HTGAWM Recap Season 2 Episode 3

When the episode begins, a bloodied Annalise (Viola Davis) is shown reaching for her phone. Nate is shown driving furiously. He pleads for someone, presumably Anna, to pick up her phone. She is unable to make it to the phone in time and Nate is transferred to voice mail. Next, we flashback 7 weeks earlier. Annalise attempts to formulate a defense plan for the siblings.

Annalise HTGAWM

She receives an email from Eve. It questions her about the softness of her bedsheets. She plans on putting the siblings through a mock trial. Anna is startled by a nose and grabs a vase to protect herself. Anna traverses downstairs and finds a rat in a trap. She calls Wes (Alfred Enoch) over and he takes care of it. Wes questions about Nate, but receives no answer. Next, Annalise teaches the students about sex.

How To Get Away With Murder Annalise Shot

Michaela is shown with Levi. They nearly have sex, but she sends him home at the last minute. Asher receives a strange text, but he attempts to flirt with Bonnie and he succeeds. Connor makes breakfast for Oliver. Laurel tells Frank she thinks they should end their relationship. Next, the students are shown in court attempting to help Anna defend a prostitute, Tanya (Sherri Saum). Her business partner takes the stand and admits he had sex with Tanya. He also insists she got too rough and scared him.

HTGAWM Season 2 Wes

Outside of the courtroom, Tanya insists the man is lying. Anna requests and receives Tanya’s guest ledger. The kids interview guests and attempt to find a potential witness. They have difficulty getting anyone to testify. Back at the house, Laurel attempts to convince them to subpoena the guests, before Bonnie arrives and interrupts everything. They head to the mansion and confront the siblings with a picture of them making out. Catherine (Amy Okuda) remains silent, while Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) threatens to find a new lawyer, if Annalise doesn’t protect them from looking like freaks.

Michaela and Levi HTGAWM

At the mansion, the kids ridicule Catherine and Caleb. The chat turns to each character’s sex life. Michaela mentions Planned Parenthood and admits her sex life is painful and her nonexistent G-Spot. Anna interrupts and learns about Michaela and Connor’s potential breakthrough. Michaela and Connor head to the club and speak with one of the witnesses, Alicia (Donnabella Motrel). Annalise uses Tanya’s little black book to blackmail a police officer. At the club, Alicia and Michaela get along really well.


Michaela asks Alicia to testify, but she refuses. They learn about Tanya switching cars that night. Annalise gets Tanya alone and questions her. She finally admits she did it, because she loved him. Tanya explains her relationship and her boyfriend’s wife, Cynthia. She explains she gave Dominic nitroglycerine, which counteracted his viagra and led to a heart attack. She promises she didn’t want Dominic to die and only wants Cynthia to discover the truth.

HTGAWM Michaela

Annalise ridicules Tanya, before sending her away. Frank works out a plan to figure out who gave Sinclair the photo. He joins up with Laurel and explains himself a little better to her. Meanwhile, Asher meets up with Sinclair and discovers that Sinclair leaked the photo. Sinclair orders Asher to text her, when he finds out what Anna is going to do with the photo. Asher goes off on her and insists he is finished being her mole. Next, Tanya and Annalise arrive at court. Anna tells the court that it was indeed murder, but she takes it further and insists it was premeditated.


Annalise is given permission to question Dominic’s wife. She insists the pair didn’t have sex for approximately a year. Cynthia speaks about her husband’s viagra and the nitroglycerine, which is uncovered in Dominic’s toxicology test. Annalise goes off on Cynthia and makes her cry, before the jury comes back with a not guilty verdict. Tanya ridicules her behavior and contemplates how Annalise sleeps at night. Asher receives a text from a young girl, who refers to Asher’s time at the lake.

Levi and Wes HTGAWM

Bonnie catches him in the act. Bonnie pretends she doesn’t care and insists she’ll be fine. Back at the mansion, the kids receive thank you gifts from Tanya. The group learns about Levi and Wes immediately remembers his face. Wes confronts Levi outside of Michaela’s and learns that Levi is Rebecca’s foster brother. Levi admits he hasn’t heard from his sister and believes she is dead. Levi reveals that Rebecca thought her lawyer was capable of killing her. Levi agrees to stay away from Michaela. It appears both seem to share the same goal.


Bonnie and Laurel drink at the bar and speak about Bonnie’s sexual relationship with Asher. Laurel questions Bonnie about Frank, but receives very little intel. Frank tells Anna that his man tracked the IP address from the photo to a house in South Philly. They pin the stunt on Caleb and Catherine’s staff member. Annalise receives an invitation to a club, while Connor and Oliver prepare to make love. The pair chat about Connor’s trip to the sex party, before they continue. Michaela and Levi get their groove on as well.

HTGAWM Season 2 Asher

Asher speaks to her father about the girl on his cellphone. He reveals that her name is Tiffany. Nate gets a visit from. Nate reveals that Anna blackmailed the sergeant, so he could get his job back. Anna admits she misses Nate. He sends her home, but gives her a little hope. After Anna leaves, Nate tells Wes, who has been hiding in his home, that he is in. In the present, Wes and the gang jump in the brush and hide from a cop, who turns out to be Nate. He rushes them in the police car and drives off.



The episode was a little better than the previous, although it was somewhat overloaded with crazy, unnecessary sex scenes. Asher’s past is finally starting to be uncovered. What exactly did he do to Tiffany? The whole Tanya trial was obscene and laughable. These episodic trials are beginning to take their toll, but the episode paid off in the very end. What exactly is Wes and Nate up to? A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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