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Indian Summers EP 5 Recap

In the fifth episode of Indian Summers, the community prepares for Ralph Whelan’s (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) engagement party. Leena Prasad (Amber Rose Revah) and Alice (Jemima West) work at the school, while speaking about the party their dresses. Ralph speaks to Cynthia (Julie Walters) about his small loan from Mackenzie. He insists the money is just to tide him over. Next, Sarah Raworth (Fiona Glascott) pressures Alice into changing the seating arrangements, so she can sit next to Lord Willingdon (Patrick Malahide).

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At the farm, Ian McLeod (Alexander Cobb) learns about his reputation, as a Britisher. Despite the contempt of his employees, he agrees to give Jaya (Hasina Haque) a job. Next, Ralph meets with the leader of the Untouchables, Dr. Kamble (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and attempts to convince him to take up a spot on the Congress. He invites him to the party. Back at the school, Adam (Shachin Sailesh Kumar) steals apples and gives them to his mother. His mother tells him to meet her there the next day, so she can take him to his father.

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Back at the Whelan household, Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) runs into Alice and is confronted about the note. Alice accuses him of using her against her brother. He apologizes, but she refuses to tell what she plans to do. Sita (Ellora Torchia) and Aafrin walk the streets of the bazaar together, despite their love being forbidden. He questions Site whether or not she delivered the note and she consistently insists she did, despite Sooni (Aysha Kala) denying receiving it. Dougie (Craig Parkinson) catches Adam and Jaya, before taking Adam back to the school. Leena and Dougie share and awkward moment, before Dougie takes Matthew (Julian Fenby) home.

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Ian makes a scene at the club, while Aafrin goes off on his family and insists he wants to make his own decisions for a change. Back at the mansion, Lord Willingdon expresses concern for Ralph inviting Dr. Kamble to the party. Meanwhile, Aarfin is tasked with showing Kamble around. During their venture, Kamble asks Aafrin whether or not Ralph is trustworthy. Aafrin insists he has always been kind and honest to him. Alice meets with Ronnie Keane (Rick Warden) and attempts to get the seating arrangements altered, but is refused. Back at the mansion, Ralph continues expressing his doubts about Madeleine Mather (Olivia Grant) to Alice.

Ian Indian Summers

Finally, the party begins. Alice is pressured into changing seats with Sarah, in order to keep her quiet. Cynthia confronts Ian, who apologizes about his actions at the club. She tells him that he must tell Ramu that he will not work under an Indian. Dr. Kamble upsets some and surprises others, when he arrives. Alice and Aafrin share and awkward moment and he insists he would never hurt her, before she runs off. Ian speaks to Ramu Sood (Alyy Khan) and questions about Ramu’s decision to hire him. Ramu admits the Armitage or McLeod name would prove to be beneficial to the company and insists he can show Ian how to make money from the land.

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When the dinner begins, the servers refuse to bring Dr. Kamble food, until Alice steps in. Back at the Dalal home, Sooni (Aysha Kala) and Darius (Rashan Seth) follow Sita around. Unlike the other family members, Darius seems excited about the possible arrangement. Back at the party, dinner is finished and the group begins dancing. During the dances, Eugene Mathers (Edward Hogg) beaks the news to Cynthia that his family is completely broke. At the school, Adam meets up with his mother and they prepare to go see Adam’s father.

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Sarah gets to dance with the Viceroy and she ignores her husband’s presence. Dr. Kamble speaks to Ralph and forces him to agree that they’ll support them along the way. He questions whether or not the move it so divide and rule, but Ralph insists it isn’t and that they’re allies. Leena enters and stuns Alice and Dougie. At Dougie’s wish, Alice speaks to Leena, who grows distraught. Alice attempts to convince Leena that she and Dougie are in love, but Leena departs quickly. Alice looks at Aafrin, before she rushes outside and Aafrin follows.

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Back at home, Darius attempts to convince Roshana Dalal (Lillete Dubey) to meet with Sita, but she isn’t interested. Alice and Aafrin meet outside and she questions him about the evidence linking Chandru to the Congress. She insists she must tell her brother, but he insists he will do it. Ralph and Madeleine come outside and the pair hide. They kiss one another, before Jaya and Adam arriving and approaching Ralph. Ralph orders Bhupinder (Ash Nair) to get rid of the pair and to tell them that they’re not welcome. Dougie witnesses the situation, but Aafrin and Alice seem oblivious to it.

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Indian Summers Review

The series was pushed forward dramatically in the 5th episode. Alice and Aafrin finally made their feelings known, while Adam’s story finally hit home. It seems everyone has something to hide, but their secrets are quickly unravelling. The show has about 4 or 5 likable characters and the rest of genuine scumbags. Hopefully their secrets will destroy them. Either way, a great episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Click here to catch up with the previous episodes!

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