In Treatment Review

In Treatment is a drama television series that aired on HBO. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne), is a mental health psychologist that owns and operates his own private practice. Paul is of Irish decent, but was uprooted from his native country when he was a young child. He had much difficulty adjusting to American life and found it much easier and safer to isolate himself. 

Later into the series, Paul reveals the reason why he chose to become a psychologist, his mother was debilitated with a mental illness, while his father disappeared. Paul is left alone to care for his mother, to no avail.

Paul becomes so involved in helping his patients that he fails to see that his children have grown up, his wife, Kate (Michelle Forbes), has strayed and he becomes more and more depressed. The writers introduce us to Paul’s first four patients; Laura Hill (Melissa George), Alex Prince (Blair Underwood), Sophie (Mia Wasikowska), and married couple, Jake (Josh Charles), Amy (Embeth Davidtz). Each presents with their own unique, mental issues and Paul puts his magic to work. While, Paul is attempting to diagnose and treat his patients, he continues to fight his own demons. He decides to reconnect with an old colleague and psychoanalyst, Gina Toll (Dianne West), for counseling to help him deal with his own personal issues.

Later, Paul relocates to New York City, where he feels abandoned, alone, and fighting a lawsuit that could potentially ruin his reputation and his practice. We are now introduced to four more patients; Mia Nesky (Hope Davis), April (Allison Pill), Walter Barnett (John Mahoney), and a family of three, Bess (Sherri Saum), Luke (Russell Hornsby), and Oliver (Aaron Shaw). 

Paul begins to question his ability to help his patients and wonders if psychological counseling is truly beneficial. He is also struggling with the death of his father, who he had not been close with since he was a very young child. The guilt of not being able to help his mother and not visiting his father sooner begins to take its toll on Paul’s mental stability. He is also feeling abandoned and betrayed by Gina, because of her potentially insidious actions.

We are now introduced to three more patients; Sunil Sanyal (Irrfan Khan), Frances Greer (Debra Winger) and Jesse D’Amato (Dane DeHaan). Paul, at 57 years old, is having more and more difficulty sleeping, focusing, and keeping his sanity. He is faced with yet another decision that will potentially push his youngest son, Max (Max Burkholder) further into the hands of his mother and soon to be step father, Steve (James Lloyd Reynolds). 

Paul is forced to see another psychologist, Adele Brouse (Amy Ryan). He begins to exhibit the same feelings for Adele, as some of his female clients have exhibited and openly admitted to having for him. She maintains her composure and shows nothing but pure professionalism. 

Will Paul continue his decent to madness or will he be able to save his patients and himself? Watch this magnificent series to find out.  


I absolutely love this series. It is filled with sadness, loneliness, and fear of the unknown. I commend the writers for allowing us the opportunity to watch Paul connect with his patients the way he does. He becomes so much more involved in their lives than a true psychoanalyst would. It is absolutely a beautiful sight to watch him get on their level emotionally and physically. I think I used a tissue more in this series than I have ever before with any other series or film. 

Gabriel Bryne, who won a Golden Globe for his performance as Paul Weston. Absolutely nailed his performance in each episode. Not only did he play the role, but he became Dr. Paul Weston. Not only is this show entertaining but it will also change your life dramatically. It will make you contemplate your own mental stability and life decisions. I could go on and on about everything I love about In Treatment, but at the end of the day I keep asking myself “where is In Treatment Season Four”? If you are afraid of the harsh realities of life and mental illnesses, this show is not for you. I demand this show to get a 9.5 and a fourth season. 

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