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Hyde And Seek Episode 1 Recap

When Hyde & Seek starts, we’re introduced to Detective Gary Hyde (Matt Nable) and his partner, Nick Petrides (Alex Tsitsopoulos). They argue over Hyde’s decision to investigate a murder scene, while they’re supposed to be at a birthday party. Tanya Martin (Claire Lovering) and Kevin Soga (Tai Hara) join the pair shortly after they arrive. They’re able to quickly identify their suspect’s workplace, thanks to his work truck being parked nearby. The investigation is interrupted when Gary receives a phone call from his wide Sonya (Zoe Ventoura). During the conversation, an explosion goes off. Gary rushes towards the fire and quickly finds his friend dead. Moments later, Gary receives a visit from Stuart Flanagan (Andrew McFarlane).

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After the journalists arrive, Gary takes off. He returns home for the party and is forced to break the news to Nick’s wife, Angela Petrides (Stephanie Panozzo). Next, Gary receives assistance patching up a wound on his arm from his son, Oscar Hyde (Bede Warnock). The boy asks about uncle Nick and Gary admits he isn’t coming back. Seconds later, Sonya watches as her husband leaves the house. Gary makes contact with Tanya and learns the identity of the dead man, Erik Hansen (Kevin Dunn). Gary pays a visit to the man’s wife, Linda (Vanessa Moltzen). Linda seems legitimately surprised that her husband has been killed. Gary discovers they’ve only been married for about 8 months and originally met on a dating site. Linda also reveals the man arrived from Denmark and works installing internet cables.

Vanessa Moltzen Hyde and Seek

Moments later, the house is stormed by armed officers. Gary and are both subdued. Eventually, the bag is removed from Gary’s face and he immediately discloses his identity. He is introduced to Jackie Walters (Mandy McElhinney). They argue momentarily about jurisdiction, before Walters reveals they’re investigating a potential terrorist. Stuart Flanagan arrives and escorts Gary away from the property. On the way out, Gary makes it clear he has no intention of stopping his investigation into Nick’s murder. That night Sonya and Gary watch a news report of the murder. Sonya pries into her husband’s affairs and attempts to learn more about Nick’s death. Gary admits he knows very little. He also blames himself for the murder.

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Back at the station, Gary watches a video of the crime scene. He notifies Tanya to obtain as much information as possible about Erik. Seconds later, Stuart arrives with Jackie. Once Jackie steps away, Stuart tries to convince Gary to remain calm and keep things civil with Jackie. Jackie gives a brief and reveals that Hansen enters Australia with a New Zealand passport some time ago. She reiterates that the man had his own business installing cables. Jackie admits Erik’s wife has denied knowing anything about her husband’s illegal activities. Gary chimes in and admits he wants access to Linda Hansen. Nonetheless, Jackie doesn’t seem interested in relinquishing control anytime soon. Then, Jackie tells the others about the upcoming Asia Pacific Security Forum. Gary storms off, when he discovers Jackie has nothing of interest to offer.

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Then, Gary heads to the morgue. He checks out Erik’s corpse, before getting a call from an Immigration official, Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton). Claire reveals she is investigating Erik and how he was able to obtain a New Zealand passport. Claire requests a recent photograph and fingerprints. Meanwhile, Claire analyzes Erik’s picture and compares it with terrorist from their database. She discovers that Erik is actually Nils Madsen. She looks up Nils and discovers he is wanted for a bombing in Madrid. Meanwhile, Gary speaks with Kevin and learns that a local prostitute has been using Erik’s stolen credit card. Gary tracks down Stacey (Shae Beadman) and recovers Erik’s wallet. Then, Gary discovers that Erik was working at the convention center. He heads over there and attempts to gain more information.

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Gary speaks with Andrew Mills (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and is given the run around. He refuses to acknowledge that Erik even worked at the facility. Gary heads outside and speaks with a parking attendant. He asks her to look for Erik in her log files. Back at the station, the police watch the last known video of Erik Hansen. Moments later, Claire McKenzie arrives at the station and quickly joins Gary’s team. Claire and Gary hit the road. She explains that Nils dropped off of the radar several years ago and was presumed dead. After they escape a potential tail, they head to a nearby building linked to Erik. Gary gets into a scuffle and is saved by Claire. They question Gary’s attacker and he admits he met Erik a few weeks back. The man admits Erik was with a few others. He also reveals he went with them to pick up some items.

Emma Hamilton Hyde and Seek

Afterwards, Gary makes contact with Tanya and asks her to check out the shipping logs. Gary eventually returns home and is comforted by his wife. The next day, Gary learns that the van was rigged to blow. Next, Claire and Gary check out a shipping container belonging to Erik. Claire manages to use her cellphone to find a bomb inside first. The bomb is defused and the container is searched. Jackie arrives and grills Gary. A note and thumb drive of sorts are discovered in a yellow envelope. Andrew greets Gary and Claire when they return to the station. Jackie reveals that a video was found on the thumb drive and a video of a terrorist group taking credit for assassinating the American Secretary of State.

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They quickly identify the men in the video. After a brief argument, Gary is invited to a raid. Jamil (Rahel Romahn) and his friends play video games, while the cops prepare to raid his apartment. The place is raided and Jamil and his friends are quickly subdued. Seconds later, several shots ring out. Jami’s friends are killed. Gary manages to get Jamil out of the building and to his vehicle. Jamil is thrown inside and Claire speeds away.


Hyde & Seek Review

Hyde & Seek was certainly different from anything I have watched in awhile. The acting was topnotch. Matt Nable, Zoe Ventoura, Andrew McFarlane, and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, were all excellent. Nable and Emma Hamilton also worked well together. Nonetheless, it was difficult to ease into Hyde & Seek. The explosion, which killed Nick at the beginning, was unexpected and very effective. Then, we received three or four similar “gotcha” moments.

They felt a little bit cheesy and would’ve been more effective, if used less frequently. Otherwise, the show’s fast pace will take a little getting used to. Nonetheless, Hyde & Seek has potential. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved for the first episode.

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