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Hyde And Seek Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the 7th episode, a bomb explodes at a mosque. During this time, someone attempts to plant a bomb underneath Claudia Rossini’s (Deobrra-Lee Furness) vehicle. Gary (Matt Nable) manages to spot the bomb and call in assistance, before it can explode. Once Gary and Claire (Emma Hamilton) return to headquarters, they’re questioned by Jackie. She wants to know precisely why they were at the cemetery. Moments later, Andrew Mills (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) joins the group. Tanya (Claire Lovering) explains that the bomb was most likely triggered remotely. They eventually turn their attention to the bombing suspect Danny Tollis (Alexander Bertrand).

hyde and seek episode 7 danny tollis

Kevin (Tai Hara) knows the man and insists he was very incompetent and could barely tie his shoes. It is revealed that Danny was paroled last year. They venture over to the man’s house and find him attempting to flee. A scuffle ensues. Gary takes the man down, before he is ambushed by his girlfriend, Dakota Matherson (Harriet Dyer). Danny’s cellphone is obtained and it is revealed that someone gave him a heads up about the police raid. Afterwards, Claire meets with Claudia and gains insight into Jackie’s past. It is revealed that Jackie was once a white supremacist. Meanwhile, Kevin, Tanya and Gary search Danny’s property. They discover bomb materials.

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Gary and Kevin head back to the station, where they interview Danny. He denies knowing anything, but admits the person who tried to blow up Claudia deserves a medal. Jackie (Mandy McElhinney) and Tanya speak with Dakota. Dakota and Tanya wind up arguing briefly. They’re unable to get anything helpful from Dakota. Jackie tells the team to play by the book, so they can use the couple’s statements against them. Claire makes a snarky comment and insists Jackie wouldn’t feel that way, if the suspects were Muslim. That night, Claire shows Gary the evidence against Jackie. He learns about her involvement in an assault on an Asian shop owner. Gary returns home only to discover Oscar’s nose bleeding.

danny tollis hyde and seek

Sonya (Zoe Ventoura) cleans up the blood, while Oscar (Bede Warnock) admits he got hit at soccer practice. Rosie (Avani Farriss) questions her brother’s health, before being sent off to bed. Sonya agrees to call the doctor and schedule tests, if necessary. The next day, Kevin reveals his team has been scouring through the suspect’s chatroom. Tanya analyzes the explosives report, which links both bombs. Gary asks Danny about the bomb, but he doesn’t give up anything. Gary goes overboard and gets physical with the suspect. Jackie scolds him and sends him home. Claire follows Gary into the parking garage and learns about Oscar. Jackie leaves with Andrew and this gives Claire time to search her office. She is nearly caught, after spotting a mysterious cellphone.

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Gary meets with Sonya at the hospital. Both admit they’re scared for their son. Kevin and Tanya follow up on the explosives. It is reveals that two kilos of explosives have gone missing. Claire explains to Gary that Jackie was the one, who alerted Danny to the police raid. Tanya reveals that Jackie signed it out. Tanya and Kevin contemplate bringing her in, but Gary and Claire insist they should keep her out. Gary visits one of Danny’s old colleagues. They receive a name from the man. They return home and begin investigating the man, Josh DeBeers. Tanya recognizes the man’s name and finds pictures of him at an anti-immigration protest.

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Moments later, Debeer’s property is raided. He is not home. However, they cops do find materials similar to those found in Danny’s house. Andrew enters headquarters and tells Jackie she is being removed from her post. She learns about the allegations being made against her, before she is forced to hand over her phone. The mysterious phone is also acquired. Jackie claims she has been framed. Gary tells Claire he needs to speak with Jackie. He insists she is the only one who will know anything about the explosives. Back at the station, Tanya and Claire manipulate audio from Danny’s interview with the intention of using it against Dakota. When confronted with the evidence, Dakota quickly gives up Keg’s name.

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Dakota gives Claire more information about DeBeers. Meanwhile, Gary consults with Jackie. Jackie denies knowing anything about the explosives. She also insists she never met with Ali King. She admits to falling in with the wrong crowd when she was 18. Jackie insists she would stop the bomber, if she knew anything about him. Gary receives a call from Claire. Moments later, they stop Josh DeBeers at a gay wedding. Claire reveals some of the missing explosives were found in the church. DeBeers also insists he was working with the ASIO. That night, Gary meets with Sonya at the hospital and learns that Oscar is just fine. On the way home, someone crashes into Gary’s vehicle.


Hyde & Seek Review

Hyde & Seek is oversaturated with propaganda. This episode couldn’t have been more anti-white. We’ve had the terrorist Muslims, who acted out of necessity. The entire show is oozing with feminist messages. And finally, this episode covered the most hideous people of all, the whites. While the Muslims were forced to become terrorists, those hideous whites simply wreck havoc out of hatred and stupidity.

Hyde & Seek hits all of the clichés. In fact, there is very little room for legitimate writing, since 40 minutes of each 45 minute is nothing, but propaganda. I am truly surprised Australians fell for this ludicrous spoon feeding. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show wasn’t paid for in full by American liberals of George Soros. This episode was by far the worst. A 2.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Hyde & Seek now!

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