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Indian Summers Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of Indian Summers, Aafrin Dalal (Nikesh Patel) has fully recovered. He is immediately offered a better position at the civil services by Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). The previous head clerk is fired and Aafrin is given the job, until he is able to pass the examination. Next, Sooni Dalal (Aysha Kala) and Shamshad Dalal (Ashna Rabheru) encounter a revolt on the street. Sooni listens to the speaker, despite Shamshad’s attempts to pull her away.

Indian Summers Episode 3

At the mall, Ian McLeod (Alexander Cobb) runs into his uncle’s neighbor, Ramu Sood (Alyy Khan). Ramu informs Ian that his uncle, Stafford Armitage (Richard McCabe) owes him a sizable amount of money. Back at home, Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters) informs Alice Whelan (Jemima West) that she will be required to speak at the inquest into the shooting. Next, Aafrin returns home and tells his mother and father about his promotion. Also, Ralph receives and approves of an arrest warrant for Nalini (Ayesha Dharker), who is speaking to the crowd and Sooni.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Next, Alice makes a visit to the missionary and nearly catches Dougie Raworth (Craig Parkinson) making out with Leena Prasad (Amber Rose Revah). Dougie departs the two, heads home and confesses to his wife Sarah (Fiona Glascott). During this time, Shamshad fails to drag Sooni away, which results in Sooni’s arrest. Meanwhile, Aafrin attempts to learn how to ride a horse, but is ridiculed for his attempt. He is invited to Ralph’s place for a drink. Meanwhile, Alice and Leena teach the children together. Leena agrees to walk Alice home.

Sooni Indian Summers

On the way home, they witness Aafrin making out with his forbidden lover. Alice pretends not to know the man. Aafrin insists his new position will allow him and his lover to be together. Next, Eugene Mathers (Edward Hogg) listens as his sister, Madeleine Mathers (Olivia Grant), makes love to Ralph. He departs and hits the club. Afterwards, Aafrin returns home and learns about his sister’s arrest. He is encouraged to speak to Ralph about Sooni’s release. Sooni is shown behind bars with Nalini.

Ian McLeod

The next day, Aafrin visits Ralph, who agrees to help Sooni. During his visit, Alice joins the pair and Ralph brings up the night of the shooting. Ralph attempts to plant the idea that the assassin shouted, “British devil”, instead of just “devil”, into Aafrin and Alice’s minds. Later, Aafrin overhears Ralph and Alice fighting downstairs. Alice insists she and Aafrin aren’t required to help him cover something up, before rushing out.

Jemima West Indian Summers

Next, Cynthia holds the Sipi Fair for the citizens. Aafrin visits Sooni and she accuses him of being a part of British propaganda. At the fair, Aafrin meets with Alice and they speak about the fight. They both agree that they remember very little about the shooting. Afterwards, Ralph attempts to smooth things over with Alice and seemingly succeeds. Dougie encounters Leena and consoles a young boy, when Matthew Raworth (Julian Fenby) appears and accuses the boy of stealing his shoes. Sarah shows up, as Dougie goes after the boy. Sarah get chatty with Leena and basically tells her to stay away from Dougie. At the fair, Ralph encounters Adam (Shachin Sailesh Kumar) and appears to be in shock, when he sees the boy’s bracelet.

Leena Indian Summers

Ramu Sood approached Stafford Armitage and gives him an eviction notice. Armitage gets angry and attacks Ramu from behind, before suffering from a heart attack. The next day, Cynthia pays a visit to Mr. McLeod and reveals that Armitage suffered the heart attack. They look at the terrible shape of the farm together. Afterwards, Alice and Aafrin arrive for their inquest interviews. They both agree that the shooter said, “British devil”. Sooni is released from the jail, while Aafrin steals Chandru’s forged Congress document, before leaving.

Indian Summers Recap

Aafrin returns home and hides the document, before his sister enters. They embrace, as the episode ends.


Indian Summers Review

It seems as though Indian Summers is becoming increasingly interesting and deep, as the episodes roll on. The mystery is beginning to take hold, as Aafrin seems to be waking up to Ralph. Plus, Alice doesn’t seem to trust her brother either. Although the future might be a little foreseeable, we’ll have to wait and see. Also, I hope Ian is able to bring the farm back to glory, without his uncle’s assistance. This episode was just as good as the last. An 8.0 is deserved!

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