of political tug of war and only one will come out on top. Which one will it be and how will they manage to capture the crown? All in all a decent episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Indian Summers right now.

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