indian summers season 2 episode 4

Indian Summers Recap Season 2 Episode 4

When the episode begins, we see Alice and Aafrin finishing up their private session. During this time, we see riots on the streets. After Aafrin tells Alice (Jemima West) about Karia, they finish. Aafrin heads out and runs into his sister, Sooni (Aysha Kala). She quickly accuses him of being involved in Kaira’s death and presents the shoe heel as evidence. Despite causing a disturbance, Aafrin refuses to admit have knowledge about the woman’s murder. Back at the mansion, Alice, Charlie (Blake Ritson) and Lord Hawthorne (James Fleet) chat about Leena. Hawthorne reveals he plans on taking Leena (Amber Rose Revah) back home with him, when he returns. After we see Cynthia (Julie Walters) and Kaiser talk about the upcoming fashion event, Hawthorne tells Ralph he is more than willing to support him and would do so, even if it hurt his reputation.

sooni and aafrin indian summers season 2

They meet up with Cynthia moments later and share a glass of whiskey. Hawthorne confirms that the Maharajah is on board and he will be returning home very soon. After Hawthorne departs, Ralph confides in Cynthia that Madeleine (Olivia Grant) believes she can convince Sirene (Rachel Griffiths) to get the Maharajah to do anything she wants. Cynthia is not happy or impressed. Moments later, we jump to Madeleine and Sirene. They chat about their significant others and Ralph’s future. Sirene gives her new friend a kiss, before she leaves. Sooni meets up with Naseem Ali Khan (Tanmay Dhanania) at the printers. Sooni tells him she has a story for the newspaper. Next, Charlie speaks with his spy, Sumitra. She provides him with the information that he desires in exchange for a gift. Back at the club, Madeleine informs Ralph that the Maharajah will be coming to the event.

indian summers season 2 episode 4

Madeleine and Ralph attempt to convince Cynthia to join the fashion show. Next, Alice receives a visit from Charlie’s spy and learns that she has been spied on all this time. Next, Sooni meets up with Ian McLeod (Alexander Cobb) at his farm. They head inside and find two women preparing witness portraits of the two men, who were last seen with Kaira. Sooni freaks out, when she discovers that one of the men is Aafrin. She takes the drawing and makes a swift exit. Back at the mansion, Charlie tells Alice about his frustrations for his housemates. Aafrin and Sooni meet up at the murder scene and Aafrin finally confesses. Although he thought his sister would support his actions, she does not. Back at the club, Cynthia learns that the Maharajah isn’t coming.

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Cynthia quickly pays a visit to Sirene and the two women argue. Cynthia tells Sirene that the Maharajah will drop here before too long. Sooni returns to the printers and tells Ian and Khan to stop the store. She admits she spoke to Aafrin and he told her about an ongoing investigation into the murder. Ian doesn’t buy it and follows her out onto the streets. There, Sooni tells him the truth and Ian agrees not to tell anyone about Aafrin’s involvement. Sooni returns home and burns the picture of Aafrin. Next, Bhupinder (Ash Nair) speaks with Ralph and tells him that he cannot stand behind in the same house with Adam (Dillon Mitra), since it reminds him of Jaya. Ralph blows him off and departs with Adam. Bhupinder returns home and tears his book into pieces. Aafrin arrives at the club and learns about the Maharajah.

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Next, the fashion show is nearing its beginnings. Ralph confronts Madeleine in the dressing up and belittles her for his inability to convince the Maharajah. Despite the argument, she takes to the stage and struts her stuff. Then, Leena does the same and Hawthorne is unable to take his eyes off of her. Aafrin enters, before Alice leaves her husband. She disappears and eventually takes to the stage in a black dress. Afterwards, Ralph meets up with Sirene outside. Ralph attempts to convince Sirene to give him secrets about her prince. Once thing leads to another and they wind up having sex. During this time, Hawthorne pays a visit to Leena and he continues pressing himself on her. Despite her pleas, she continues forcing his will.

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Back at the club, Alice asks Aafrin about his lady friend and he provides her with additional details. Charlie interrupts angrily, before a scream is heard outside. Everyone rushes outside and finds Hawthorne rushing around on fire. Aafrin and Ralph manage to put him outside, before he is rushed to the hospital. Leena is taken to the police station and questioned. She admits to the crime and remains adamant that Hawthorne wouldn’t take no for an answer. Ralph speaks with Aafrin at the mansion and tells him that Naresh and 40 some others were killed during the riots. Ralph attempts to convince Aafrin that the casualties would’ve been much higher had they not intervened. Aafrin leaves happily, while we see a flashback of Alice receiving a black dress, as a gift from a friend. Aafrin also tells Alice about Kaira and admits he loved her. However, he tells Alice he always loved her as well.

ian indian summers s2

Ralph pays a visit to Hawthorne and learns about the incident. Hawthorne reveals that it wasn’t Leena. Instead, he insists a man entered with a young boy and the boy was responsible for his current condition. Ralph quickly puts two and two together and concludes that Adam was responsible for the crime. During this time, we see Douglas packing up his belongings and preparing to leave. Adam arrives and shows him burns on the tops of his hands.


Indian Summers Review

The 4th episode of Indian Summers was the best of the season. There was a lot to like, including the fashion show, the confrontation between Aafrin and Sooni, and the final twist. The final revelation was excellent and will definitely setup many interesting scenarios for the future. The season is really coming together and unfolding rapidly. Despite many side stories being crammed together into the season, each is coherent and easy to follow.

The episode deserves a 9 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous Indian Summers recaps right now.

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