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Indian Summers Recap Episode 6

At the beginning of the episode, Jaya (Hasina Haque) breaks into Ramu Sood’s (Alyy Khan) home and steals his wife’s wedding dress. Alice Whelan (Jemima West), Madeleine Mathers (Olivia Grant) and Ronnie Keane (Rick Warden) are led into the woods by soldiers. They explore some relics, while Alice becomes friendly with Captain Billy Farquhar (Jamie Maclachlan). At the Whelan mansion, Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) tells Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) to send thanks to Dr. Kamble. Ralph insists that they’ll be judged by what they do. Jaya and Adam are shown staring at Ralph from a distance.

Ian Indian Summers

Ralph immediately seeks out Cynthia’s (Julie Walters) advice. She tells him to stay away from Jaya and that Kaiser (Indi Nadarajah) will take care of the situation. Dougie Raworth (Craig Parkinson) explores Jaya’s sleeping spot and finds Adam’s bracelet. Dougie and Matthew (Julian Fenby) race back home. Next, Jaya works in Ian McLeod’s (Alexander Cobb) field and overhears the men discussing the break-in at Ramu’s house. Alice and Aafrin encounter one another for the first time, since the kiss. Unfortunately, their conversation is awkward.

Alice Whelan

At Ramu’s house, he goes insane and lashes out at Ian for hiring Jaya. Dougie writes a letter to Leena (Amber Revah) and sends back Adam’s bracelet. Aafrin receives a surprise at home. He is taken aback to find that Darius (Roshan) has invited Sita (Ellora Torchia) over for dinner. Unfortunately, the dinner turns into a disaster with Sooni (Aysha Kala) and Roshana (Lillete Dubey) rushing out. Next, Dougie meets with Ralph and is thanked for taking care of Adam. Ralph also agrees to put aside money to fix up the missionary school. Doug is tasked with putting together a list of required repairs.

Adam and Jaya

Ralph throws caution to the wind and meets with Jaya. It is confirmed that Adam is indeed Ralph’s son, before a group of men are heard searching for the thief, who they presume to be Jaya. Also, Jaya reveals that Chandru was her father. Back at home, Captain Farquhar attempts to uncover more information about Alice. In order to defy her brother, Alice agrees to have Aafrin draw a picture of her for the Captain. At the Dalal home, Darius (Roshan Seth) attempts to convince his wife, Roshana (Lillete Dubey), to allow Aafrin to spread his wings and make his own decisions.

Aafrin Dalal

Aafrin arrives for the portrait session, with his sister, Shamshad (Ashna Rabheru). Shamshad plays the piano, while Aafrin and Alice escape to a private location. Alice attempts to throw herself onto Aafrin, but he insists Indian men cannot take British women. He learns about Alice’s husband, Charlie, and agrees to meet her son. While Alice goes to grab the baby, Aafrin and Shamshad make their escape. Next, everyone arrives at the club for more fun, but Cynthia refuses to allow Ian McLeod entry.

Sita and Sooni

At the club, Captain Farquhar reveals his true intentions. He has been spying on Alice for Charlie all along. He attempts to pressure Alice into intercourse, but he is halted by Ralph. Ralph walks the Captain out and bravely tosses him down two sets of stairs. Ralph rushes out, while Cynthia seeks assistance for the Captain. Outside, Ronnie informs Alice that the Untouchables will receive 148 seats within the Congress. Ralph meets with Jaya outside and agrees to meet Adam that night.

Alexander Cobb Actor

At the Dalal household, Sooni and Aafrin argue once more. Aarfin reveals his true feelings of being trapped. We also see that Aarfin has finished the portrait of Alice, which he must’ve drawn from memory. At the missionary, Leena and the kids jot down needed repairs, while Adam attempts to escape to his mother. This time though, Leena follows him and a confrontation ensues. Jaya leaves Leena bloody on the ground, but Adam sticks by her side. Ian McLeod has dinner with Ramu and learns about the true value of the wedding dress.

Leena and Adam Indian Summers

At the mission, Leena comforts Adam and insists Jaya will never threaten him again. On her way home, Alice encounters a bandaged Captain Farquhar, who is departing the area. She tells him to write to Charlie and tell him she isn’t ready to return home just yet. He gives her the portrait from Aafrin, before he departs. At the end of the episode, Ian McLeod leaves Ramu’s home. He overhears Jaya screaming for help, as she is drowned in the lake.

Billy Farquhar Indian Summers

Indian Summers Episode Review

This episode finally revealed the identity and motive of our assassin, Chandru, which was very surprising. Although it was simple and should’ve been foreseeable, I was oblivious to it. Ian has decided to team up with Ramu, which has disgrace his name with the British. At the same time, the pasts of many characters are beginning to catch up with them, including Alice.

Her storyline is starting to delve into bleakness. Will she and Aafrin get together or will cultural barriers keep them apart? Another great episode. An 8.5 out of 10! Be sure to catch up with our previous Indian Summers Recaps now!

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