The Librarians: And Santa’s Midnight Run Review

In the latest episode of The Librarians, the Serpent Brotherhood plots to kill Santa Claus (Bruce Campbell). Can the Librarians rescue jolly old Saint Nick and help him achieve the hidden purpose of Christmas?

When the show opens, a robber attempts to rob a soup kitchen, but is stopped by Santa. It turns out the robbery was a trap, which revealed the identity of Santa Claus and allowed the Serpent Brotherhood to capture Santa. Meanwhile, the Librarians  prepare for Christmas. Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) reveals he loves Christmas, before Jenkins (John Larroquette) alerts the team that Christmas has been cancelled, since Santa has disappeared. Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) is skeptical and refuses to call the man Santa.

Next, Jake Stone (Christian Kane) and Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) speak with the fake Santa, who witnessed the real Santa’s abduction. He provides them with information that confirms the Brotherhood is behind the abduction. Jenkins reveals Dulaque (Matt Frewer) intends to kill Santa Claus.

When the show returns, Dulaque reveals his plans to kill Santa on Christmas Eve, as close to midnight as possible, since this will make his magical powers even more powerful. Meanwhile, the team interrogate Cassandra, in hopes of getting information on the Brotherhood’s London hideout. Thanks to the surveillance systems of London and Cassandra wacky ability to remember, the group discovers their hideout. Eve and Jake visit the location and discover artifacts and paintings, but they’re immediately stopped by the Brotherhood. While Jake and Eve distract the Brotherhood and Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Cassandra and Ezekiel enter through the chimney and save Santa.

Despite Santa’s escape, Dulaque has managed to steal his sleigh, which makes it impossible for him to return to the North Pole. As it turns out, this Santa Claus is Nicholas, which means he is a prankster. This makes sense, as he has been putting dolls in Eve’s shoes, who still refuses to acknowledge Santa. Next, Jenkins tells Jake, Ezekiel and Cassandra about Eve and Santa’s predicament. Of course, Cassandra always finds a way. She suggests using the Northern Lights to reach the North Pole.

Zekiel and Cass go ahead and attempt to get a plane. Ezekiel nearly ruins it, since he is overly cheerful, which is quite annoying. Jake has rendezvoused with Eve and Santa, who is now Odin and cannot stop drinking. He starts a fight, after being confronted by locals. They finally make their way to the airport, where they discover the pilot is gone thanks to Ezekiel. Thankfully, Santa is able to pilot the plane. During their flight, Dulaque and Lamia board the plane and disable the Librarians, except for Eve. Dulaque puts on Santa’s hat and loses all control. He is eventually thrown out of the plane, but will survive.

When the Librarians arrive at the North Pole, Santa cannot achieve his task, due to the poison. Despite her strong dislike for Christmas, Eve is required to complete Santa’s duties. After Eve completes Nick’s tasks, they return home, as it is revealed that Nick is recovering.


At this time of the year, it was nice to the Christmas angle, which was pretty much expected. The Librarians tries a little too hard to be wacky and fails. As soon as Ezekiel put on the Santa cap, things went downhill. Although the show was trying to be charming, it went a little over the top, which has been a common trend with the Librarians.

Overall, the Librarians needs to tone it down a little, if it wishes to have more mainstream success. At this point, some will like it and some will not. I’d give the episode a 6 out of 10.

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