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In The Dark Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, we see Theo (Fisayo Akinade) hanging out with gang members. It seems that Theo is being initiated into the gang. The gang’s car pulls up beside a woman and Theo opens fire on her. It appears that he missed on purpose. Nevertheless, the woman’s car slams into a sign on the side of the road. Seconds later, we jump back in time and see DI Helen Weeks (MyAnna Buring) return to work. She receives a surprise party, thanks to her colleagues. Once Helen leaves, she receives help from Adam (David Leon). Paul (Ben Batt) watches them from his vehicle. When Helen returns home, she finds Paul pounding away on the keyboard. Before Paul leaves, they sit down for a quick meal. Paul tells Helen about his chances of getting off that weekend. The odds are grim.

helen and paul in the dark s1 e3They chat about looking at houses to better accommodate the baby. Seconds later, Theo returns home and plays with his baby. He tells it that he has a new job. Then, Helen meets with Jenny (Georgia Moffett). She tells Jenny that Paul has started hating Adam once again. Helen is encouraged to take Paul out for dinner. The couple goes out with two friends that night. Then, they return home and attempt to rekindle their relationship. The following day, Helen visits the doctor for a checkup. She also goes shopping for baby clothes. That night, Helen becomes concerned when Paul doesn’t arrive. She gives him a call, but only gets voicemail. Then, we see the shooting once again. The victim swerves off of the road and hits the sign. We see a hand protruding from underneath the automobile.

myanna buring in the dark s1 e3Before too long, Helen learns that the victim is Paul. She is comforted by work colleagues. The following day, she is allowed to see his body. Then, she begins questioning Paul’s friends about his whereabouts on the night of the incident. Helen begins to grieve, while Theo becomes worried about his future. Helen speaks with a friend about Paul’s activities. He remains cryptic. Theo looks at a news story about the murder. A friend tells him to forget about it. He is told that he passed the test. Now, he is allowed to get involved in the drug selling for the gang. He is also shown where to drop off the cash after the deals are done. Then, Theo plays video games with Snap (Morgan Bailey). Next, Helen speaks with her boss. She tries to convince the man to give her the address to the victim, but he refuses. When he turns his back, she steals it anyway.

theo in the dark s1 e3Helen visits the victim moments later. The meeting is cordial and the victim is banged up. The victim admits she had drunk a little before the incident. Nevertheless, they all agree that both are victims in the incident. Afterwards, Helen experiences spotting and is rushed to the hospital. Everything is fine with the baby, but she is told to stay off of her feet for awhile. Theo heads to the pool hall and gets paid for the first time. He has an awkward encounter with Snap. Then, he buyers a stroller and heads home. An officer returns Paul’s stuff to Helen. She immediately checks out his cellphone. There, she finds strange messages between Paul and Frank Linnell (Tim McInnerny). On Paul’s iPad, she finds a video that is password protected. She is unable to guess the password. Then, Helen makes contact with Frank. She tells him about Paul’s death. Around this time, Theo finds the dead body of a fellow gang member.

frank in the dark s1 e3 recapThe conversation is brief. It ends after Frank is told about the upcoming funeral. He agrees to get in touch with Helen for further details. Helen meets with Paul’s co-worker and asks him about Frank. She is told that Frank is involved in crime and it would be best for her to stay away from him. Theo and his friends dispose of the dead gang member’s body. They agree to say nothing about his death. Theo and the others are told to watch their back and continue with their daily activities. Helen returns home and finds that Adam has visited. Adam still wants to know whether or not the baby is his. He promises to be there for Helen. Then, Phil (Matt King) takes Helen to get Paul’s vehicle. She gets inside of the car and begins looking for evidence.

helen and adam in the darkShe follows Paul’s GPS to an address for Frank. Then, she is given the opportunity to speak with Frank in person. They chat about the building, but Helen turns the conversation to Paul. Frank admits he has a bad reputation. He also confirms he has known Paul for a long time. Frank insists Paul wasn’t involved in anything bad. Then, Frank admits Paul asked him to pass on a few names. Frank refused to help. Frank tells Helen that she is looking in the wrong place. Meanwhile, Theo feels like he is being followed. Theo calls Mikey (Aqib Khan) and tells him about the problem. They agree to meet in a public place, before Mickey is shot and killed. Theo hears it over the phone. He rushes home right away. Helen returns to Paul’s cars.

theo in the darkShe visits the station and watches surveillance video of Paul getting into the same taxi twice. Theo makes it home and pleads with his girlfriend to get her belongings, so they can leave town immediately. Helen visits the taxi company and speaks with the driver. The man, Ray Jackson (Ben Smith), admits that he drives lots of cops. Ray admits he drives for respected businessman Kevin Sherwood from time to time. He refuses to say where he took Paul. He tells Helen to go home and stay away or something bad might happen. He also tells her that she might learn something she doesn’t want to know about the dead cop. Ray makes a call, as Helen returns to her vehicle.


In The Dark Review

Initially, I didn’t think In The Dark could improve. I was wrong. This episode wasn’t perfect, but it was a drastic improvement over the previous two. Why didn’t the series start off this way, instead of sending Helen and Paul on a witch hunt? Paul wasn’t necessarily a strong character, but I am interested to see what led to his death. I also thought the switch over to Theo and the gang members would be stupid. However, it has likely been the best part of the series so far.

Who is after Theo and how will it link with Helen’s investigation? I’ll admit that I am intrigued to find out what happens. This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of In The Dark now!

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